Ask Heather – A PunchDrunkGamer Feature with Heather Shanholtz – Round 8

Ask Heather – A PunchDrunkGamer Feature with Heather Shanholtz – Round 8

By PDG Staff




Always looking to tip the scales, PunchDrunkGamer has teamed up with Maxim, FHM, Muscle Mag, The Ring, TapouT and American Curves model, Ring Card Girl, Stunt-woman and all-around stunner Heather Shanholtz! Heather will be doing a weekly “Ask Heather” feature for PunchDrunkGamer, taking questions from her fans and the PDG readers.


During her short career, Heather has accomplished every goal she had set for herself but that doesn’t stop her from wanting more. Heather has been featured in over 45 national magazines including Maxim, FHM and Muscle Mag. Heather is also very well know in the MMA world with her being a spokesmodel for Tito Ortiz for his clothing line Punishment Athletics and countless features in all of the MMA related magazines and websites. Heather is also the spokesmodel for a company called Flying Pasties. The company invented special pasties to wear under your clothes when entering body scanners at the airport.


Heather has done countless appearances, car shows and radio interviews. Recently Heather has found her new love, acting. Heather is to appear with feature roles on the shows Graceland (to air this summer on the USA network) and The Glades to air sometime this year. Last year Heather also accomplished one of her other goals and attended International Stunt School where she became a certified stunt woman. She jumped from buildings, was lit on fire, did combat and knife fights and also driving stunts. With receiving countless awards and recognition in the modeling industry she is ready to accomplish her next set of goals. So welcome Heather to PunchDrunkGamer and keep sending in great questions!


Here are some of Your Questions submitted this week, enjoy!


1. I read your travel blog from last week, sounds like you had a great time. Out of the cities you visited (Monte Carlo, Almafi Coast, Florence, Rome and Santorini) which one would you recommend the most and which one had the best nightlife?

Heather Shanholtz – I’d say Florence was my favorite.  It was beautiful and the architecture was incredible.  As far as night life I’m not sure because I was on a cruise ship the whole time.  Monte Carlo was beautiful as well but it’s so small you can pretty much do and see everything there is in one day.



2. What advice would give to a normal guy who is interested in dating a model or actress or someone famous?

Heather Shanholtz – The biggest issue with that is trust and communication.  I travel a lot and I am normally in skimpy outfits and do hosting gigs at nightclubs.  There’s always a bunch of people around and you get hit on and asked out non stop.  Guys interested need to have good self confidence of their own and definitely no jealousy or trying to be controlling.  I find when I first start seeing someone they are cool in the beginning and then all of a sudden they try to change you.  I feel that the guy needs to have something of his own that keeps him busy nonstop.  I find that when guys get bored of his own life that’s when they start accusing for no reason and the trust goes out the window.



3. You posted a picture of you with black hair, it looks great by the way, as opposed to the blond hair you have sporting for years, what is your original hair color and do the curtains match the carpet?

Heather Shanholtz – Believe it or not the black hair is my natural color.  My hair isn’t black it’s really dark brown but with my skin tone it looks a little darker.  I have been blonde since middle school.  It’s a big change and I still think I like the blonde better.  I just needed a change.  It’s semi permanent so it will get lighter with every wash.  And if I matched the curtains with the carpet I’d look like Brittney Spears when she shaved her head.  Lol!



4. UFC 166 is this weekend and features Cain Velasquez vs Junior dos Santos for the heavyweight title; what is your prediction for the fight?

Heather Shanholtz – In the first fight they had, Dos Santos showed that he had the power to knock Velasquez out. In the second fight Velasquez showed that he had the skillset to control the fight with takedowns and by constantly pushing Dos Santos against the cage. So it is a hard fight to pick but that being said I will be taking Dos Santos to win and to get his title belt back.



5. Do you have any upcoming public appearances or new magazine shoots that are coming out soon? 

Heather Shanholtz – I have a shoot this coming Tuesday with Imagezz from Vegas for various magazines.  I’m also going to shoot with Bare Arms Magazine in the future.  I did a shoot in the Bahamas this past weekend with Microkitten for their web advertisements.  It was the first time shooting with the dark hair.  I also work closely with an amazing swimwear line called Zamora Swimwear.  I also have images coming out with Future Legend, they are a boxing clothing line and Broken Wings Jewelry.  This November I have a book coming out called Real Talk Real Women and I’m a contributing author.  Currently my cover of 86 Blvd is out and also my cover with Star Candie Magazine.  I also have a 2014 calendar available called Hot Models w/ my shots by the awesome Angelo Lumas shot in Jamaica.  Another calendar I got the cover of will be released this month through 86 Blvd.  Sci Fi World is also available in Spain where I am dressed up like a sexy female terminator (see below).  Also, be on the lookout for my magazine cover Worldwide Fearless Magazine.  MMA Uncaged is also doing a feature on me and out takes from stunt school.  I’ve also started selling the actual outfits from my shoots with the professional photo autographed along with the package, posters and 8×10’s.  Not to mention that I’m on the cover of Stacks Magazine too with model Rali Ivanova.  I’ve been a very busy girl!  Hard work and efforts definitely make an impact!



6. Can you tell us about the most awkward, weird or most uncomfortable date you went on? Without disclosing his name can you give us the juicy details?

Heather Shanholtz – The worst date was a double date with a girlfriend of mine.  It was our first time ever in Miami and we got robbed by them.  The cops located the car and our stuff but we still lost makeup and jewelry.  The guys were actually realtors and the house we were in before dinner wasn’t even theirs, it was a client of theirs.  Definitely the worst, craziest, messed up date ever!  My friend and I look back and laugh about it.



7. Most of the modeling shoots I have seen of you involve swimsuits. Do you ever do any lingerie modeling? If so do you have the pictures to prove it?

Heather Shanholtz – I do lingerie too.  Swimsuits are more common for spokes modeling jobs though especially since I live in Miami.  You can shoot lingerie anywhere except the beach.  So the swimsuit stuff enables me to travel to exotic locations.  I pretty much model everything because my look is versatile.  I can go from good girl to bad girl in 0.0 secs!



8. I recently saw some posts/information in regards to your personal life. As a public figure and a model, how hard is it to keep your personal life private and where do you draw the line as far what your fans and/or followers know about you?

Heather Shanholtz – I keep some things out of the public eye.  Usually relationships because I feel it’s detrimental to my career and also the relationship itself. Recently I did post something really personal.  I was going through a big downfall in my life at the time and I reached out to fans for their help.  I’m always positive and never post anything negative and try to always be inspiring and a good influence to others.  The post I made was the first time I ever did anything like that publicly.  My fans reached out and so did my family and they all helped me to get through a really hard time.  I don’t regret the post at all because it helped me to get back on track 🙂



9. You did some sci-fi/cosplay (Sci Fi World Magazine as The Terminator) recently. Have you done similar work because I bet the pictures are awesome? If not do you plan on doing more of that type of work?

Heather Shanholtz – I loved that shoot!  I shot it in Barcelona with Malize Photography for Sci Fi World Magazine.  It was all done with special effects makeup and was way different than anything I’ve ever done.  The team of photographers and artists were amazing and it was an unforgettable experience.  I don’t have plans as of yet to do more like that but I would love to if the opportunity comes again.



10. Did you wear your “Flying Pasties” on your recent trip to Europe?

Heather Shanholtz – I never fly without them.  Through the new scanners you have to go through at the airport it shows all your goodies to airport personnel.  With flying pasties you wear them under your under garments and it protects you.  I’ve never posed nude so I feel safe knowing I have them on.



11. I asked you this a couple of weeks ago but it is getting closer, so Halloween is just around the corner, any ideas on what you’ll be wearing this year?

Heather Shanholtz – I have no clue yet.  I think I’m going to go with my girl Kair Bear to Dr. Lenny Hochstein’s Halloween Party here in Miami.  He’s awesome!  It should be a good time.



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