Elvis “The King of Rock and Rumble” Sinosic – Interview

Elvis “The King of Rock & Rumble” Sinosic – Interview

By Dave Carpinello





PDG: Elvis, great to talk with you. Thanks for your time as you must be busy with training and your team.

Elvis: Hi, it’s a pleasure to be able to chat to you about what I have been doing. Thank you for the opportunity.


PDG: Since your fight at UFC 70, what have you been doing and where?

Elvis: Well I returned to Australia. I took some time of to recover from some injuries. I’ve spent some time working with some of our fighters. Our fight team here is finally starting to build some momentum which is great to see. We have a couple of fighters competing this weekend (http://www.cfcworld.com.au/). After our guys fight, I will be doing the commentary for the rest of the show.


PDG: What is next; any upcoming events that you can tell your fans about?

Elvis: At the moment I have no fights lined up. I am currently looking for any possible opportunities later this year. I really would like to get back in there again soon. On the flip side, I am also interested in pursuing a career in commentating. I feel that I am well spoken and have a good understanding of the sport and I have an enthusiasm for it. I will be commentating at the CFC this weekend.  Then I have a few other shows lined up for later in the year. I really want to stay active in MMA one way or the other.


PDG: 2006 was a good year with the 2 victories. Did you change anything about your training heading into those two matches?

Elvis: I’m always reviewing and refining my training. Last year I realized that I really need to focus again on conditioning. I got together with my training partner Anthony Perosh and our assistant coach Gary, and our conditioning trainer Justin. We looked at ways of improving our conditioning training. The other side of training is that our fight team is finally growing. So this means more fighters which in turn means more training partners. I also continued to work on my striking with my kickboxing coaches Hape who trained Mark Hunt and Gary.  I always want to grow as a fighter. I always want to look at ways at becoming better and more knowledgeable. I want to make sure I put in the best performance possible. I want my fans to know that I always come to fight.


PDG: You have fought the who’s who of MMA.  Which fighter from your past would you like a rematch with?

Elvis: I don’t really care for rematches. I will take them if they are available to me, but I don’t go looking for them. I always look for the newest and toughest challenge ahead.


PDG: When you’re fighting at an event do you keep an eye on the results from the rest of the card?

Elvis: Normally I try to stay relaxed in the lead up to my fight. I usually do keep an eye out on the results, because a lot of the time I know the fighters fighting, so you like to know what is happening. But as I get closer to my fight I stop thinking about that and start focusing on my match.


PDG: What did you think of the Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Mirko “Cro Cop” fight?

Elvis: I thought it was a great fight by Gonzaga. I was very shocked at the time as I am a fan of Mirko’s. But you have to give Gabriel credit; he did all the right things and earned a spectacular victory. I have no doubt Mirko will come back even stronger from this loss. He is a great fighter and a great champion.


PDG: What is your opinion of the direction of MMA for the future? After the UFC purchase of Pride and the growing popularity of the WEC, Cage Rage, Bodog, etc?

Elvis: I think MMA will continue to grow. The UFC are doing great things for the sport. I said many years ago that the success off MMA will rely on its exposure. The more exposure, the more sponsors will come on board, the more money will get into the sport which will increase the exposure and it will continue to grow that way. MMA is the most exciting sport out there. Once the public see it, you know they will want to see more of it. The simple fact is that the UFC have done what needs to be done. They have given this sport the exposure it needs. Because of that, the sport will grow and hopefully all the other promotions can also continue to build on this momentum. I hope success is ahead for all the MMA promotions… the more MMA that is out there; the better it will be for the sport.


PDG: You fought Frank Shamrock about 7 years ago.  Did you see his fight against Phil Baroni? If so, how much do think he has left?

Elvis: Wow, has it been that long. Yes I did see his fight with Baroni. I think Frank showed a lot of skill, determination and strategy in that fight. I think he proved that he still has what it takes to compete with the best guys out there. I think Frank still has more time in the sport. What he does with that is up to him. Hopefully we will see him up against some of the top ranked guys in his division.


PDG: One of your biggest victories was against Jeremy Horn. Recently, he was on the Bob Carson MMA show. While on the show, Horn said that he would like to fight you again. Any thoughts on his comments?

Elvis: I can understand where Jeremy is coming from. He wants to redeem his loss. It may happen, it may not. I only have a couple of years left in my fight career. So I want fights that inspire. Not just to fight, but train like a madman. I want fights that motivate me. Rematches don’t motivate me as much as new challenges. But if the right offer came up, anything is possible.


PDG: Thanks again for your time and good luck in the future…

Elvis: Thank you again for the opportunity to have my say and let all my fans know what I am up too. I’d also like to thank my training partner Anthony Perosh, all my other training partners and students for their support, my trainers, Gary, Justin & Hape, and my friends and family for all their support. Last, but definitely not least, I’d like to thank my sponsors Atama and Fairtex for continuing to stand by me. Thanks.



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