Five Questions with The New York Badass Phil Baroni – Episode 1

Five Questions with The New York Badass Phil Baroni – Episode 1

By Dave Carpinello





As a veteran of 38 fights in combat sports (31 mixed martial arts, 7 kickboxing), “The New York Badass” Phil Baroni has amassed an extensive amount of knowledge on the subject and PunchDrunkGamer is going to share it with the fans. Baroni will be stopping by every couple of weeks to give his opinions and thoughts on current and past mixed martial arts and kickboxing events, controversies and storylines. This exclusive series is brought to you by Future Legend and Duke Skywalker.



1. Recently fighters have been given exceptions that allow them to do Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), while other fighters are losing their jobs or getting suspended for medical marijuana. What is your take on the whole situation?

Phil Baroni – “I don’t think that marijuana is a performance enhancing drug at all.  But if you can’t stop smoking weed for a month before a fight you got a problem or maybe fighting isn’t that important to you. Don’t get me wrong, it should be legal. I mean TRT is bullshit. It is a legal way to cheat the system and an attempt to prolong your career when you should be retired. Smoking Mary Jane is far less cheating than taking shots of testosterone.”


2. GLORY and the GLORY World Series have taken over the global kickboxing scene, do think they will be able to make kickboxing relevant among fight fans in the U.S.?

Phil Baroni – “I am not sure if the US will ever love kickboxing as much as the international fans. But I think GLORY can be successful world wide and I am a big fan of kickboxing, so I hope GLORY is successful wherever the event are held.”


3. UFC 157 was a historic night for the UFC, mixed martial arts and women’s mixed martial arts. What do you think of women headlining a UFC PPV?

Phil Baroni – “I really didn’t care for it. I really like Invicta FC for the women.”


4. As of late in the UFC, title shots have been given based on popularity and trash talk as opposed to merit. Do think this is a good strategy for the continued long term growth of the sport?

Phil Baroni – “What ever gains the most interest from the fans is a good strategy. Big fights are what people want to see. You got the UFC putting on big fights and then you have Bellator MMA doing it by the way of Merit. Only time will tell who is more successful but I personally think putting on interesting fights is what works best.”


5. In your opinion, who are the top five fighters Pound-4-Pound in MMA right now?

Phil Baroni – “That is tough to say man, I really don’t know the answer. The UFC champions are the best in the world right now, Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, Ben Henderson and Dominick Cruz (although injured right now) are all on top of their games. So that is my top five!”



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