Josh Barnett and Wade Schalles Talk Pin & Submit Training Camps

Josh Barnett and Wade Schalles Talk Pin & Submit Training Camps
By Dave Carpinello


Since 2003, Scientific Wrestling has blazed the trail providing martial artists and athletes with the very cream of the crop in wrestling instruction, especially with regards to brutal submissions, crushing cradles, painful pins and terminal takedowns (i.e., catch-as-catch-can wrestling).

Now they have teamed up with former UFC heavyweight champion and top contender in the division, Josh “The Warmaster” Barnett and Wade “The Pinisher” Schalles, who Dan Gable called the best pinner he’s ever seen and Guinness World Book of Record holder for Most Pins and Most Wins to bring fighters and wrestlers one of the most intense training camps available in the US.

This past weekend Wade Schalles was a guest on the Official Radio Partner of, Takedown Wrestling to talk about the three day Pin & Submit training camps and the benefits that they can provide as a part of your training regime.


Wade’s cohort for these camps Josh Barnett broke onto the fight scene back in 1997 choking out Chris Charnos and later made his UFC debut at UFC 28 where he knocked out Gan McGee in a Super Heavyweight bout. Barnett would go onto win the UFC Heavyweight Title by knocking out Randy Couture at UFC 36 and he is also the former Pancrase Openweight Champion. In addition to a long and very successful mixed martial arts career, ‘The Warmaster’ has also been involved in professional wrestling, most recently with IGF in Japan. He also is a seasoned veteran of submission grappling and in late 2015 he submitted Ryron Gracie via toe hold at Metamoris VI.

This week Barnett sat down with Takedown Wrestling’s Scott Casber to talk about his MMA career, the evolution of the sport in relation to how fighters train, working with Jim Ross on NJPW (which can be seen on AXS TV), fighter media obligations (i.e. Conor McGregor – UFC 200), his next fight, Catch Wrestling and the benefits of attending one of the upcoming Pin & Submit Training Camps!


UPCOMING PIN & SUBMIT 2016 TRAINING CAMPS (10am-4pm each day):

*6/3 – 6/5 in Los Angeles, CA

*8/19 – 8/21 in Denver, CO

*10/7 – 10/9 in Fort Lauderdale, FL

*DATES TBD in Doncaster, U.K.

*DATES TBD in London, U.K.

In addition to hours and hours of hands-on attention from our head coaches, training camps attendees will also receive:

-Signed and Verified Scientific Wrestling Certification.

-Candidates will also receive free lifetime membership to

-The Scientific Wrestler Certification Conceptual Syllabus DVD featuring Billy Robinson, the PINISHER DVD starring Wade Schalles, and ATTACKING THE GUARD starring Josh Barnett! (a $212 value!).

-Your gym or school can also receive FREE promotion as either an USA CATCH WRESTLING or UNITED CATCH WRESTLING Club.

For more information visit Scientific Wrestling and for everything and anything related to College and Olympic Wrestling visit Takedown Wrestling!

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