Kris McCray – The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 Q&A Episode 4

Kris McCray – The Ultimate Fighter Season 11 Q&A Episode 4

By Dave Carpinello




The Ultimate Fighter Season 11‘s Kris McCray (Team Ortiz) will be doing a Weekly Q&A for the Readers of PDG. Kris will give his answers to your questions weekly beginning on April 12th. Kris is the son of a military father and he was raised in Germany, where he excelled on the soccer field and garnered All-Europe honors in high school. In 1999, McCray moved permanently to the United States, where he has served parts of 8 years (6 active, 2 inactive) as a member of the US Army Reserve, while also finding time to earn his Associates Degree in Social Studies from Northern Virginia Community College. Make sure to catch this week’s all new episode on Spike TV on Wednesday Night!



Questions Regarding Episode 4 (April 21, 2010):



1. What were your thoughts about Team Yager?

Kris McCray – I think that he gets a bad rap. Yager is 2-1 in his MMA career and everyone kept reminding him that he was inexperienced and that he didn’t have anything to show the rest of the team. So he started doing everything on his own, which I don’t recommend either. He followed the pack in practices but he wanted to do his own thing as far as his mouth was concerned but in practices we all towed the line and Tito made sure that the practices were tight and it wasn’t till after practice that Yager got in the cage and was saying “Yager moves on to the next round”, I thought it was funny to be honest. Kyacey Uscola really had a problem with it but Nick Ring really didn’t give a shit other than the team aspect but at the end of the day only one person can win the Ultimate Fighter. Yager was definitely a bit of an asshole at the beginning and he was cocky, we had our differences and there were guys like that in the military that were young, strong and athletic. They wanted to be noticed and known but when you pull them to side and talk to them one-on-one they are usually cool guys.


2. Your team lost again in the first fight when Rich Attonito beat Kyacey Uscola; what did you think of the fight?

Kris McCray – When I was there watching live I thought Uscola kneed him in the face but after watching the episode last week I don’t think that knee hit Rich in the head. The first knee hit him in the shoulder/chest area but the second one sure looked like it missed. If anything it may have just grazed him but maybe I am wrong, Rich is the only one that knows for sure and it just sucked that we lost another fight and the way we lost it sucked. It was actually turning into a good fight after it began pretty much one-sided, Uscola had a real nice kimura and he threw Rich over and started going to work. I really wanted to see how that fight was going to end-up before the stoppage.


3. Stolen property – Was Yager a thief?

Kris McCray – We were downstairs chillin’ and I told Kyacey not to leave his sweatshirt downstairs because someone would take it and his response was “No one is going to be taking my shit”. So    ¢I ended up taking it and throwing it in our closet and he went in there and found it. He was yelling at Yager and Yager told him that it was on my side of the closet and Uscola asked if I took it and I said yes but he didn’t care because he didn’t like Yager and the feeling was mutual. I could have probably burned down Uscola’s whole closet and he would have still been pissed at Yager. They both knew I took it but they just didn’t like eachother so I wasn’t even an issue. Their exchanges were funny including the Pow-Pow and the Clown Box though.


4. Yager got your team its first win with a TKO over Charles Blanchard; how did it feel to get off the snide and what was the team’s reaction?

Kris McCray – It was cool, especially because Yager was getting such a bad rap and everything. He came out and had a really good performance and he was able to defend the takedowns which everyone thought would be a problem. I probably rolled with Yager more at practice than anyone and I knew he had decent wrestling and that he was athletic. He was like a cat; if you don’t put him down and hold him down he was going to get back up. I knew that Charlie was thinking that he would just take down Yager and wear him out with knees and punches and maybe catch him in something when Yager tried to escape. Once Charlie couldn’t get the takedown that was pretty much the match for him.


After the win, the energy in van on the way back to house was great and everybody was like finally…. we are going to run the table on the rest of the fights. It was a good feeling and everybody was clicking and the mood at the practices improved. The team was getting better and for once, nobody was arguing.


5. They haven’t really shown much of the weigh-ins. Did anyone have trouble making weight for the first four fights?

Kris McCray – No, almost every fighter there had been around the block before and had multiple fights before coming on the show. So everyone was disciplined and there were no weight problems.


6. In the previews leading up to last week’s episode, they kept talking about a riot happening but other than Tito beating up a door there really wasn’t much else. Did more stuff happen that didn’t make it to TV?

Kris McCray – I won’t say much but maybe they were just leading up to something that happens later. I don’t know, I guess you’ll just have to watch the upcoming episodes. I think that that was just the beginning of more to come with hiccups happening during the fights. There was definitely some words exchanged between the coaches about the refs and the judging and then Tito broke the damn door down. They should have put that door falling down in slow motion…. like wwwoooooaaaahhhh! That would have been cool, Tito didn’t even care and he just kept walking.


7. Was  there anything that happened that wasn’t on last week’s episode?

Kris McCray – There was a lot of crazy stuff we did in the pool, as far flips and jumps and stuff that they haven’t shown. Other than that they have shown pretty much everything.




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