Battlefield 4 – A Playground for Destruction

Battlefield 4 – A Playground for Destruction

By Clark Figureoa




Battlefield 4 has massive destruction on an epic level, with players combating the Chinese and Russians from land, sea, and air. With the challenge of levolution requiring quick thinking, fast reaction speed, and problem solving, Battlefield 4 takes the action to a whole new level. Pac and Irish are back and ready to roll with you in single-player mode. Or gather up sixty of your friends to play on one of the biggest playgrounds of destruction available in a game today.


The amped up single-player game has you saving Chinese presidential candidate, Jin Jie, and preventing China and Russia from building an alliance. While previous releases of the series fell short on single-player mode, Battlefield 4 improves the storyline, gameplay, and characters. According to Games Radar this is the first version to step up on the single player aspect. The characters have more personality, but the storyline still falters in places.


Where this game really shines is in the multiplayer modes. Battlefield 4 expands the capabilities to include up to 64 players and nine different play modes — including the favorite conquest, rush, and death-match modes from previous games. Your map is scaled to the number of players, with settings including close quarter, urban and large scale for larger destruction. The newly expanded weapons list includes plenty of weapons not seen in previous games, and ranges from assault rifles to grenade launchers.




The game also expands its vehicle offerings. DICE reports that the release for the Xbox One will use the Kinect for head tracking and voice commands. The ability to look around corners will be as simple as turning your head. The voice commands will be the same as those used through the controller, such as ammo requests, health, or rides.


Reviews for the game have been glowing. Game Trailers ranked the game 9.5, Ausgamers gave it a 9.4, and IGN gave it an 8.5 out of ten. Overall, the ratings for the game are the highest of all the Battlefield releases. For the best experience, be sure to use a reliable Internet connection.


If blowing up skyscrapers, destroying carriers, and shooting helicopters out of the sky aren’t enough for you, how about some Easter eggs? Unigamesity has already released the top ten Easter eggs for Battlefield 4. With all of the fast paced, bullet flying action going on, not many catch these little eggs tucked into the game. Check out the list and see if you spotted them, or find some of your own. Oddly enough, there is even an Easter egg that leads you to, what else, Easter eggs.




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