Call of Duty Ghosts – Devastation DLC Review and Analysis

Call Of Duty Ghosts – Devastation DLC Review and Analysis

By Dan Maurer




Platforms:  Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC

New Multiplayer Maps:  Ruins, Behemoth, Collision, Unearthed

New Weapons:  Ripper

New Extinction Mode Map:  Mayday

Release Dates:  April 3rd, 2014 (Xbox 360 and Xbox One), May 8th, 2014 (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC)



It’s that time again, for the COD machine to pump out more DLC that pulls at the last strings that milk this year’s game until the new release in the series later this year. I’m sure that won’t stop everyone from immediately claiming that the series has lost it’s relevance and is destined to be a sales disappointment, just as they have been doing for at least the last three years. But it certainly will be interesting to see the response to Titanfall and what will presumably be the first Call Of Duty designed primarily for next gen consoles. In the meantime though there’s still three map packs for Ghosts to tide you over, although the first one was nothing much to get excited about. Devastation follows exactly the same format as the earlier Onslaught, in that it includes four standard multiplayer maps (one of which is a remake), one Extinction co-op map, and a new dual category weapon.


The other constant between the two downloads is that the most interesting thing about both of them is a guest horror movie star in one of the maps. For Onslaught it was Halloween’s Michael Myers, but in Devastation it’s the Predator. The Predator is on the Ruins map, which is already one of the better ones as it features an active volcano that you can set off in the background. The map itself is set among Mayan ruins, which in gameplay terms translates to a lot of long straight corridors that make spotting an oncoming Predator a little bit easier. As with Michael Myers you get all the proper sound effects and visuals from the movies, although since the Predator has a lot more associated gadgetry you can’t help but wish the game had been more customized to his abilities. It is still a cameo and there’s certainly no swinging through trees or even much in the way of stealth. Blowing yourself up with a nuclear explosion is cool though.




Devastation has another solid map in the form of Collision, which takes place on a tanker that’s crashed into a giant bridge. Like Ruins it’s insanely detailed, as the ship itself is creaking, sprouting leaks, and some areas are even on fire. It’s a great theme that’s a step up from many of the “wrecked” levels in past games, and the running water effects look great on current-gen consoles. It helps that it sports a great layout with lots of twists, turns, and elevated vantage points. The next two maps however aren’t as memorable. Behemoth takes place on a giant platform with multiple buzz-saws looming in the distance. It’s extremely standard fare with no real standout points outside of the well done backdrop, which is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. There’s lots of tunnels, but overall it feels cramped and limited. I usually hope that Behemoth gets voted out while I’m waiting in the lobby.


Unearthed is another level that feels like a wasted slot, as it’s a remake of Dome from Modern Warfare 3. While Dome was a decent arena it never really resonated with me, offering up standard underground passages and one major point of elevation. Unearthed is basically that exact same layout, just re-skinned to look like an excavation site. Infinity Ward could have done so much more with the theme, or picked a more iconic map in general. There’s one more piece of the puzzle, a new Extinction level called “Mayday.” Although one could easily say that the less cryptic nature of Extinction makes it less alluring than zombies, it’s much easier to follow and pick up, and has a vastly detailed upgrade system that’s made even better with the new DLC.


Overall, the second DLC pack for COD Ghosts is more action packed and entertaining than the previous DLC pack. At the asking price of $15 ($50 for the entire season pass), it still begs the question of whether or not you should pick this up at full price or wait for an eventually sale on the DLC packs. Final Score: 7 out of 10




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