Glory World Series – March 23, 2012 – Recap and Photo Gallery (31 Photos)

Glory World Series – March 23, 2012 – Recap & Photo Gallery
By PDG Staff


Glory Sports International delivers a thrilling first event in Moscow; March 23, 2012

There has been a lot of press in the past few months about the new Glory Organization that recently signed fighters Peter Aerts, Georgio Petrosyan, Jerome Le Banner, Brice Guidon and many more talented fighters to a multiple fight deal contract with Glory.

Murad Machayev def. Cesario di Domenico – Decision


The first fight of the night set the tone for a great night of fights to come as Italian fighter Cesario di Domenico and Murad Machaev fought for three rounds and both fighters showed skill and delivered some heavy blows. It was a super exciting start to the show. Murad is showed that he has a great sprawl technique and stand up skills. Domenico displayed great talent and potential as well. After two action packed rounds where Cesario overcame some heavy strikes from Murad – he can really take a punch! Cesario was showing a lot of physical damage. Cesario started with some good low kicks in the last round, but it was too late and the decision goes to Murad Machaev.



Ruslan Magomedov def. Ricco Rodriquez – Decision


Ricco Rodriguez fought against Magomedov a late replacement for Dennis Stojnic. But it showed early in the fight that Magomedov came to win. His sprawls were well timed and he showed a wicked left high kick that he landed perfectly in almost every round. Ricco was showboating a little with low defenses and circling around to then get caught with a high kick. At the end of round three Ricco finally gets the take down but it is too late for Ricco to finish the fight and he lost by decision.



First Glory stand-up battle of the night: Nieky Holzken def. David Kiria – Unanimous Decision


The first round of the fight we saw a surprisingly aggressive David Kiria who was chasing Nieky Holzken and putting on the pressure, scoring with uppercuts and great boxing combinations. Holzken was countering though and it was an exciting first round which would go to Kiria. In round two Kiria started the same but Holzken figured out his strategy and Holzken started scoring with inside leg kicks and some good solid punches and knees, again a very exciting round but it goes to Holzken. The final round was more of the same; Holzken was dominating the fight now and deserved the decision win, great fight from both fighters.


Dzhabar Askerov def. Maxim Vyrovski – Extra Round Decision


Vyrovski from Golden Glory replaced Robin van Roosmalen and was the heavy underdog against Askarov. However in the first round we saw the usual picture from Askarov putting on the pressure and taking the middle of the ring. But it is Maxim who scores with great combinations and counters very nicely. Round two is looking the same but now the crowd is chanting ‘MAXIM, MAXIM’ as the young talented protégé of Ramon Dekkers is showing a great performance against the much more experienced Askarov. Round three is impressive and the tempo is murderess, so the judges decided on an extra round. Round 4 and it’s Aksarov leading the fight once again and the last 30 seconds of the round are a all-out war where both fighters deliver heavy bombs – like – blows and they do not stop until the very last second of round 4. Askarov won by spilt decision but Maxim made his mark; the young fighter from Golden Glory has a great future ahead of him.



Jamal Ben Sadik def. Vitaly Oparin – TKO RD. 1


Ben Saddik is a giant (over two meters) he weighs 136 kg and is only 21 years old. He is undefeated in 20 fights and his last victory was a KO victory over Rico Verhoeven. He trains with the best of them at Golden Glory – Zimmerman and Saki just to name a few.  Vitaly looked strong and muscular and tried hard with some heavy swings in the opening round to impress Ben Saddik. But Ben saddik unleashed a flurry of big bombs and landed two huge knees and a powerful right punch to win another impressive KO victory in the first round. If Ben Saddik looses 15 kg and has a few more fights he will be the next big heavyweight sensation!



Ali Cenic def. Sergey Maslobojev – Decision


Ali Cenik from Turkey is well known in Russia as in his previous debut in Russia (Glory 14) he fought to a draw against the popular fighter from Belarus, Zabit Zamedov. Sergey is a very experienced fighter and it was not as easy a fight as Ali thought. Sergei had good high kicks and boxing combinations but the harder shots came from Ali and his right hook left serious marks on Sergey’s face and after three rounds Ali was declared the winner. With a back flip from the ropes Ali celebrated his win.



Zabit Samedov def. Igor Jurkovic – Decision


This was a very equal fight where we saw a knock down score by Samedov in the first round – Zabit made some beautiful combinations and landed a great high kick in the first round and then it was Yurkovic in round two who knocked down Samedov.   Round three was for Samedov and he won the fight.



Semmy Schilt def. Brice Guidon – Decision


Semmy Schilt has not been seen for 14 months in the ring but he decided to fight for Glory and signed a multiple fight deal. It has always been difficult to find opponents for Semmy, so when Brice Guidon the finalist of last years Glory World Series from was announced as Semmy’s opponent we were pleased. Many people did not give Brice any chance of winning. If you think Semmy had ring rust after 14 months you people were in for a big surprise. The first round was very exciting and it was clear that Brice came to fight. In round two it is Semmy who scored two great knock downs. The first knock down Semmy hit Brice with a right hand which literally launched the French man into the air. But Brice overcame the two knock downs and tried to pull a ‘Rocky’ on Semmy. The audience loved the fight, round three was an all out war, Brice even managed to kick Semmy in the face twice, Semmy then turned mad and became overly aggressive; something we have not seen from Schilt in a long time. Schilt won the fight and it was clearly the fight of the night as both fighters got a standing ovation.



Sergey Kharitonov def. Mark Miller – KO RD. 1


Mark Miller was also in the previous Glory World Series event (Glory 14) where Miller scored the fastest KO with a nine second knockout against Falin. On that same night Kharitonov fought against Mighty Mo and he also scored a first round KO. The perfect match up for the Russian crowd. Classic USA vs. America – the anticipation was high. If it was just a lucky shot from Miller in his fight with Falin or if Sergey just got much better we found out in this fight. Miller started with some wild swings and unorthodox attacks but Sergey stayed calm and within one minute Sergey finished the fight with a right straight punch knockout and the Russian audience went wild.



Errol Zimmerman def. Jerome Le Banner – TKO RD. 1 (3 knockdowns)


Zimmerman was on a 10 fight win streak with 9 KO victories in which seven came in the first round. Zimmerman recently knocked out Verhoeven and is clearly really focused and on his game. Now everybody who knows Errol knows that he is one of the most talented young fighters in the world. The question was – Has Errol come to his fight with Le Banner with the same preparation as his last 10 fights?  Le Banner has been fighting a lot, recently you could have see him in Thailand winning by TKO in round three and then Le Banner fought at the NYE’s show in Japan where he defeated Tim Sylvia from the USA. The fight started slowly where both fighters were testing each other. But shortly after that Errol landed one devastating kick to Le Banner’s mid section (who now knows why they call Errol Zimmerman “The Bone Crusher”). A combination by Errol followed by a left hook rocked Le Banner who is knocked down. Le Banner tries to get up but he is wobbling and receives another two 8 counts. Eventually it is the 11th victory and 10th by KO in a row for Zimmerman. At only 25 and finally getting serious Zimmerman is primed to become the heavyweight Glory champion this year. It’s a pleasure to watch Errol’s fights as he is super exciting, aggressive at any minute he can KO his opponent with a deadly blow as it has been said he has one of the hardest punches ever in the kickboxing industry.



Other News from the event:


* During the Glory event the legendary Ramon Dekkers, Cor Hemmers and Bas Rutten announced a 16 man $300.000.00 tournament at the end of May this year. Some participants were mentioned for this upcoming tournament which is looking very promising:


– Georgio Petrosyan – Italy

– Robin Van Roosmalen – Holland

– Fabio Pinco – France

– Max Vyrovksy – Estonia

– Mohammed El Mir – Denmark

– Kay Hollenbach – USA

– Chaz Mulkey – USA

– Dennis Schneidmiller – Germany

– Sato – Japan

– Rungroi Sitsongpeenong – Thailand

– Alex Vogel – Germany

– Dzhabar Askarov – Russia


It is a great sign for the stand up fighters in the world that Glory is creating a new platform for the best stand up fighters in the world. For more information





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