Ask Heather – A PunchDrunkGamer Feature with Heather Shanholtz – Exxxotica and Muscle Milk

Ask Heather – A PunchDrunkGamer Feature with Heather Shanholtz – Exxxotica and Muscle Milk

By PDG Staff




Always looking to tip the scales, has teamed up with Maxim, FHM, Muscle Mag, The Ring, TapouT and American Curves model, Ring Card Girl, Stunt-woman and all-around stunner Heather Shanholtz! Heather will be doing a weekly “Ask Heather” feature for PunchDrunkGamer, taking questions from her fans and the PDG readers and also writing blogs that will give you full enjoyment.


During her short career, Heather has accomplished every goal she had set for herself but that doesn’t stop her from wanting more. Heather has been featured in over 45 national magazines including Maxim, FHM and Muscle Mag. Heather is also very well know in the MMA world with her being a spokesmodel for Tito Ortiz for his clothing line Punishment Athletics and countless features in all of the MMA related magazines and websites. Heather is also the spokesmodel for a company called Flying Pasties. The company invented special pasties to wear under your clothes when entering body scanners at the airport.


Heather has done countless appearances, car shows and radio interviews. Recently Heather has found her new love, acting. Heather is to appear with feature roles on the shows Graceland (USA network) and The Glades. Last year Heather also accomplished one of her other goals and attended International Stunt School where she became a certified stunt woman. She jumped from buildings, was lit on fire, did combat and knife fights and also driving stunts. With receiving countless awards and recognition in the modeling industry she is ready to accomplish her next set of goals.


Heather has been answering your questions and blogging for since last summer, this week she returns with a new blog and also answers some of your questions, so enjoy and keep sending in great questions!


Hey Guys!


As usual this past week has been hectic and crazy! I’m planning my trip to Canada for November to do a tour with Glam Jam Magazine. I’ve also been getting ready for Exxxotica still and recently ordered our banner stand that I personally designed and also I designed two sets of posters for each girl to sign. My company Provocative Impressions will be doing a live show there. So far for our lineup we have myself, Darrian Dallas, Carolina Spidel & Ellys Angela.


It’s going to be a blast but I’ve been nonstop working on things and there is still a lot to do. The event is May 2nd – 4th. I have also been doing double workouts everyday and am on a very strict diet for a shoot I’m doing with Muscle Milk so the only shots I’m doing for the next month are wheatgrass shots lol! I just wrapped up a shoot last week in Vegas and will be traveling to DC to do my first event for the new company with Justin Price and Tess Bayerle. I have three new magazines out right now as well.  Players Magazine (out of Denmark), Models of Heaven and 86 Blvd Magazine. I also just filmed an ad for All Saints Clothing with Glamtography that was released. Now to some of the questions you guys and girls have been sending in!


1. Have you ever done any professional runway model show? If not is it some thing that you would like to do?

Heather – I have for a few companies. I did Pango Pango Swimwear, Microkitten, and Zambony Couture.  It was fun!  =)


2. This past weekend at GLORY 15, Tyrone Spong broke his leg kicking his opponent much the same way that Anderson Silva did against Chris Weidman. What is most horrific injury that you have witnessed? either in the ring, the gym or anywhere.

Heather – I saw the pictures of Spong’s injury here on PunchDrunkGamer and I would say that was the worst that I can think of. I have a lot of good friends at the Blackzilians, so I hope his recovery is swift.


3. Last week you said you were appearing on South Beach Tow. Is that the one on TruTV?

Heather – Yes, it is on TruTV and it airs May 7th =)


4. Sometimes I see photos of you poising with other remarkable looking models, like yourself, and so my question is are the two of you truly topless when your boobs are smushed together? BTW those pictures are awesome!

Heather – LOL!  Yes we are truly topless. I recently did a shoot with eight other girls and we were all naked. I’m nude in some shoots but you can’t see anything. It’s called implied nude. I’ve never done topless or full nude. =)


5. Are you a fan of any of the current hit TV shows such as Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Ad Men or Californication?

Heather – My roomie is hooked on Game of Thrones. I’m not really into any shows because I’m so busy and if I was that would ad to one more list of things I have to do. I’m always working. Even when I’m out having fun I’m on my phone periodically answering emails and promoting my new company


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