MMA Access: TUF Brasil 3 – This Strange and Weird World of MMA

TUF Brasil 3 – This Strange and Weird World of MMA

By Christopher Jester




As great as it sounds to finally hear that Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva will settle their differences in the Octagon, there are quite a few things about the two coaching a season of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil that just seems a bit… well baffling. Well to be fair, it is more so weird because of one man. The name Chael Sonnen and Brazil just do not go together unless Sonnen is bashing it on some sort of social tirade, or unleashing some near racial-filled vitriol that is both comical and insulting. Viewing him as a coach of Brazilians… in Brazil? It is lunacy.


After all of the great but infamous sayings that we have received from Sonnen over the years about Brazilians, it is either insane or brilliant that the UFC picked Sonnen to coach opposite of Wanderlei Silva in Brazil. Scary enough is that Sonnen will be in the country at all but also share a gym with Brazilians who felt like Sonnen has insulted them entirely too much. It goes without saying that Sonnen will need extra security the entire time he is in Brazil.


Imagine security outside of Sonnen’s hotel room door, standing in the hall waiting to intercept a phantom threat that is surely to come. Someone approaches the door, uninvited and unannounced. Security tackles and apprehends the danger. It is just a pizza boy delivering pizza. No problems there right? Nope. But Someone has got to taste the pizza. Just to be sure it is not poisoned. Hell, you never know. Chael may have to prepare his own meals while in Brazil. All kidding aside, security is going to have to be with Sonnen as if he is the President of the United States.


Ironically, both fighters have attempted to find ways to minimize this problem a bit. Wanderlei Silva opted to ask the UFC and Dana White to turn TUF: Brasil 3 into a USA vs. Brazil season. Not a bad plan at all. After all, that keeps Sonnen away from Brazilians as much as possible but also because the buildup is there.


Both fighters are huge stars in their respective countries. Sonnen could draw big numbers from the American crowd tuning in, and Wanderlei Silva could do the same for the Brazilian crowd. Given their history and the history of Sonnen’s words against Brazilians, this is the ideal season to get respectable ratings. However, the most obvious reason why USA vs. Brazil is the better idea is to keep Chael Sonnen safe.


Think about it. Chael Sonnen training a group of Brazilian fighters? It seems like throwing gasoline on an already burning fire. The situation will be tough as it is; don’t make it worse by also having the guy who belittled your country train you as well. It would be offensive to most. As if thinking the same thing, Chael Sonnen told Whoa! TV in an interview that he would consider reaching out to Anderson Silva and “see if he wants to be on the coaching staff with me”.


And before you call it blasphemy, it is not as far-fetched as it sounds. The likelihood of it happening? Very little, but it is a good idea. In fact, it may be the only way an up-and-coming Brazilian fighter may turn the other cheek about having Chael Sonnen as a head coach. If Anderson Silva is there as an assistant coach, it may at least cool the amount of hate Sonnen will receive.


With no date set to begin filming this season, it is unlikely we will hear more about this season until the end of this year. Sonnen has his fight against Rashad Evans at UFC 167, so this will occupy his time briefly. Regardless of the timeline, we now know it is set that these two fighters will finally throwdown in the cage. One fighter is doing it for the respect and pride for his country. The other is fighting because he never turns down a challenge. It may be strange but Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva will finally do battle as opposite coaches and as fighters.




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