MMA Access: Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones Makes More Sense Than Jones vs Gustafsson 2

Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones Makes More Sense Than Jones vs Gustafsson 2
By Christopher Jester

With Gustafsson out against Jon Jones at UFC 178 and Daniel Cormier in, the fans are getting a fight that is potentially better stylistically than the original bout. Gustafsson was going to be a tough outing once again for Jon Jones, that is for sure, but Cormier offers a different sort of fight that Jon Jones may never have faced before in his still young career. Cormier may very well be the foil to Jones more so than The Mauler was and is.

The 36-year-old former Olympian is undefeated (15-0) gets his opportunity to challenge for a UFC title for the first time. Coming off a monstrous finish over Dan Henderson, Cormier is more ready to challenge for a title than he ever has been. The former Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament Champion has long been a contender for the heavyweight title but became more so a threat to titles when he dropped to 205lb and crushed Pat Cummins. His demolishment of Henderson only exacerbated the fans calling for his shot at Jon Jones.

In a lot of ways, Cormier is still the undisputed Strikeforce champion and brings into this fight a champion versus champion vibe; one that you would not have gotten from Gustafsson. While the Swede was the first to push Jones to the brink, Cormier will not be a slouch against the current UFC light-heavyweight champion either. The way Cormier has picked apart his opponents is something to marvel at. Gustafsson steamrolled Jimi Manuwa on his way back to a second fight against Jones. Although, Cormier has only fought twice at 205lbs, he has been impressive and just as devastating as any other light-heavyweight though he is a natural heavyweight.
There is no argument, this is a better bout. Yes, feelings are most likely mixed but Cormier has the tools to make this a long night for Jones. His wrestling is superb and probably second to none in that division. He has shown the potential to have knockout power and has an underrated submission game. The fight will likely come down to who can establish the takedown and keep the fight there. Where both fighters are similar is that they waste little time in taking up defensive positions on the ground. They look to pound their opponent into oblivion.

With nine weeks till the fight and a pre-existing knee injury, Cormier has his odds against him. He is still fighting a man who is technically unblemished in his record and one of the best fighters in the world. Lingering injuries like this often rear their ugly heads in big fights like this. Yet, Cormier seems calm as he heads into the biggest fight of his life.

This fight has all the potential in the world to be the best fight of the year. Cormier is a fighter who brings his absolute best every time he gets into the Octagon. Jon Jones is the champion for a reason and Cormier is the best challenger to test him. This fight can easily sell itself and Cormier is the man to push Jones to the limit.

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