Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Detroit: Become Human Review | Areajugones

Quantic Dream surpasses everything it has done before with Detroit: Become Human. A huge script allows for a thrilling story to have multiple layers that, at the same time, deal with topics such as slavery, the human condition or the concept of identity. A real masterpiece of the genre.

Detroit: Become Human Review | TrueGaming

The mix of strong storytelling, great acting and dreamy music lead to a fantastic cinematic experience and a grand tale that is rare to be witnessed. This game will make you proud for believing in the storytelling capabilities of video games all this time.

Detroit: Become Human Review | Easy Allies

"With complex characters and an impressive branching plot that emphasizes choice and consequence, Detroit: Become Human keeps you invested in your own story and makes you eager to see what other possibilities you might have missed. Its Quantic Dreams strongest interactive tale so far." Written by Daniel Bloodworth

Phoenix Labs Launches Dauntless into Open Beta Today

Slayers unite! Today, Phoenix Labs, an independent game development studio made up of industry veterans from Riot Games, BioWare, Capcom, and more launched Dauntless into Open Beta on PC worldwide.