Exclusive Update: Fabricio Werdum – UFC 80

Exclusive Update: Fabricio Werdum – UFC 80

By Dave Carpinello




PDG: At UFC 80, you have a rematch with Gabriel Gonzaga. What preparations are you making for the fight?

Fabricio: I’m making my regular training, now that I’m in Chute Boxe I’m improving my Muay Thai skills and my stand game. I’m also training a lot of my Jiu Jitsu. My physical preparation is much better now.


PDG: Are you changing your gameplan from the first fight or why fix something that isn’t broken?

Fabricio: Not changing. Our first fight in the Jungle Fight Event was the first chance for both, we were very inexperienced, now is a totally different reality. Both of us improved our game a lot in the last few years. This will be a new and different war.


PDG: This fight could potentially be for the #1 contender in the Heavyweight Division. Does that affect the way you will train for this fight?


Fabricio: No, it will just motivate me more and more. I want to have the chance to fight for the belt and a victory against Napão is the passport to have the chance to fight for the title this year.


PDG: If you win and Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic wins his next fight. The UFC could match the 2 of you up. What are your thoughts about that and would you even accept the fight?

Fabricio: We are friends. I was very sad in his two losses in UFC, but I’m a professional like him. If the UFC decides for that fight, I’m sure that he thinks like me, let’s do it!


PDG: Are you suprised by the struggles that Mirko has had so far in the UFC?

Fabricio: Yes, for sure, I know the guy. He worked hard training and preparing for those fights but he was a different guy in the cage. I hope that soon we can see the real CC in the UFC.


PDG: Your last fight in the UFC was a close decision loss to Andrei Arlovski. Alot of fans thought the result should have been a Draw or a victory for you. How did you see the fight?

Fabricio: I totally agree with the fans. To be honest it wasn’t a good fight, very slow. I got pulled into in his game. Today I would try a different strategy, but it is ok. The fair decision would be a draw or an extra round. Maybe in the future we can have a rematch, why not.


PDG: How many fights are left on your current UFC contract?

Fabricio: 3 more fights and I will try to do them in 2007. I hope that one of them is for the belt.


PDG: You recently joined Chute Boxe. Will you also be leaving with the Rua brothers, NINJA & SHOGUN?

Fabricio: I am very happy with my training in Chute Boxe. I want the best for the Rua brothers, they are my friends and I like them a lot. Right now I’m just thinking of my upcoming fight, I am very focused.


PDG: Thanks for your time. Do you have anything else that you would like to tell your fans?

Fabricio: My main goal is the UFC belt and I want to have the opportunity for rematches against Minotauro, Karitonov and Andrei. I will probably meet some of them in my way to the belt. Right now I’m just thinking in my fight against Napao. Thanks to all of my fans and watch the fight at UFC 80.