DUST 514 – Gathering Forces (Open Beta) Cinematic Gameplay Trailer

As an immortal mercenary in DUST 514, you face a lifetime of warfare across the worlds of New Eden. But as this epic trailer shows, you never have to fight alone. Thousands of fellow mercs are waiting to join forces and help you forge an empire that spans the stars. The DUST 514 open beta is free to download and play right now on PlayStation 3, so suit up and drop into nonstop planetary combat!


A revolutionary online gaming experience, DUST 514 shares a universe–and now a server, too–with the hit spacefaring MMO, EVE Online. This is your chance to try the game out as you help us make it the ultimate shooter experience.


As of Tuesday, the 22nd of January, anyone with a PlayStation 3 can join the warfare raging across New Eden in the DUST 514 open beta. Our veteran mercs from the closed beta period are eager to make you feel welcome, though nothing says welcome like a custom tank dropped behind your lines. Just head to the PlayStation Store, download the game, and play for free through open beta and beyond. See you in New Eden!



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