Exclusive: Frank Shamrock “I Do What I Want”

Exclusive: Frank Shamrock “I Do What I Want”

By Dave Carpinello




PDG: The last time that we talked you were rehabbing your knee.  How does it feel now?

Frank: It feels good man.  I did about 2 ½ months of intense therapy and it is back to new.  I have been cleared to do whatever I want.  So I have been doing whatever I want.


PDG: Good news, any fights this year or are you still looking at sometime early next year?

Frank: I haven’t really decided yet.  My wife is 10 weeks pregnant and is due in May so she would prefer that I fight this year.  So I am just trying to figure out which path to take.  I definitely want to fight in April before I take some time off for the new kid.


PDG: Will you be facing Cung Le or is that a fight that you are saving for later?

Frank: I think Cung Le needs some more time and experience.  I don’t think it is a good fight right now because I would just smash him and ruin his progress.  Everyone is pushing for Cung because he has been very exciting so far.  I think it would be a waste of money and it would crush him when I crush him.  I would like to wait till 2009 for that fight.  I don’t really know who is on the horizon right now.  Robbie Lawler’s name has been thrown around but I am good with whoever they decide.


PDG: Since Lawler is in Elite XC; is there going to be more of the joint productions between them and Strikeforce?

Frank: There are a couple more shows that will be done together that are for certain.  I think that you are going to see a lot of cross-promotional shows in order to make bigger shows.  In my opinion that is where the future of the sport is headed.  I definitely anticipate having 2 or 3 promotions combine for 1 big show.


PDG: In other news; the International Fighting League dropped your team the Razorclaws this week.  What happened and were you surprised by the move?

Frank: I think the decision was a fiscal one and had also to do with performance.  My team didn’t do the best this last season.  Honestly, I was pretty shocked by the decision because I am well known and generate a lot of media.  All in all they are a real good business.  I have no hard feelings and they treated me great.  Yea we got cut but I don’t have anything bad to say about the IFL.  Its just business I guess.


PDG: So what happens to the fighters from your team?  Do you continue to train them?

Frank: Most of the fighters I am training and managing personally.  I have another group in addition that I also train.  Having an IFL team was just another responsibility.  We will just concentrate on training and giving the fighters the knowledge they will need.


PDG: As controversy seems to find you occasionally.  In a post-fight interview that I did with Josh “The Punk” Thomson, he said that he was going to sue you for calling him the “first openly gay fighter in mixed martial arts” during the live broadcast of Strikeforce from the Playboy Mansion.  Would you like to comment?

Frank: Sure, I thought it was pretty funny.  He has been wearing that shirt around that says Frank Glamrock is my bitch.   I thought he was making a gay expression and I was just trying to be supportive of the guy.  If he wants to sue me bring it on.  I make more money in one year than he has made in his whole career.  I would be happy to add to his losses from the UFC and everyone else.  I’m a big target and he is a little fish so I could give a shit less.


PDG: What started the bad-blood between the two of you?

Frank: I honestly don’t know what happened.  I never really had a relationship with Josh and never really thought much of the guy.  He tried out for my team and actually quit halfway through the tryout.  I have very little respect for him as a fighter and then when I was gone one of coaches had put him on the team.  I was fine with that but like I said I never really had any interaction with him.  So I don’t know where it all started.  I could really care less as he is just a C-Level fighter.  I do think he is one of those guys that is just fun to make fun of…..kinda like Phil Baroni.  If you open your mouth and paint your hair stupid, people are going to make fun of you.


PDG: Alright, back to training.  What events do have coming up for the rest of the year?

Frank: We have a big tryout this Saturday the 13th of October with about 30 guys showing up.  Our tryouts are a little different as we are looking for MMA talent for reality shows and stunt work.  Our tryouts and our view of talent is different as we are not just looking for fighters.  We are looking for talented martial artists.  We also have our reality show that is just finishing up production right now and while I can’t say the network.  We have gotten money to shoot more episodes which is pretty exciting.  I just finished pitching two television shows and one feature movie to the Weinstein brothers.  The next Strikeforce event is coming on November 16th and we have talent fighting in that show.  The Shamrock camp is doing really well and the martial arts schools are doing fantastic.  We will look to start selling franchises early next year.  Business couldn’t be better and I have a kid on the way.


PDG: What fighters from your camp will be on that upcoming Strikeforce card?

Frank: who was a great college wrestler and did some work for me in the We have the “Aztec” Clint Coronel who just fought on the Playboy Mansion card and Rafael DavisIFL.  Then we have got our youngster Jeremiah Riggs who will make his debut also that night.


PDG: Is Strikeforce eventually going to get a TV deal?

Frank: I can neither confirm nor deny that.  All I can say is that a network deal is definitely coming.


PDG: What do you think about Renato “Babalu” Sobral signing with Strikeforce?

Frank: I think it is wonderful as I have always liked Babalu as a fighter.  He might not always be a gentleman in the ring but he is always an exciting fighter.  I personally respect him a lot.  Strikeforce is making some big moves and they treat the talent right.  They put on a good show and they have a bright future ahead.  I am glad to be a part of it.


PDG: The big news today is that Randy Couture has left the UFC because of the way that he felt he was treated, that he was underpaid and the fact that the UFC didn’t sign Fedor Emelianenko.  Any thoughts?

Frank: I saw it coming.  Yesterday I was talking with a guy that said Randy was going to continue to dominate in the UFC and I told him that Randy was going to walk away the first chance that he got.  At the end of the day the UFC is promoting the UFC and not promoting the talent.  Their job is to build their brand and its good business for them but bad business for the sport.  I am sure that is how Randy saw it and he wanted a chance to solidify his legacy with a fight against Fedor.  The UFC decided to argue over peanuts; if you want the best than you pay for the best and you don’t worry about the rest.


PDG: Thanks again.

Frank: No problem I appreciate your support.