MMA Access: Invicta FC Nearly Drops the Ball with First Pay-Per-View

MMA Access: Invicta FC Nearly Drops the Ball with First Pay-Per-View

By Christopher ‘sLapDatSuCKa’ Jester





When it was announced late last year that the rising all-women mixed martial arts organization Invicta FC was moving into the pay-per-view realm it was met with some furrowed brows. Many questioned whether it was the right time for the fledgling organization to move into using the pay-per-view format. Its previous three events were given to fans for free online, and there was a success from this format due to the price listed as free and because the women on its roster had put on some incredible fights. However, while enlisting the use of an online pay-per-view service, Invicta FC nearly dropped the ball and erased their recent success this last Saturday.


At a low price of $7.95, it wasn’t like the pay-per-view was going to break many people’s wallets. For that reason, Invicta FC did a superb job at offering a pay-per-view rate that was affordable to even kids with measly allowances. Where the problem surfaced was that users were not able to purchase the event. Even for those who did make the purchase, there was a steady issue throughout the night where Ustream could not buffer or load the live stream. Taking the step to become a legitimate and authentic organization, this is not the type of issue that Invicta FC needed to face on their first outing with online pay-per-views.



The event limped out into the pay-per-view foray and ultimately the question is, did it succeed or fail? Initially, it leans easily towards failing. The purpose of doing such a format is to gain some form of revenue. Coming out on the promise that this is a step into the right direction, Shannon Knapp and Invicta FC made a move that would shove them into a realm where they can be taken seriously. The failure of the purchasing and trusting of the Ustream streaming service spelled disaster for Invicta’s first PPV event. However, credit must be given to Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp who read the issues and concerns on social media and decided to take down the paywall and offer the event for free.


All eyes have been on the surging all-women organization, and the one thing that it continuously brings is a fun and exciting event. These women can fight and the product that Invicta FC delivers hardly fails. Besides this stuttering step, Invicta FC should still come out of this issue with their heads held high. The fans got to see great fights and it only helps that it was free. It honestly did not matter though, as many fans on social media thanked Shannon Knapp and even offered for Invicta FC to keep their money.



So because of that it is obvious that the fans want to see Invicta FC succeed. Shannon Knapp is extremely personable and fans love her encouragement towards the promotion of women’s mixed martial arts. Where the responsibility lies in Invicta’s hands is that they have to remain consistent with their events. In order to keep fans and to help the rise of women’s MMA, Invicta FC has to limit such issues as those that they faced last weekend. The most obvious step is to find another service besides Ustream whose streaming services either ruined the possibility of having a pay-per-view or stopped fans from seeing the event altogether due to buffering issues.


Although Invicta FC could have suffered tremendously from this weekend’s near disaster, Shannon Knapp saved the event by offering Invicta FC 4 for free live and on In-Demand on the Invicta FC website. Responding that quickly to all the issues is what a President should do, and she showed that she has the ability to make Invicta FC go far in this business. Where Invicta FC will succeed is in the loyalty the organization and its fans share.


For those that missed the event, the entire main card is available below:




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