Ask Heather – A PunchDrunkGamer Feature with Heather Shanholtz – Mediterranean Dream

Ask Heather – A PunchDrunkGamer Feature with Heather Shanholtz – Mediterranean Dream

By Heather Shanholtz




Hey guys!


Instead of doing a Q&A section this week we decided to go with a blog and photos from my vacation on a Mediterranean cruise.


It’s always a long day of traveling for me and this trip was nothing less.  I flew into Atlanta and then went to New York and headed straight to Nice, France.  From there I headed into Monte Carlo.  I have never been to any of the places I had visited on this trip so it was an awesome adventure and also an experience.  I was so exhausted when we arrived in Monte Carlo so I pretty much slept the whole day.


Before finally arriving in Monte Carlo, the adventure had already begun… I had forgot my passport back in Miami so when I arrived in Atlanta I noticed that I had left it and since it was a weekend my friends couldn’t overnight my passport to me so I had to fly back to Miami.  I had to stay the night and that’s when I flew back and started my trek all over again.  I’ve never forgotten my passport and I guess you only learn from mistakes right?


I hopped on a big cruise ship called The Regent while in Monte Carlo and then went off to the next city.  The staff on the cruise was nothing but amazing and so was everybody else on the cruise.  I felt like a princess 🙂


My group chose not to do the tour guide thing and instead we ventured out on our own in each city.  We went hiking through the mountains, some sight seeing and just a little bit of shopping.  My favorite stop was Florence.  The architecture and the whole city was phenomenal!  My friends made fun of me because I said “so this is where Caesar’s Palace in Vegas came from!”  Lol!


We all had a lot of amazing meals together and some great times.  We got to experience a lot of different cities during those two weeks including Monte Carlo, Almafi Coast, Florence, Rome and Santorini.


Check out some of the photos below and hope all of you have a kick ass weekend! 🙂




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