Hitman: Absolution – Game Analysis and Review

Hitman: Absolution – Game Analysis and Review

By Christopher ‘sLapDatSuCKa’ Jester





Developer:  IO Interactive

Publisher:  Square Enix

Director:  Tore Blystad

Artist:  Visual Works (CGI)

Engine:  Glacier 2

Platform:  Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Release Date:  November 20,2012

Genre:  Action-adventure, stealth

Rating: Mature



The Hitman series has always aimed to be different and innovative with its sandbox-style gameplay. Hitman: Absolution is no different. Each level can be played in different ways, which is what makes Hitman a standout against most single-player only games. The replayability is high, and the reward of doing something the complete opposite of how it was performed the first go-around makes up for its short and limited game modes and options.


Much like the other entries into the series, the game centers on Agent 47 and his assassination contracts. This time around, Agent 47 is obliged by his former colleague Diana Burnwood to protect a mysterious girl named Victoria. The enigmatic past of Victoria is obviously the reason why she suddenly becomes an interest to several characters throughout the game. Agent 47 decides to ultimately kill them before they can do the same to Victoria.


This game is challenging. It is no walk in the park, and that is not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. The player will fail, and likely often. But that only makes the achievement of the challenge all the better. The maps in this game are quite large with multiple entrances and exits. This can allow the player to replay the level several times without following the same path. Even the maps that appear linear such as this one part in the story where Agent 47 is fleeing the police on top of a roof can be done differently in several ways. This makes the success of an escape or the completion of a level so enjoyable.


Assassinations are obviously the prominent aspect of the game. Agent 47 can achieve this in multiple ways. Any player can walk into this game and literally shoot-up the place. But where is the fun in that? Becoming the Silent Assassin is what makes this game so intriguing. Agent 47 has multiple tools that can help the player achieve this. He typically naturally comes with his Silver Baller silenced pistols, and his fiber-wire used for choking victims without making any noise. Sneaking around patiently will not only help the player subdue enemies without killing them, but will also reward the player at the end of the level. Each map offers a score based on how well the player performs. For challenge and achievement junkies, this will make he or she surely want to do their absolute best at being the perfect assassin to get the highest score.



Besides sneaking, the cover system and point shooting becomes invaluable. The cover system assists the player to maneuver around the map near seamlessly. An experienced and practiced player can easily use the cover system as their go-to tool. However, as far as quick and precise shooting goes, the player will surely use the point shooting system. This system allows the player to aim and tag their enemies, and once he or she is complete, Agent 47 will fire precisely where they tagged the enemy. This is a great system to use when in a surrounded room with numerous enemies, or when an accurate headshot is needed.


But without a doubt of all of 47’s tools, it is the “instinct mode” that comes in handy the most. This sonar or predator vision assists 47 in viewing the routes of patrolmen or objects of interests. With a sandbox as large as it is in this game “instinct mode” becomes the most valuable thing the game offers you, as very little is pointed out to the player as to what to do or where to go. However, keep in  mind this mode goes away on the higher levels; forcing players to use the more natural tools at their disposal.


Contracts Mode is where players will find most of their replayability. This mode allows the player to create their own sandbox in a way. The player can put their own hits on certain NPCs throughout the map. Other customizable options are further available to make the mode more fun and enjoyable. Although the game lacks a multiplayer mode, it does allow the contract to be scored and other players can compete against the score rewarded.


Overall, Hitman succeeds in executing the style of gameplay that fans of the series are used to. Other additives worth mentioning is the smooth graphics and lighting within the game The characters look realistic and does not disappoint. The sound may not be jaw-dropping but it does comes with an impressive score that immerses the player within the game. Hitman ultimately succeeds because of its varied ways of completing a mission. Having these different options opens up excitement in ways unexpected and delivers a game that is not repetitive or tedious. This game wants the player to think and in doing so the player is highly rewarded.




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