Ask Heather – A PunchDrunkGamer Feature with Heather Shanholtz – UFC 168 Edition

Ask Heather – A PunchDrunkGamer Feature with Heather Shanholtz – UFC 168 Edition

By PDG Staff




Always looking to tip the scales, has teamed up with Maxim, FHM, Muscle Mag, The Ring, TapouT and American Curves model, Ring Card Girl, Stunt-woman and all-around stunner Heather Shanholtz! Heather will be doing a weekly “Ask Heather” feature for PunchDrunkGamer, taking questions from her fans and the PDG readers.


During her short career, Heather has accomplished every goal she had set for herself but that doesn’t stop her from wanting more. Heather has been featured in over 45 national magazines including Maxim, FHM and Muscle Mag. Heather is also very well know in the MMA world with her being a spokesmodel for Tito Ortiz for his clothing line Punishment Athletics and countless features in all of the MMA related magazines and websites. Heather is also the spokesmodel for a company called Flying Pasties. The company invented special pasties to wear under your clothes when entering body scanners at the airport.


Heather has done countless appearances, car shows and radio interviews. Recently Heather has found her new love, acting. Heather is to appear with feature roles on the shows Graceland (to air this summer on the USA network) and The Glades to air sometime this year. Last year Heather also accomplished one of her other goals and attended International Stunt School where she became a certified stunt woman. She jumped from buildings, was lit on fire, did combat and knife fights and also driving stunts. With receiving countless awards and recognition in the modeling industry she is ready to accomplish her next set of goals. So welcome Heather to PunchDrunkGamer and keep sending in great questions!


Here are some of your questions submitted recently, enjoy!


1.  The UFC Champion Ronda Rousey is facing Miesha Tate at UFC 168 in the biggest women’s MMA grudge match of all time, who do you think will win and why?

Heather Shanholtz – Other than Rousey’s somewhat bad attitude coming to light during the recent season of The Ultimate Fighter, I haven’t seen anything different about each fighter’s in cage capabilities that would lead me to believe that the result of this fight will be anything different than the result of their first fight. Rousey by armbar!


2.  Do you have any big plans for New Years Eve?

Heather Shanholtz – I never go out NYE.  It’s annoying going out when everything is so over crowded with drunken idiots.  The prices are way jacked up and so many drunk drivers.  I actually just stay home every NYE or do something very low key.  I take my little 8 year old sister Sophia with me to Florida and we just hang out.  I might sip on a glass of champagne but that’s about it.  I wouldn’t ever want to change it.  =)


3.  Are you planning on getting more involved with acting in 2014?

Heather Shanholtz – Yes!  I’ve hired an acting coach and am hoping to start in February.  I’m looking into horror and action.  I want to do all of the special effects stuff and also something adventurous!


4.  You said you would tell us about “The Cookie Monster”. Can you tell us the story? Thanks!

Heather Shanholtz – Years and years ago I met a close friend of mine in the Bahamas during a pageant and we hit it off.  The hotel that they booked us didn’t have 24 hour room service and her and I would go out every night to hit up all the clubs.  We were always hungry after a long night of drinking so we decided to start taking cookies from the all you can eat buffet and storing them in our rooms so we could have a snack late at night.  Needless to say we forgot to empty our purses with all of the cookies and went out.  While out we reached into our purses for some gloss and there were cookies everywhere.  Everyone we were with was cracking up and that’s how the cookie monster jokes came into play.  Years and years later we still call each other cookie monster.  I have tons and tons of cookie monster stuff.  LOL!


5.  What is your prediction for Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva 2 this weekend at UFC 168?

Heather Shanholtz – I really want to say that Weidman will win again and retain the title belt but if I was a betting woman, and I am not, I would find it nearly impossible to bet on Anderson Silva losing two fights in a row.


6.  How has your recovery come along since your terrible car accident and have you gotten a new ride yet?

Heather Shanholtz – Yes I am 100% healed.  I haven’t gotten a new car yet because I have still been traveling.  I’m more than likely going to get one at the end of January or beginning of February.


7.  Do you have any updates on your upcoming public appearances, TV shows, movies or magazine photo shoots?

Heather Shanholtz – I just did a radio interview for Ha Candy.  I’m also in the latest issue of Glam Jam Magazine for their Best Booties of 2013 issue and recently got hired on as a writer for them.  I’m still an editor for The Ring Magazine where I publish a ring card girl monthly.   I’m starting to do a lot of photo workshops where we teach other photographers and models about the industry.  My next one is the 18th of January with Oscar Rabeiro in Fort Lauderdale and I have another on on the 19th with Justin Price.  I am also working on launching my new website and I’ve talked to a few people about potentially coming out with my own cell phone app.  I’ve also been in touch with Benchwarmer about possibly doing some trading cards with them and I’ve also been working with a company on releasing car air fresheners featuring me.  My book Real Talk Real Women has also launched on Amazon in a print version where as before was only available in Amsterdam.  I am also on the cover of Got Curves this month.  Other than that I’ve just been hanging out with family and trying to get some other things jump started and focus more on the acting side of things.


8.  How was the Dolphins vs Patriots game that you went to and did you get any cool pictures with famous people?

Heather Shanholtz – It was amazing!  I had a blast.  I met Flo-rida but we didn’t take any photos together.  I met a lot of really cool people and it was an awesome time 😉



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  1. Hello Heather. 🙂 *waves* Hope you had a fabulous merry Christmas, and I wish you a great New Year’s as well as having a fantastic year in 2014! I have a curious question though, but I’m not sure if you like or follow college sports or not. But if so, are you looking forward to the 2014 NCAA D-I FBS BCS National Championship Game at the Vizio Rose Bowl in Pasadena on January 6? And if you would had to pick, which team will it be? P.S.: I know my answer. Go Noles! I bleed garnet red and gold! lol 😛