“Filthy” Tom Lawlor – Ready for UFC 154

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor – Ready for UFC 154

By PDG Staff





This weekend the UFC returns to the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada for UFC 154: St-Pierre vs. Condit. Returning to the Octagon for the first time since his Knockout of the Night performance at UFC on Fuel TV 3, Tom Lawlor will look to extend his winning streak as he takes on Francis Carmont. The former Ultimate Fighter, who has won three UFC Fight Night bonuses, took sometime out of his pre-fight preparations to give his fans an update on his condition going into Saturday night’s fight.



PDG:  You are coming off a quick knockout victory over Jason MacDonald, are you looking for that type of finish again or where do you see this fight going?

Tom Lawlor:  I never go in to a fight looking for a quick finish, because that would be setting yourself up for mental failure if the fight goes longer than you expected. I fully expect this fight to go the full 15 minutes and to have my hand raised at the end.


PDG:  I was told you are a gamer; what games do you play on the PC?

Tom Lawlor:  To be honest I am the kind of guy who likes to use emulators to play the old classics. My favorite game of all time is the Virtual Pro-Wrestling 2/WWF No Mercy engine that is highly customizable.


PDG:  What do you think about the Alienware product?

Tom Lawlor:  I’ve never owned one myself, however have used products that my friends have and I have been impressed by the power that they pack in to those machines. I’ve pretty much had it with my current laptop and will be getting an Alienware product soon.


PDG:  When you play the UFC video game, what other fighters do you like to use?

Tom Lawlor:  Because I suck at the game, I always use Michael Bisping because everyone seems to like attacking him=) I figure if I am going to lose, I might as well make my opponent a little happier.


PDG:  If Dana White was available to use in the game, what would his fighting strengths and weaknesses be?

Tom Lawlor:  That guy is BLAF (Built Like A Fighter). Obviously based on his background his best asset would be boxing, however his submission defense is probably pretty good as well since it is hard to hold on to a guillotine choke when someone has a slick head like Dana.


PDG:  Do you game more often while in training camp or more so while killing time between fights?

Tom Lawlor:  Immediately after fights I spend a lot of time on the computer, game consoles, etc. I rarely take time off during the year from training unless I am injured, so the week after a fight I just unwind and sit on the couch and play games. Nothing is better than sitting down with a bag of cheetos and talking trash to friends while you demolish them over the internet in a game.


PDG:  Who did you train with for this fight camp?

Tom Lawlor:  King Kong, Godzilla, Mothra, the Yeti, and Robot Unicorn.


PDG:  Do you want to give us a little teaser about what your walkout has in store for this fight? Last time in Montreal your walkout was pretty great!

Tom Lawlor:  No idea as of yet! I am currently open to suggestions if you have them! Twitter: @filthytomlawlor, and I will take them in to consideration! Also, I can be easily bribed.





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