Cris “Cyborg” Santos – Ready for Invicta FC 6 and Marloes Coenen

Cris “Cyborg” Santos – Ready for Invicta FC 6 and Marloes Coenen

By Christopher Jester




Cris Cyborg is right back in title contention after a pulverizing TKO victory over Fiona Muxlow at Invicta FC 5. Now she is scheduled to fight against Marloes Coenen to headline Invicta FC 6 in a rematch but this time it is for the inaugural Invicta FC Featherweight Championship. Cris Cyborg recently talked with PunchDrunkGamer to discuss her return to fighting, the motivation of fighting in rematches, and if her hostility towards Ronda Rousey is sincere.



PDG:  Congratulations on your victory over Fiona Muxlow and your return to the cage. How did it feel being back in the cage after more than a year away and scoring a victory the way you did?

Cyborg Santos:  It felt great, I love to fight and everyone knows that I am aggressive and always going for the knockout. So getting it was very satisfying.


PDG:  Was there any pressure to come back and win impressively, or did you just want to perform to the best of your ability?

Cyborg Santos: I always do my best, God willing!


PDG:  Do you think your successful return silenced some of your critics, and do you feel like there is a need to prove anything?

Cyborg Santos:  Critics will never silence because that is what they live for but I know my fans and my opponents realize how hard I work to get prepared to fight.


PDG:  With the PED situation behind you, what was the biggest lesson you learned from that experience?

Cyborg Santos:  Don’t trust anyone! And I have to control my weight. Cutting to 145 is always a battle, I made a mistake and now it is behind me and it is time to move on.


PDG:  Invicta FC is a great home for women mixed martial artists. What does Invicta do that is different from other organizations you have fought for?

Cyborg Santos:  They really appreciate women’s MMA and Shannon Knapp and Janet Martin love the sport and all of their fighters.


PDG:  In your opinion, how is Invicta FC a better home for women’s mixed martial arts than the UFC?

Cyborg Santos:  At Invicta, they realize not all women weigh 135.


PDG:  Your fight tomorrow night is against Marloes Coenen for the inaugural Invicta FC Featherweight Championship. You defeated Coenen back in 2010. What do you think will be your biggest advantage in this fight?

Cyborg Santos:  My heart and my aggressiveness.


PDG:  In the three years since you two fought each other last, what is a noticeable difference in what she brings into this upcoming fight?

Cyborg Santos:  We both have more experience.




PDG:  What is the motivation in a rematch like your upcoming fight against Marloes Coenen? Especially since you have already defeated her. Is it easier, harder, or about the same to prepare for this kind of fight?

Cyborg Santos:  I get motivated for every fight. Being the best and Fighting for God is my motivation for every fight. Fighting and the preparation is never easy, whether it is the training, the weight cut or the actual fight, none of it is ever easy.


PDG:  With Primetime 360 Entertainment & Sports Management as your management team, do you think having someone like your manager Tito Ortiz, a polarizing figure in his own right, has benefited the recent directions you have taken in your career?

Cyborg Santos:  I am so grateful and luck to have Tito and George as my managers- they really take care of me and make sure I have the best training.


PDG:  You’ve had words with Ronda Rousey in the past. What do you think of the animosity between the two of you now? Is it all for the cameras or is it genuine?

Cyborg Santos:  It is all genuine, I want to knock her out.


PDG:  Despite the war of words, what do you think of Rousey as a fighter?

Cyborg Santos:  She is a one trick pony and she ran from me to 135. I have nothing else to say.


PDG:  What do you think of women’s mixed martial arts growth spurt over the last couple of years?

Cyborg Santos:  It is great for everyone involved.


PDG:  Only age 27, a lot of fans and fighters consider you a veteran in the sport. What wisdom would you pass to upcoming women who want to venture into mixed martial arts?

Cyborg Santos:  Train hard, never give up and understand that fighting is fighting. If you can’t handle the ups and downs then don’t do it.


PDG:  Dana White recently stated that more women’s divisions will be added to the UFC. If the featherweight division is added, how interested would you be in pursuing a career there?

Cyborg Santos:  I fight for Invicta FC and after Saturday night I will be Invicta’s featherweight champion.


PDG:  Thanks Cris and good luck in your championship match against Marloes Coenen at Invicta FC 6 on July 13. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Cyborg Santos:  I want to thank all of my fans, friends and family for their support and my management, sponsors and everyone at Invicta. See you Saturday Night!



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