MMA Access: Ronda Rousey is Improving and it is SCARY

Ronda Rousey is Improving and it is SCARY
By Christopher Jester

Ronda Rousey continues to show why she is the top women’s fighter in the world. Not only is she considered the best women’s fighter, she now has to be at least be considered one of the best fighter’s in the world period. Rousey’s coach Edmond Tarverdyan believes she belongs in the top 3 of the pound-for-pound rankings. Perhaps this is true, and she has proven many times why. Just recently she only needed 16 seconds to show she is absolutely terrifying.

It is the way that she has dispatched her opponents that makes Rousey such a thrill to watch. Whether you like her in-cage or out of cage persona, Rousey is a polarizing figure that is launching into stardom because of how dangerous she is when it comes to fight night. Prior to her fight with Alexis Davis there was little trash talk and media fanfare as compared to her previous bouts, but she was still the talk of the town after the UFC 175 pay-per-view ended.

Outside of Cat Zingano, the recently signed Holly Holm, the ever elusive Cyborg Santos (who Dana White has little interest in), and a few up-and-coming prospects in the UFC Women’s Bantamweight division – Rousey is dismantling all would be opponents. The options are few. The horrifying part for anyone who wants to fight opposite of her is that Rousey is getting better. It would have been more prudent to fight her post the first Miesha Tate fight, where she was still green and had no striking skills to admire. Knees in the clinch and right hands that are actually significant enough to spell the end of the match? That would have never sounded like something from a Ronda Rousey match before now. Yet, here we are and the MMA world is watching just how better this woman can get.

What makes Rousey’s story so powerful is that we have watched her MMA career blossom into the UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion. From trash-talker in Strikeforce to champion who could easily dominate for the next few years. As fans we rarely get to watch someone grow before our eyes. That evolution is part of her charm and what makes it so impressive when you see her finish an opponent by a knee to the body or when you see her land a hand that sets up the ground ‘n pound finish. So, our surprise is what sells Rousey and makes her the imposing figure that she is today.

In actuality, Rousey’s MMA career is just starting. Her reign as champion is just getting hot. She has some worthy challengers ahead of her but the way she continues to make large leaps in improvement is a daunting thought. How much better can she get? The thought should scare any woman who steps into the cage with her. And as that fear continues to grow in their minds, the more Rousey will be able to dispatch them with ease. The legacy of UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion is just beginning.

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