Kris McCray – The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 Q&A Episode 3

Kris McCray – The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 Q&A Episode 3

By Dave Carpinello




The Ultimate Fighter Season 11‘s Kris McCray (Team Ortiz) will be doing a Weekly Q&A for the Readers of PDG. Kris will give his answers to your questions weekly beginning on April 12th. Kris is the son of a military father and he was raised in Germany, where he excelled on the soccer field and garnered All-Europe honors in high school. In 1999, McCray moved permanently to the United States, where he has served parts of 8 years (6 active, 2 inactive) as a member of the US Army Reserve, while also finding time to earn his Associates Degree in Social Studies from Northern Virginia Community College. Make sure to catch this weeks all new episode on Spike TV on Wednesday Night!


Questions Regarding Episode 3 (April 14, 2010):


1. Chris Camozzi had to leave your team due to injury; what were your thoughts when the announcement was made?

Kris McCray – It sucked because Camozzi was cool and my boy and that poor guy was sleeping in a closet because some of the guys were snoring too loud. He was the only guy on our team that was sharing a room with all guys from Liddell’s team. I knew something was wrong when he was struggling through the practices but I thought it was something to do with his teeth. Basically it really sucked because he fought so hard to get into the house.


2. What did you and your team think of his replacement, Seth Baczynski?

Kris McCray – Seth was cool and everybody liked him, so he fit right in and he was a good guy that was always honest and straight to the point. He also trained really hard and I loved that about him.


3. Did you take advantage of any of the late night in house massages?

Kris McCray – I would have to say…. NO! We had a chiropractor come twice a week and that was enough for me. That late night stuff, I guess its cool but it didn’t sit right with me. It was too late, and even though they were cool guys, they were obviously move comfortable with each other than I was.


4. What did you think of the problems between Nick Ring and Jamie Yager?

Kris McCray – You know, there was a lot of different guys in the house with different styles and different training techniques as far as sparring goes. Our team really didn’t pick up on those differences very well at the beginning and sometimes those things happened but they squashed it and Tito was right there to make sure things didn’t escalate and he nipped in the bud at the end of practice. Those kind of clashes happen when you don’t know the guy you are training with and sometimes ego comes in and you feel like you need to gain the upper hand. I am sure it was something along those lines.


5. So through the first three episodes what was your Team unity like?

Kris McCray – Oh it sucked pretty much, Camozzi was gone and we got a new guy in there, Yager was beefing with McKinney and McKinney had a shoulder injury but also a mouth, so him and Yager were constantly going at eachother. To be honest the problems with Ring and Yager were nothing, McKinney and Yager really didn’t like eachother so they were constantly at eachother’s throats. They were always talking back and forth in the van and so yeah I would say the team unity wasn’t there at the beginning.


6. How has your military background influenced the way you train and fight?

Kris McCray – In the military you get new sergeants and commanders and everybody has a different way of doing things and they want their way of training to stand out and make a difference so I knew that Tito was going to come in there and push us hard and show us that this is a profession and a business. I just tried to soak it all in and remember that some things just happen and you have just roll with it. You may be hurt, you may be banged up but you just can’t quit no matter what the situation is and you always have people at home or at your school that are depending on you and that have your back. So you don’t want to disappoint them and I wasn’t scared but you have to get broke down by whoever is running stuff and they will build you back up to be a stronger person.


7. In the past seasons of the Ultimate Fighter there were problems with Staph infections; did you guys have to deal with any of that in the TUF house?

Kris McCray – No, we were really good at keeping clean and they must have done a better job of keeping the mats clean at the gym.


8. What did you think of the Brad Tavares vs. James Hammortree fight and the decision?

Kris McCray – I thought it was a close fight that could have gone either way. Neither Hammortree or Tavares did much to stand out in the third round and I wish James would have done more in that final round to impose his will so that it didn’t end in a coin toss. At the end of the fight though it was in the Judge’s hands and I didn’t have a clue how they would they score it. Hammortree seemed to control things but Tavares was holding his arm against the cage and was trying to get the kimura so I don’t know what the Judges saw but it was a good fight and it could have gone either way.


9. Down 2-0 to Team Liddell; what was your team’s mindset after that fight?

Kris McCray – We were a little bummed because it was a close fight but I wasn’t really upset because Hammortree left everything he had inside the cage. He did the best he could and I was proud of him for that and I knew that this season had a wildcard and so anything could happen. When he lost I wa   ©s thinking that he would be a good candidate for that but you’ll just have to watch and see what happens.



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