Kevin Randleman – The Monster is Ready for Heavy Artillery

Kevin Randleman – The Monster is Ready for Heavy Artillery
By Dave Carpinello


Strikeforce light-heavyweight Kevin “The Monster” Randleman recently talked with PDG about his upcoming fight against Roger Gracie at Strikeforce Heavy Artillery on May 15th, his renewed training, past mistakes and more!
PDG: How is your training going heading up to your fight on May 15th?

Kevin Randleman: Solid training will give you a solid fight. Until now I still have not had a training camp that I was 100% healthy for but I feel great right now. I have already been training for the last 14 weeks in preparation for this fight.  So I feel good already and I still have another 3 1/2 weeks until the fight.  Sometimes I see or read people saying that I am washed up and unlike some other fighters my age, I have not let myself go physically or mentally.  Even with all of the injuries and surgeries I’ve endured over the past couple of years, I have always made sure to get in some kind of workout each and every day.  There is always something that you can do at the gym to keep yourself in shape.  My wrestling was really off for a while and I’ve used this time to work on it and it is really coming around right now.  I am shooting double legs now like I was six years ago, taking people down and I am doing Fedor slams all over the place.


PDG: With all of the hard training that you have been doing; what advantages do you see for yourself in your fight against Roger Gracie?

Kevin Randleman: The only disadvantage that I have is that I am not Roger Gracie when it comes to my jiu-jitsu but as far as everything else is concerned I am good. The thing is that a lot of people are talking shit about how I am going to get submitted in this fight.  This is not a no-gi jiu-jitsu match, it is a fight and in the condition I am in right now I am going to knock Gracie out.  After a couple of punches to your face, your black belt goes from yellow and then to white and trust me, I plan on changing his colors.  I have nothing but admiration for the Gracie family but when he gets in that cage with me I will have nothing but bad intentions.

PDG: Strikeforce Heavy Artillery is taking place in St. Louis; the last time you were there you had a close fight with Mike Whitehead that some people thought you won.

Kevin Randleman: Hell no, I lost that fight and I deserved to lose it.  Everybody knows that I should have performed better in the cage that night and some people know that as bad as my shoulder was I should not have even taken that fight. That is not the reason why I lost the fight though; I lost the fight because my opponent across the cage from me was better prepared that night.  The reason why I didn’t throw punches in that fight until the third round is because I was concerned that I could fuck up my shoulder again.  It took me the last three years to heal both my shoulders after surgeries to where they are 100% now.

PDG: Okay, so what are you planning on doing differently in this fight so that you leave the cage that night with a victory?

Kevin Randleman: I am in shape and I’m not going to tire out in the cage.  The only time in practice that people are able to wear me down is when I am training my jiu-jitsu with those big 285 pound monsters at the gym.  I am in great shape and feeling very strong but those guys definitely put me through a workout because of their size and skill.

PDG: It has been almost a year since that fight against Whitehead; you have changed gyms from Xtreme Couture’s to the Tapout Training Center and your corner for that fight was Mark Coleman, Shawn Tompkins and Ron Fraiser. Who is going to be working your corner for this fight?

Kevin Randleman: It is a secret but I can guarantee you that after changing aspects of my training, my gym and the people that I work with that I will have a new corner for this fight to make sure I stick to the game plan.  I am a more relaxed person now but I love nothing more than a good fight, I would fight on the street if I wouldn’t get in trouble for it because there are some people out there that just need to be fucking smacked.  That being said I am approaching this fight differently than I have my previous fights over the last couple of years.

PDG: A lot of people are excited about the fight card overall; what are your thoughts on some of the other match ups on May 15th?

Kevin Randleman: I actually wouldn’t mind one of those heavyweights on the card backing out because I have a heavyweight fighter that would give any one of those four guys a run for their money. Maurice Jackson is a bad man and he has fucking phenomenal stand up.  I will say this though, it is definitely a stacked card and it should be an exciting night for the fans.

PDG: Was it a disappointment that the card you are fighting on is on Showtime and not CBS?

Kevin Randleman: I don’t really care one way or the other but I can tell you that I am pretty happy with having an extra month to train for my fight against Gracie.

PDG: I know that you are always looking forward to what the future may hold for you; how many fights do you have left on your current contracts?

Kevin Randleman: I have one fight left in Sengoku and I have two fights left on my contract for Strikeforce which includes my upcoming fight on May 15th.  After that we will just see what the future holds for “The Monster” because I know that I will not be fighting for the rest of my life and that it is not the only thing that I can do to make money.

PDG: Have you ever considered a return to the UFC?

Kevin Randleman: Of course, I would be lying or crazy to tell you that I haven’t thought about it but I have unfinished business with the companies I work for now and my goal is to honor those contracts by winning my next three fights.

PDG: Besides your fight, do you have any seminars or other public appearances coming up in the near future?

Kevin Randleman: Right now I can tell you that I have a mixed martial arts promotion/organization abroad and I am looking for young talented fighters that have footage of their fights and themselves that are interested in fighting overseas.  I am looking for colorful individuals with a good sense of humor and fighters that think they are ready to go big time.  If you are not quite ready for the UFC, then you are a perfect fit for this new organization.  We are taking MMA to India for the first time and so I need people that are willing to travel, train and fight hard and that want to make the good money.

If anyone is interested in this opportunity please email:

PDG: Thanks again for your time Kevin; is there anything else you wanted to add?

Kevin Randleman: In addition to my sponsors, Cage Fighter and MMA Elite, I want to thank the Hyperbaric Institute of Las Vegas, where I have been going two to three times per week and the job that they have done in this phenomenal. Tune in on May 15th on Showtime for the Return of the Monster.
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