DOOM – Game Review

The DOOM games of the 1990s didn’t mess around when it came to introducing the game. There was no lengthy cut scene, no NPC drawling on and on about a backstory, and no brow-beating tutorial that took you away from the ensuing action. You were thrown in a sprawling landscape with angry demons swarming around you armed with a pistol and told, “Good night. Good luck.” DOOM delightfully throws you into the same pit of carnage. Your character wakes up chained to a sacrificial altar with demons beating down a door to presumably tear you apart and feed on your flesh. As soon as you yank the chains free, you have a pistol in hand and plenty of dead demons on the floor. A short walk down the hall later, you have a shotgun and the Doom Marine armor. And the demons just keep coming. They never stop coming. If your Doom Marine’s face was in the HUD at the bottom of the screen as it was in the days of yore, he/she would have just as twisted of a smile on his/her face as he did back then. And most likely, you do too as you sit on your gaming sofa.