MMA Access: Rousey vs Cyborg – Breaking Down the Walls

Ronda Rousey vs Cris Cyborg Santos – Breaking Down the Walls

By Christopher Jester




Excuse after excuse, and the fight that fight fans want to see is slowly becoming a dream match-up only possible in a video game. That fight happens to be none other than Ronda Rousey versus Cris Cyborg. Dana White and Ronda Rousey can talk as much as they want about Cyborg’s questionable physique and past drug use but the more Rousey continues to destroy her opponents, the less excuses they have as to why they will not make the match-up that makes the most sense.


Once upon a time, Dana White had Tito Ortiz as his scapegoat to the reason why that fight would never come to fruition. One reason was because of Ortiz’s role as Cyborg’s manager. Well, that is no longer an issue because Ortiz is no longer her manager. The other excuse was because Ortiz once stated that Cyborg would “die” if she dropped to 135lb. Well, that is no longer an issue because Cyborg has proclaimed that her next campaign is dropping to 135lb. What excuses are still left?


The walls that have been blocking this fight have all fallen down. The excuses are limited, and yet we are still wondering if this fight will ever take place. Forget the fact that Rousey is in the UFC and Cyborg fights for Invicta FC. That is not nearly as much as a problem as it could be. The concern is that Rousey is sitting at the top of the heap in the UFC with very few challengers who look like they will stand a chance. She just finished Sara McMann who everyone thought was her toughest challenge stylistically. Who is left waiting in the wings? Cat Zingano and Alexis Davis. Zingano barely got past Miesha Tate and the tough Alexis Davis could be the only challenge who may be able to survive one round against Rousey.




Rousey is running out options about as quickly as she is submitting her opponents by armbar (last fight not included). The logical fight is Rousey vs. Cyborg. Why? Because no one outside of a drug test has defeated Cyborg in MMA since 2005. The former Strikeforce featherweight champion and current Invicta FC 145-pound champion, her accomplishments speak for themselves. Outside of Rousey, she is the most dangerous female fighter in mixed martial arts.


Yet, the waiting game is still in effect. But when will the UFC bite? Well, Dana White said that once Cyborg fights a couple of times at 135lb, then he will consider the fight. However, the timeline for how long the UFC will have Rousey is becoming skeptical. Her future in Hollywood is picking up steam and her time in the UFC could be limited. Why not make this fight when it at is at its most desired?


That is sort of the problem. When it seems like it makes the most sense, it just does not happen. There will be some excuse along the way, something that will discourage this fight from ever taking place. It just seems like when Rousey is at the top and Cyborg is nipping at her heels, the fight is only to be smacked down by Dana White. This current class of bantamweights just will not challenge Rousey the way Cyborg could and that is why this fight is so important. With very little barriers blocking the way, Rousey versus Cyborg is at its peak of interest and the UFC should capitalize on it now. They are both competitive, and at the top of their games. To avoid this match-up is insane, and possibly a big pay-per-view wasting away into nothingness.



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