Jason Miller – There is Mayhem in DREAM

Jason Miller – There is Mayhem in DREAM

By Justin Bolduc




‘Mayhem’ Miller took some time recently to talk with PDG about his recent victory at DREAM. 3, fighting in tournaments, making some cash and what video games he is playing now.



PDG:  You just had a big fight in Japan; how are you feeling after the fight and what was it like for you to fight out there?

Mayhem:  Dude, I feel fantastic and it is amazing to fight in Japan.  The Japanese fans appreciate you more than anywhere in the world – it’s pretty crazy.  American fans are awesome, but there is this weird next level of respect that Japanese people give you – it’s very strange.  It’s like a whole new… I don’t know man – I can’t describe it exactly.


PDG:  You looked like you were feeding off of the Japanese audience during the fight and aiming to entertain; how do you feel that your brand of entertainment went over with the Japanese fans?

Mayhem:  Pretty huge.  From what I gather from my Japanese friends, people got it and understood what I was doing and that I’m really trying to bring an entertaining aspect to the world of MMA.  I think they appreciate the fighting skills and want to see more of me, so I’m stoked – I’m pumped.  I want to show more.


PDG:  Was there anything specific about fighting in a premiere Japanese organization that stuck out to you?

Mayhem:  The fact that they treated me so well….they treated me like a real athlete and not second class.  They understand that the fighters are the reason that the show is there, and they appreciate it so I appreciate them.


PDG:  It is almost like the Japanese hold fighters above humans.

Mayhem:  Well I’m not a human being.


PDG:  Yeah?

Mayhem:  Yeah.  I’m a manimal.


PDG:  A manimal?

Mayhem:  That is an animal and a man together.


PDG:  So how does that generally work out for you?

Mayhem:  So far, so good.


PDG:  Yeah?

Mayhem:  Yep.


PDG:  What do you have lined up next?

Mayhem:  I fight June 13 in the next DREAM show – I’m in the tournament.  I fight in the next round of the tournament.  I haven’t had an opponent named yet, but I’m excited to do it.  I’m already training for the next fight.


PDG:  Right.  Is there anyone specific you’d like to fight next?

Mayhem:  Yeah, of course.  Fucking Kazushi Sakuraba, man.  He was like my favorite fighter coming up.  I still do his Mongolian Chop sometimes.


PDG:  Are you interested in doing more tournaments in the future?

Mayhem:  Yeah, if they pay me.  I’m a contract fighter.  I fight not just for the glory, but also for the money and I try to keep my bosses happy.  If there is a tournament I’ll be more than happy to do it – put my name in it.  It is glorious and at the same time you can make money doing it.  It’s not a bad thing, enjoying making money.  I’m just lucky enough to love what I do to make a living.


PDG:  Do you have any concerns about fighting twice in the same night?

Mayhem:  No, I did it a million times as a kid.  Even before I was in mixed martial arts I would fight a couple times in a day.  But at the same time I fought in tournaments before – the only thing that is shitty is if you injure yourself in the first fight then it is rough to go on to the next round.  I would hate to drop out of a tournament because I won a fight and I got injured.  That is the only downside.  If you do get injured you have to suck it up and fight again.


PDG:  That was prominent in one of PRIDE’s last tournaments, when Paulo Filho pulled out of the finals but Denis Kang went on injured.

Mayhem:  Yeah.  I’ve done it before too.  It is part of the job.  You can cry about it after the thing is over.  I’ve had to drop out of tournaments too – I broke my hand in a tournament and was trying to continue but the doctors were looking at my thumb twist around backwards and told me I can’t.  That is a risk you take when you compete in a tournament.  I like to fight exciting fights and the best thing for me to do is if I do two fights in one night to be conservative in the first fight of the night and not get too crazy because I don’t want to get injured going into the next one.


PDG:  What is your motivation for choosing mixed martial arts over other combat sports?

Mayhem:  Because it has everything.  I get bored very easily, and mixed martial arts has every aspect so I won’t get bored as easily.


PDG:  Would straight up kickboxing, or even going into ADCC be something you’d be interested in?

Mayhem:  Absolutely, but at this point in my life I’m not getting any younger.  I want to make as much money as I can in as short amount of time – although it would be a huge honor to compete in Abu-Dhabi.  That is something I would really like to do and hopefully they will eventually invite me so I can test my skills with the top grapplers in the world.  I like to punch people, so it makes more sense for me to get paid doing something I really like to do.  I don’t know how much money you can make doing Abu-Dhabi.  I hate to sound like a money-hungry asshole, but if there is one thing I’ve learned from being injured before is you have to make the most out of every fight because you never know what tomorrow holds.  One day you might be sitting on the couch for a couple months wishing you could fight, you know?


PDG:  One of the big grappling names, Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, is over in MMA and you could very well face him [in the tournament]…

Mayhem:  That would be awesome because I’m allowed to punch him.  “Jacare” is one of my favorite grapplers and I think it’s cool he is over here in mixed martial arts.  If we run into each other that would be awesome.  I’m definitely going to be excited to test my skills against such a top level grappler.  “Jacare” is bad ass, I like his style.


PDG:  Last time we spoke you were talking about loving video games – are you still playing Puzzle Fighter?

Mayhem:  Yeah, I still play Puzzle Fighter from time to time – but not really because I always played it with my ex-girlfriend.  She moved out so I don’t have a Puzzle Fighter friend, so it’s mellow.  I play more manly games now, like Call of Duty 4.  It’s pretty fucking bad ass.  I haven’t bought a Playstation 3 yet, but I will – I kind of want it to be my present after I win this next fight, so I might just hold off and play Xbox until it is time to buy a Playstation.  I had the Xbox with the HD-DVD but we all saw how that went, and Blu-Ray is it now so I have to suck it up and buy a Playstation even though I’m a hardcore Xbox gamer.


PDG:  Is there anything specific you want to play soon?

Mayhem:  I kind of want to get Ninja Gaiden 2 because it looks beautiful.  I’ve been thinking about that but at the same time I definitely have to get Grand Theft Auto 4 – its just going to be stupid if I don’t have that.


PDG:  Outside of fighting and video games what do you like to do?

Mayhem:  I’m really into art nowadays.  I have graffiti artists who do a ton of work inside my house all the time.  This guy Peekaboo Monster did a giant painting for me.  It was pretty bad ass – like it’s pretty much the most bad ass painting I’ve ever commissioned.  But I want to get this guy, Angry Woebot to trick out one of his styles – his paintings are dope!  He draws weird pandas and stuff; he’s on another level with Peekaboo Monster.  I’ve been into collecting that kind of art.  I’ll go out and dance when I get a chance, but a lot of the time I’m too tired from training.  I remember back in the day that shit seemed easier, but now I’m training my ass off so Bob’s your uncle.


PDG:  What kind of dancing, like picking up girls at the club or are you a B-boy?

Mayhem:  I wouldn’t say picking up girls at the club, but I like to go out and dance.  I’m comfortable with my sexuality.  Usually only the gay guys can dance, but I just like to have fun.


PDG:  Are you good at it or just have a good time doing it?

Mayhem:  Yeah, I’m good at it fool!


PDG:  Hey, I haven’t seen you dance!

Mayhem:  I get down!  You need to watch my last fight!


PDG:  Do you do your flying cartwheel kung-fu stuff when you dance?

Mayhem:  Nah, no need.


PDG:  No need?

Mayhem:  No need.


PDG:  I guess we can wrap things up – if there are any sponsors you want to thank or anything you want to say…

Mayhem:  I just picked up Mickey’s, they just hooked me up.  I don’t drink it, but it’s a damn cool sponsor.  I love the Bumblebee.  On top of that, Triumph United.  I would give them a shout-out but they are just too damn cool, I don’t even have to say anything.  “I’d like to give a shout out to Triumph.”  That is just stupid; I’m not going to do that.  What I’m going to do is say “Do not go to TriumphUnited.com – you’re not cool enough.”


PDG:  I just picked up some of their shorts and I’m very happy with them.

Mayhem:  You know what?  Then maybe you’re cool enough?


PDG:  Maybe I’m cool enough?

Mayhem:  Maybe.


PDG:  Well thanks, I appreciate it coming from you.

Mayhem:  [Laughs] Alright man I gotta go put out a fire on top of some pies, OK?



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