MMA Access: The UFC Needs Nick Diaz but Not an Immediate Title Shot

The UFC Needs Nick Diaz but Not an Immediate Title Shot

By Christopher Jester




Nick Diaz wants back in. Yep, that is right – after going into semi-retirement some time ago, Nick Diaz is ready to jump back into the Octagon. Unsurprisingly it is at a time where the welterweight division is wide open with a newly crowned champion in Johny Hendricks. However, the problem is Diaz wants an immediate title shot.


Does Diaz deserve a title shot after going 0-2 in the UFC? No, not even close. Diaz is a diamond in the rough. He is a commodity that the UFC has to find a way to utilize. While Diaz has tested the welterweight waters, he has come up short in his two outings against Carlos Condit and an undeserving title fight against former champion Georges St-Pierre.


He is a fan favorite, and a fighter that can make any bout entertaining. Whether through his taunting or his approach to fighting in general, Diaz is just one of those guys you want to see win or you want to see lose. He is about as close to a mercenary that you can find in the UFC. He is neither hero nor villain. This plays perfectly into the scheme of blue chippers working their way up the ranks at 170.


Point made when Diaz told Sportsnet, “…you (Hendricks) got your ass whooped all four rounds. I seen it. I seen your little amateur style. I’m ready to fight.”


In typical Nick fashion, he is attempting to talk his way into a fight by riling up his opponent. Could it work? Possibly, but Hendricks does not seem like the type of guy with thin skin. He will receive a large amount of trash-talk now that he is the face of the UFC’s welterweight division. But he better believe that Diaz will lead the charge.


Without a victory since 2011, it is difficult for Diaz to get a title shot without him winning some fights and earning it. With that said, he also was awarded a title shot at UFC 158 without earning that one either. Although the bevvy of contenders at welterweight does not interest him, there are quite a few worthy challengers. He has to go through a few contenders to get back to title contention. It is only fair.


But MMA is not fair. Being Nick Diaz does have its perks. The mountainous support he would receive in his campaign back to title contention would skyrocket him to the top. All he has to do is make an appearance back in the Octagon and those fan-crazed supporters would make sure the UFC knows how they feel. Without any victories in the UFC, Diaz will be hard-pressed to get that title opportunity that he so covets.



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