Friday, March 23, 2018
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My Lovely Daughter Review | BacklogCritic

BacklogCritic: "My Lovely Daughter left me a miserable mess by the time I finished my first playthrough, and its exactly what I loved from the game. Not many games take the risk of potentially disturbing their audience for the sake of telling a narrative they feel necessary, and the simple

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review | BacklogCritic

BacklogCritic: "KCD is the definition of a niche RPG, and it wobbles under the weight of its ambition. It is committed to thrust upon the player a lofty, extravagant experience of immersive simulation and realism that most gamers are probably not interested in, but those who are into the complex

Why I Keep Coming Back to Battlefield 1

James Martin of GameGrin discusses what keeps him coming back to Battlefield 1 after 18 months.

ELEX – New Patch adds Xbox One X Enhanced features

A new Patch for ELEX is live today, that pushes the resolution on the Xbox One X to 3200x1800. PlayStation 4 players can look forward to 4k rendering on the PS4 Pro. Also, the patch adds a ton of other improvements for the game, like new, more detailed difficulty settings.