MMA Access: Forget Gina Carano – Holly Holm is the Big Deal

Forget Gina Carano – Holly Holm is the Big Deal
By Christopher Jester

We often like to ignore some of the names that are not so big and only focus on those that have some prominence in the rankings. When we do that we often overlook prospects that have the potential to be great threats within their division. Such is what is going on right now with the UFC’s women’s bantamweight division. The UFC wants Gina Carano, but the most dangerous woman fighter outside of the UFC right now is Holly Holm. Doubt it? Check out the Holly Holm video below and Google her. We’ll wait for you to come back impressed.

Don’t get me confused. Gina Carano is a fighter most would like to see give MMA another chance. The hardest part to swallow is that the UFC still considers her as large of a name as she was when she lost her title to Cris “Cyborg” Santos. The UFC has tried their hardest to draw her back into the MMA fold; potentially as an immediate challenger to their Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey. This writer has been opposed to the idea since it was first hinted at, and has stuck to the fact that Holly Holm is much more deserving.

Holly Holm may not have the immediate MMA credentials, but she is just as well-known if you include Holm’s boxing career. This 18-time boxing champion is the current Legacy FC Women’s Bantamweight champion and is much more the apparent contender to Rousey’s title than Gina Carano is. The fact that negotiations are stalling and or slow with the UFC is perhaps indications that the upper-brass is considering the same thing.

Now with negotiations back on the table, Holly Holm could soon be in the UFC. It is a much better option for the contenders within the women’s 135 pound division. Carano has the name but Holm is the real star here and will be once she makes her UFC debut. According to Dana White, the ideal situation would be to sign both women fighters. But it is Carano whose star power is waning as Holm is on the rise after each new fight. Soon she will be the hottest women’s prospect in mixed martial arts.


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