Ask Heather – A PunchDrunkGamer Feature with Heather Shanholtz – A Tribute to Andre Rowe

Ask Heather – A PunchDrunkGamer Feature with Heather Shanholtz – A Tribute to Andre Rowe

By PDG Staff




This week we celebrated the life of a friend and amazing photographer, Andre Rowe.  Andre was an amazing man and would do anything to help anyone out and always had that amazing smile on his face.  Just to be around him no matter what you were going through would brighten your day.  He was always upbeat, happy, energetic and positive.


He had an amazing talent and my experiences with him are unforgettable.  No matter how depressed I was he could brighten my day just by his smile.  I went through a lot last year in my personal life and sometimes it got the best of me.  I wasn’t myself and sometimes not knowing what to do I would lash out and put my personal life on Facebook.  Andre would call me and tell me to take it down and would talk to me about life and to never let anyone control my feelings or to bring me down.


Andre opened up Appleseed Studios and welcomed photographers and models to shoot there anytime.  He was the type of man to go out of his way for anyone and never expected anything in return.  I remember calling him one time and asking permission to use our photos for a publication and he replied you can do whatever you want with the images, they are yours to do what you want with and I don’t want anything in return.


Andre never even watermarked any images with his name that he gave to models.  He had helped me out immensely through my struggles and always boosted my confidence and self esteem.  He was an artistic, intelligent man with a sense of humor with amazing talent.  Andre is loved by so many and it’s sad to see him go but I am happy to have had the opportunity to have him in my life for the short period of time he was here.  With every photo I take I will always think of him.


Rest in peace Andre!  We all love you!


All Photos by Andre Rowe <3



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  1. Wonderful testimony to one of the greatest photographers ever. Sadly, he’s no longer with us in this world. May God bless his soul. Rest in peace Andre Rowe. On a side note, not sure if this question would be for the upcoming #AskHeather featured segment, but here it goes: “As a model and as a person, how does it feel when you admire a photographer who has worked with you for a long time?”