Exclusive Interview: Josh Thomson – The Punk is Back!

Exclusive Interview: Josh Thomson: “The Punk” is Back

By Dave Carpinello





On Saturday September 29th, the famous Playboy Mansion will be filled with more than scantily clad bunnies.  Strikeforce USA is holding the first ever mixed martial arts event at the mansion.  So along side Hugh Hefner and his girls will be some of the best fighters that are on the Strikeforce roster. One fighter in particular that will be competing tonight is UFC and PRIDE veteran Josh “the Punk” Thomson.  Since signing with Strikeforce in 2006, Thomson has put together an impressive record of 4 victories and only 1 defeat.  Adding to a career record that includes only 2 defeats in 15 fights.  I had a chance to talk with Josh as he was preparing to make weight for his fight against Adam Lynn.



PDG: What was your training schedule for this fight?

Josh Thomson: I started each day with sprints from 7-8:30am.  Then it is back to the house for some good breakfast and rest.  At noon training started again with other fighters like Jon Fitch, Bobby Southworth, Trevor Prangley and Josh Koscheck.  That part of the training lasted until 2pm.  Then again it was back to the house for some food and rest.  At 7pm it was time for grappling training at the gym with plyometrics and cardio.  That was pretty much the daily routine.


PDG: What do you think are Adam Lynn’s strengths and weaknesses?

Josh Thomson: It is hard to say what his weaknesses would be because all of his fights that watched where he lost.  I think that he just got caught with some good punches or he got put into a bad situation that cost him the fight.  I think overall he is a good fighter and if you give him an inch Adam will take a yard.  You give a yard and he’ll take more.  So I cannot afford to let him get into the fight.  I will need to keep the pressure on him and keep pushing the pace.  In process hopefully I can catch him in a submission or on the chin.


PDG: Do you see any advantages for you in the fight in regards to your skill set?

Josh Thomson: I think that I am a better fighter all-around and have a lot higher level of experience.  One disadvantage I may have is that he is used to dealing with heavier guys.  I am usually a heavier light weight and this time I am trying to go into the fight at a lower weight than Adam.  It is not a territory that I am familiar with.  So that is definitely going to keep me thinking until we get in the cage and lock horns and I can test his size and strength.


PDG: Obviously this event is taking place in a different environment than most MMA events.  Does the atmosphere and location of a fight have anything to do with your preparation and mindset going into a fight?

Josh Thomson: No it doesn’t go into it at all.  More or less the hotel we are staying at is what matters not the Playboy Mansion itself.  Don’t get me wrong though, myself and all the other fighters are excited to be having the event there with Hugh Hefner as the host.  It is great to be a part of the first MMA event at the mansion.  We are going to be part of history so of course I am excited.  Overall though I am there to fight and you can’t let yourself forget that.


PDG: Weigh-Ins day; what will your schedule be like?

Josh Thomson: It is weight-cut day.  Wake up in the morning and see what I weigh and then go from there.  If I wake up and I am 10 pounds over then it is time to get some plastics and do some shadow boxing.  Work on my drills and get some wrestling in.  Hopefully by then I have sweated off most of the weight and go back to the hotel and sleep for a while to cut a couple more pounds.  Then about 2 hours before weigh-ins go to the sauna and lose the rest.  The ultimate plan for the day is to make weight.


PDG: This going to be your 5th fight in Strikeforce.  You have also fought for PRIDE and the UFC.  What is the difference between the three organizations?

Josh Thomson: The luxury of hometown.  I have been able to fight a lot in my hometown.  I have a big following and I have been able to sell a lot of tickets to the events which helps get my name out there and allows my career to grow.  I liked fighting in the other organizations.  The UFC and PRIDE were great and they treated me well.  Strikeforce has given me a home now and they are paying very well.  I have no complaints.


PDG: How many more fights do you have on your current contract?

Josh Thomson: I just resigned so now I have 5 more including this one on Saturday.


PDG: Thanks for your time; is there anything else you would like to add?

Josh Thomson: There is going to be another Strikeforce event on November 16th in San Jose, CA.  You can check it out at www.JoshThomson.com if you want tickets or more information.



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