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 Lollipop Chainsaw: FAQ/Walkthrough 
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Lollipop Chainsaw
Written by Dalton "Horror Spooky" Cooper

1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Juliet is a cheerleader. She's one of the hottest and most popular girls in
school. She worries about the size of her butt and eats almost nothing but
lollipops while daydreaming about her boyfriend Nick. But she also hunts the
undead with a chainsaw. It's her birthday, and the abnormalities just get
bigger from there!

LT - Aim
LB - Target
Left stick - Movement/Nick Ticket
D-pad - Lollipop
Back - How to Cook Zombie
RT - Star Soul power
RB - N/A
Y - Chainsaw
X - Pom Poms
B - Jump/Dodge
A - Low Chainsaw
Right stick - Camera
Start - Pause

2. Walkthrough
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Prologue: All-American High School Girl

Watch Juliet chop through a few zombies during the opening scenes, and then
when you have control of her, rush forward to the front gates of the school.
Press Y, and then pull down on the left analog stick. Then tap X when prompted
to kick down the gates. Unfortunately, this will also trigger an explosion in
which a group of innocent teenagers on a bus are blown up. Whoops.

Next start slicing through the zombies. Use this time to get acquainted to the
game's combat system. Use X, Y, and A to attack, and B to jump around and
dodge the attacks. Kill all the zombies, and then move into the parking lot.
Walk around the school bus, and a car will explode, killing the people standing
by it in the process.

As you move down the parking lot, an SOS symbol will appear behind a car! Run
over there to find a kid being eaten by zombies. A zombie counter will pop up
on the screen. Kill six zombies as asked by the game, and then the kid will
be rescued via helicopter. A bus will come charging into the area, but Juliet
will dodge it with her skillfull flippydos.

Run onto the bus. Run down the aisle and pick up the large floating lollipop.
Then approach the back door of the bus. Press Y to dig the chainsaw into the
door, and then hold down the left analog stick until the meter is drained. You
won't have to press X this time because Juliet automatically spin kicks the
back door off of its hinges, allowing you hop out the back.

Another bus comes zooming into the area and crashes into a wall. "Dude, your
license should be revoked!" Take notice of the trashcans and the pop machines
lining the walls. They can be destroyed for gold coins that you can use to
purchase stuff later. Break them and then move toward the crashed bus.

As you near the bus, crawling zombies will emerge from under the red shutters.
Press A to swing the chainsaw low to the ground, which should take care of the
zombies rather easily. You have to kill five of the crawlers in order to
proceed. Approach the front end of the bus and press B when an arrow appears
above it, which will happen after the five crawlers have been killed.

On the other side of the bus, wouldn't you know it, there's another classmate
that needs to be saved! This one is hiding in a van as zombies claw at the
sides of it. The game decides to teach you the dodge ability at this point,
which is accomplished by pressing B. An easy way to deal damage to zombies is
to mash on B, then hit Y as soon as Juliet hits the ground. Keep hacking and
slashing your way through the zombies until the student is saved!

With that person saved, get onto the next bus, as designated by the giant
orange arrow. A zombie is controlling this bus, however, and instead of getting
anywhere, it crashes! Juliet is okay though, because cheerleaders, as you all
know, are immune to bus crashes. On the outside of the bus, there is a student
that has climbed up a flagpole to get away from zombies that are crawling at
his feet.

Slash through these zombies until the student comes down from the flagpole.
But you're not out of the woods yet. This guy will slowly walk toward the
nearby gate, and you have to defend him from the zombie hordes. Kill more
zombies until they're all dead, and then approach the gate. Press Y, pull down
on the left stick, and then hit X.

A police officer will be rushing kids into the school. The dude that you're
helping out will continue dragging his feet. Your Star Soul meter will be
full now, and it's a good thing too, because you have to protect the survivor
while also dealing with a whopping 25 zombies at once. Pull the right trigger
to activate Star Soul, which basically means you can slash your way through
the zombies with a lot of one hit kills, so focus on using the chainsaw
instead of the pom poms.

A survivor in a white van will then come speeding into the area. Press B to
quickly dodge the van, and watch as it explodes into a bus that was blocking
the path, opening the way for you and the survivor you've been protecting. More
zombies will now attack, and one will grab Juliet from behind. Whenever this
happens, press B to quickly shake them off. Continue killing all the zombies,
and then they're all dead, the survivor will be rescued!

But not quite. A zombie gets in the helicopter as well, and as they fly away,
the helicopter crashes and blows up. Juliet then receives a phone call from
her mother, which she takes the time to answer, and then you can visit a Chop
Shop that is represented by the bleeding chick and the balloons and what-not
in the corner of the area. It's really impossible to miss. Approach this and
buy whatever upgrades you want, whether that be health bonuses or new fighting
skills, or if you want to replenish your supply of lollipops.

By the way, to use lollipops, push right on the d-pad. Then you have to press A
to confirm the use of the lollipop. They will replenish your health. Open the
double doors when you're done at the shop by mashing on the X button. Then walk
down the way, and press B to jump up on the crate. Hang a right and grab all
the gold medals, and you will also be able to pick up a collectible at the
end of the gold. When you're done, jump off the crates on the other side by
approaching the edge and tapping B.

More zombies will show up. Slice through them and when they're dead, go the
way they came from. You will have to press B to hop back up onto a higher
level, and there will be large pipes in your way. Press Y and then pull down
on the left analog stick until the meter is depleted to destroy the pipes.
Then continue into the street.

26 zombies will be your opposition at this point. Use the skills you've learned
to make quick work of them. When they're all dead, run forward to the barricade
and press B to slide under it. On the other side, you will find the crashed
helicopter, as well as a few zombies, including the survivor George that you
had to protect.

George is a bit stronger than the normal zombie. The stronger zombies are
marked by the fact that they have health meters above their heads. Focus on
taking out the smaller zombies first, and then fight George. Use a lot of
dodging and jumping to take him out in the most effective manner. If you need
health, there is a lollipop on the sidewalk.

With George defeated, a couple of other zombies in hazmat suits that glow blue
show up. One of them is carrying a large red canister, and his name is Jerry.
Jerry is obviously the strongest, but his two lackies also have health bars,
making them quite irritating as well. When they're both dead, focus on Jerry.
Alone, Jerry is pretty easy to kill because if you just button mash B, attack,
rinse, and repeat, he has absolutely no chance in hitting you since the
canister he has is so heavy.

Approach the gates and press X to kick them open. Run down the aisle to the
bench where Nick was attacked by zombies in the opening scenes.

Stage 1: What Happened at San Romero High?

Following the amusing scene, kill all the zombies! You can also break through
the desks and other furniture in the classroom to admire the game's impressive
destructibility. When you're done, head out into the hallway. You can destroy
the lockers and trashcans and benches for gold medals. Collect as much as you
can and then go into the next room as designated by the big orange arrow, after
an explosion blocks your path.

This room will be filled with zombies, of course, as well as a teacher zombie
that will watch the action unfold. Kill all the zombies in the room and the
teacher will escape through the window. Exit this room through the door near
the teacher's desk, and you will see some graffiti promoting a zombie bomb
squad or something to that effect. Turn and head down the hallway to find a
bunch of classmates being terrorized by the undead.

Many them you can't save, but there is one kid that runs out of the room that
you might be able to save. Slice your way to him, and if you manage to save his
life, great, but there is a good chance that he will die before you reach him
due to the amount of zombies in the hall and how far away he is. If he does
die, then he will turn into a super zombie with a health meter above his head.
This is your punishment for failing to save survivors.

Kill all the zombies in the hallway and then loot the area by destroying it.
Now you will have a choice of two different rooms to enter. The room that is
farthest down the hall will have a lone survivor inside and only a couple of
zombies to kill in order to save him. I suggest going in there first. The other
room, closest to you (assuming you fought your way down the hallway to try to
save that kid), will have the teacher from earlier, Fitzgibbon, burst through
the window and attack as soon as you enter.

Kill all the zombies around Fitzgibbon first, and then focuse on him. The dude
is wielding a desk as a weapon, so you know that he means business. Dodge
around him. The best time to attack is when he raises the desk in the air and
his body turns blue. Then he leaves himself wide open to slices from the
chainsaw. Eventually, after enough damage has been done to him, the desk will
break, leaving him a weaponless zombie and even more susceptible to attacks,
though he will become faster and more aggressive. Use lollipops to heal if you
need to and finish him off.

A zombie with bombs strapped to his waist will then stumble into the hallway
and blow up, leaving a sizable hole with which you can use to progress. Head
out there and press B at the hole to hop through. When you land, you will see
the two cops from earlier fighting zombies. They won't be so lucky this time,
as they are pounced on by a couple of zombies. Sprint to their rescue, but as
you get closer, a bush will crash through the side of the school.

Turn around and then run to the debris at the end of the hall. Use the chainsaw
to slice through the debris. On the other side will be a headless zombie that
is glowing blue. Approach it and press A to place Nick's head on it. Then press
the buttons as they flash on the screen. When done correctly, Nick will carry
an explosive canister to the rubble blocking the next door and then explode it.

With the rubble out of the way, you are free to proceed into the next hallway.
Juliet will notice a Nick ticket right in front of the next Chop Shop. Grab
the ticket, destroy the lockers all around to gather more medals, and then use
the Chop Shop. There will be even more categories of items to buy from now, so
check out all the offerings.

Walk back out into the hallway and make your way toward the zombies in the
distance. A survivor will be at the end of the hallway, so hurry down there if
you want to save them. The game tries to make you use a Nick Ticket to see how
it works, but if you do that, you're probably going to be too slow to save the
survivor. But I will tell you what the Nick Ticket does. When you have a Nick
Ticket, click on the left analog stick. Then you have to press A as a roulette
wheel spins across the top of the screen. If it lands on Nick's head, you will
get to do a special attack. In this case, Juliet swings Nick's head around like
a mace. It's a good way to thin out a crowd and get easy kills.

When the first batch of zombies dead, more will come out from under the
shutter, including a crawler. Kill all of these zombies and loot the hallway.
Another zombie will lift the shutter up, but he'll then be shot in the head by
a cop. Unfortunately, it's a zombie cop, with a gun. This zombie cop is named
Ryu, so that means he is packing a health meter as well, making him a
particularly dangerous foe.

Rush over and fight Ryu. Treat him like any other super zombie, except he can
sometimes block your chainsaw, which will result in a power struggle that you
can win by mashing on the Y button. With Ryu dead, go to the green shutter at
the end of the hall and press Y against it. Then point the left analog stick to
the left. Then pull it in a slight angle going down and to the right. Then tilt
it to the left. Essentially, just follow the onscreen instructions. Hit X when
you're done.

A survivor will come running out and he'll sprint to the end of the hallway. A
zombie with TNT wrapped around its waist will tackle him and explode, but then
be replaced by two more explosive zombies. Run over to them and hit them each
once, then run away as they will run after you, with the bombs activated around
their waists. Get far away from them until they explode. Check the small room
behind the green shutter for monies as well as a lollipop.

The exploding zombies will have inadvertently created a new path for Juliet.
Go there, but suddenly, a bus will start speeding its way down the hall! Go
over to the brick pillar as instructed and then press Y against it. Slice it
down with the left analog stick to create an obstacle that forces the bus to
crash and come to a halt.

Approach the rubble and press B to climb up it and get on the other side of the
bus. A survivor will be clinging for her life out of a window as zombies claw
at her ankles. Rush over there, but be careful, as Bomber Zombies will burst
out of the lockers. You can attack one of them, and then watch as they blow up
all the other zombies for you. No matter what the desired method, wipe out all
of the zombies to save the survivor and reap the rewards.

A series of explosions will cause the upper level walls to be destroyed. Run
back to the bus and then press B to hop on top of the bus, and then you will be
able to access the upper level. A couple of jerks will open the shutter, but
they don't wait for you and instead flee. That's fine. Go through the next door
to find three survivors with TNT strapped to their waists. Outside this room,
a Bomber Zombie and a Fire Zombie attack each other, and the result is another
large explosion which makes a pole fall from the ceiling and land perfectly
erect (YES!) in the center of the room.

Approach the pole and press Y. Then keep mashing Y to slice and dice the Fire
Zombies as they try to enter. This pole attack is very useful, but it only
works for a limited time. If there are any zombies left when you're done, be
sure to get rid of them quickly before they can get to the survivors. With the
survivors saved, collect your reward, exit this room, and head to the green

Slice your way through the shutter and kick the path open. Run down the hall
and you will see one of the jerks that abandoned you gets blown to pieces. In
another room, another survivor is being pursued by more zombies. Go save him if
you wish, but be careful. There are Bomber Zombies that are after him, and if
they get too close, the explosion will kill him.

Save him or kill him, no matter what you decide, the next step is to chainsaw
through the shutter. Before you can move very far in the next room, a giant
explosion will destroy the floor, showing multiple zombies on the level below.
Approach the edge and press B to start another mini-game. Similar to the Nick
mini-game earlier, you just have to press the buttons as they flash on the
screen before their meters fill. Do this and you will get a bonus as well as
kill all the zombies in the area without having too much of a headache. The
zombies that are farther back after this segment is over will drop gold medals
as well, so you better run back there and collect them.

Continue through the hallways. There's no opposition from zombies, but you can
destroy various objects in the halls in order to obtain more currency. At the
end of all this, you will find a wooden door that you need to chainsaw through
with a diagonal slice in order to enter.

This next room is like a trophy room and leads right to the gym. Destroy
objects in here. When you near the gym doors, you will get a chance to read the
basketball challenge that is written on the door in blood. Interesting, but
don't go through the doors yet. Around the trophy case at the very end of the
room is a lollipop that you can collect. Once you're satisfied, approach the
gym doors and go through.

Zombie basketball is actually a pretty simple game. All you have to do is focus
on decapitating the zombies and their heads will automatically fly to the
hoop at the end of the court. Mash on the Y button to continuously decapitate
the zombies. If you are far enough back, you can score three-pointers as well.
A guard will show up eventually in the middle of the court, so you will have to
kill him or else he will keep blocking your shots. There will also be
cheerleader zombies that show up as well. They are harder to kill. You have
three minutes though, and that's plenty of time to surpass the 100 points that
the zombies have allocated.

Doors will magically open up after zombie basketball is done. Go through the
doors. A zombie in a wheelbarrow covered in TNT will be booted into the room
so get out of there quickly. Run down the hallway and slice and dice your way
through zombies until you see a door with an orange arrow. New zombies with
guitars will be there to attack, but they don't pose too much of a threat.
Behind the clipboard there is a red shutter that is very slightly ajar. If you
run along it you can collect hidden gold medals. When you're ready, go through
the door.

Inside this room will be a ton of Fire Zombies and Bomber Zombies. A teacher
zombie will be on fire, but she isn't any more powerful than any of the other
zombies. Use the Bomber Zombies to thin out the undead horde. When the coast is
clear, the game will point you to a headless blue zombie in the corner. Shove
Nick's head on it and complete the mini-game to destroy the rubble blocking
the next door.

Two cop zombies will come into the room, guns blazing. Grab the lollipop behind
the teacher's desk and then run over and kill them. One of them is named
Stephanie. Ladycop? Okay. Kill them both and then go through the next door. Run
down the hallway. When you're halfway down the hallway, a swarm of Fire Zombies
and Bomber Zombies will try to sandwich you. Avoid them both and they will
end up killing each other for you.

A zombie with a health meter, wielding a canister will then try to attack. This
guy is exactly like the one faced in the prologue level, but the difference is
that this guy doesn't have a nametag. He does have a health meter though and he
spits gas like the other guy. Avoid his gas and slice him until he dies. Go to
the slightly open red shutter and press B to baseball slide under it.

You will then see a cut-scene in which you are introduced to Morikawa, Juliet's
sensai! After that scene, you are charged with protecting a giant set of TNT
explosives. Fire zombies will come in from the front, left, and right. Focus
on decapitating them with Y chainsaw attacks. Use the Star Soul power whenever
you can. Keep going, and eventually a bunch of them will swarm you at once.
Luckily, the game will drop a giant gold star in the middle of the place to
replenish yoru Star Soul meter so you can slice through them with ease. There's
also a lollipop in the corner of this area in plain sight in case you take too
much damage.

When the zombies have been killed, your efforts will have been in vain. A bunch
of zombies covered in TNT will be kicked into the area. Flee to the open door
to avoid being blown up and then watch the cut-scene. After all that stuff is
over, you will now be in a junkyard.

Avoid the words that fly at you from the stage, and fight your way through the
zombies. A car will almost fall on Juliet, but complete the QTE to slice
through it. Yeah, you can slice cars in half. You'll get another opportunity to
do this as a car blocks the way, so slice through it like you would a door in
the high school. Keep killing zombies and fighting your way to the stage. Avoid
the words from the stage. You will have to complete a lengthy QTE that sees a
bunch of cars fly at Juliet, so be quick on that controller to avoid being

Continue fighting your way to the stage, performing the QTEs as instructed, and
slicing zombie heads off like it's your job (it kind of is). When you reach the

Yes! Time to bust out the good 'ole BOSS FIGHT!!! logo thing. Like Suda51's
other games, Lollipop Chainsaw is heavy on the awesome boss fights. The first
boss is a punk rock musician, who screams words, and then they actually appear
in the air as projectile attacks. The dude can also run around in a circle very
fast, and use his microphone stand as a weapon.

The first section of the fight plays out like any other fight in the game,
except that Zed has more attacks. Dodge his attacks to the best of your
abilities. If you have any Nick Tickets, the attack where you flail his head
around does a ton of damage to Zed. Once the health meter is drained, press Y
and then pull the left analog stick down, while still mashing on the Y button
until Juliet successfully cuts him in half.

Zed will put himself back together and then spawn a bunch of stereo speakers
all over the place. He will stand on the speakers and shoot laser discs while
spawning even more speakers. You have to destroy all the speakers and keep him
from spawning more. Fight your way to the one he's standing on, mowing down all
the ones in your way, and destroy it. He will jump to a new one. Keep doing
this and eventually all of the speakers will be destroyed.

This will leave Zed wide open to an attack. This time you will be slicing him
horizontally. Following this, Zed will spawn a gigantic stereo and he will get
on the top of it. You have to slice into it, cutting it horizontally. He will
shout words at you, but you can avoid them by pressing B when prompted. Then
resume slicing into the giant stereo until you can destroy it completely.

Now you have to fight Zed similarly to the first section of the fight. The main
difference is that now Zed will shout words more regularly and he will also
shoot those laser disks and create a vortex around his body. Dodge the disks,
and keep hacking and slashing away at Zed. Remember to heal if Juliet's health
gets too low, and keep the attack on him. When enough damage has been dealt,
you will once again be prompted to finish him.

Use the Chainsaw on him again, mash the Y button, and tilt the left analog
stick in a downward position. This time will be enough and Zed will be
successfully killed.


Stage 2: The Storm at San Romero High

A lightning strike will cause a tree to topple over, blocking the path. Now is
the time to use the Chainsaw Dash ability. Press RB and Juliet will dig her
chainsaw into the ground and rush forward. There is a rainbow colored ramp near
the debris round the corner, so use the ability to rush over the ramp. Gather
the yellow canisters to keep the chainsaw from overheating, and keep using the
ramps until you can go no further.

Crash into the blue barrel if at all possible to stun the zombies. There will
be a new zombie type, with football gear on, that will take a stance and rush
at you when their bodies turn blue. Kill these guys as well as the Fire Zombies
in the area. When they're all gone, an explosion will occur and a new rainbow
ramp will appear. Use it to get through the next few sections of street, and
the next blue barrel you see, crash into it, kill all the zombies, and then
another explosion will trigger.

This will create a new rainbow ramp. Use the next couple of rainbow ramps, and
yet again, you will be stopped to fight off zombies. It seems the school's
quarterback, Alexander, has been turned into a zombie as well. Kill him and the
other football player zombies. They will be replaced by zombies dressed as
baseball players. Kill them as well, and then a firetruck will crash into the
nearby school bus.

Get into the back of the school bus and use Chainsaw Dash to zoom to the end of
it, ramping up the top, and then Chainsaw Dash up the ladder on the top of the
firetruck. When you land, check the area to the right to find a hidden lollipop
and then approach the front doors and press X to enter.

Inside, there is a Chop Shop that you can use to replenish your supplies and
purchase new stuff. Mess with that and then continue deeper into the building.
You will come across three firemen zombies that are spitting fire at a
survivor. Act quick and save him. And then start chainsawing your way through
the enemies and doors as you continue through the halls. Keep an eye out for
stray lollipops hidden not so secretly behind debris.

Follow the giant orange arrows. They will point you through the hallways. Keep
going until you are trapped in a hallway. Shutters will open up in front of
you and behind you. Baseball crawlers will come into the area. Use A attacks
to sweep the chainsaw low and to kill multiple of them with one swing. Keep
doing this until a new body for Nick crawls under the door and then stands up.

Approach this body and fasten Nick's head to the top. Then play the mini-game
so Nick can use fire breath to destroy the red shutter that is blocking the
path. Go this way, and then a group of firemen zombies will destroy part of a
wall. Go into the room that they are in, kill them all, and then the present
that Juliet's sister threw to her will float on by. Approach the window and
press B to jump out of it.

When you land, there will be a Chop Shop that you will see immediately. use it.
Then use Chainsaw Dash to zoom along the rooftops. Follow the trail of gold
medals and be sure to hit the yellow canisters to keep the chainsaw from
overheating. Go from rooftop to rooftop, hitting all the rainbow ramps, until
eventually you land on a basketball court that is right on top of another roof.

Once again, you will have to play zombie basketball. You have less time, and
the score to beat is 99. About halfway through the game, there will be a very
powerful guarder that will be nearly impossible to kill with all the other
zombies around, so just focus on decapitating heads still. If you get your
meter filled, you will be able to decaptiate him and make the game even easier.

Go up the stairs and then resume Chainsaw Dashing your way across the rooftops,
collecting the yellow canisters, the gold medals, and killing the zombies. You
will crash into a rec center with running zombies and a baseball zombie. Start
killing them, and more baseball and running zombies will join the fight. Kill

Toward the end of the fight, a flying grandma zombie named Danielle, with
cyclone powers, will burst through the ceiling. Kill her as well and then exit
through the door. If you check behind the door on the outside you will find a
lollipop collectible. Down the alley you will find another lollipop. Go up the
stairs, and then you will see multiple cheerleader zombies terrorizing groups
of survivors.

Start killing the cheerleaders. They will do this annoying move where they do
handstands and can avoid every attack except A low-slices of the chainsaw. Kill
them and try to save all the survivors. Before exiting the area, approach each
grateful survivor and reap your reward.

Next approach the jump pad. Mash on B to initiate it, and then press the
buttons that show up on the screen as prompted. You will land on a fire escape,
so then go up the stairs and interact with the Chop Shop, spend your hard-
earned dough.

Use the Chainsaw Dash on the rainbow ramp to get across the gap. Fight off the
football zombies. When they're all dead, a headless fireman zombie will appear.
Stuff Nick's head on top of it, and then complete the mini-game to destroy the
barrels blocking the next rainbow ramp. Then use the rainbow ramp for a

After that big jump, you will now get to do more Chainsaw Dashing. Follow the
gold medals and the yellow canisters to successfully get through this area. If
the lightning strucks you, it will do a pretty good amount of damage. You will
eventually be stopped on a platform, and have to fight multiple firemen
zombies, including a named one called Paul. Kill all the zombies, but use B a
lot so you can hop around and hopefully avoid the lightning strikes. Kill the
zombies, and then the lightning will destroy an obstacle on the ramp, allowing
for another Chainsaw Dash.

You'll land in a baseball stadium after retrieving the present, which changes
the chainsaw into a Chainsaw Blaster! Now it's time for zombie baseball! Use
LT to aim the Chainsaw Blaster, and RT to fire shots. Shoot the zombies that
come out of the pitcher's mound for a while, until a headless zombie crawls out
of the ground at the batter's box.

Place Nick's head on the zombie, and now Nick has to run the bases! Zombies
will crawl out of the ground around all three of the bases, all with baseball
bats. You have to shoot them before they can attack Nick. Be wary of the
pitcher as well, because he can deal a devastating amount of damage to Nick,
taking away an entire quarter of his health.

The second time Nick rounds the bases, it will be even tougher than before,
with way more enemies. The third time is extremely difficulty, because very
fast cheerleader zombies join in on the game. The trick to this is to NOT use
the auto-aim function. Simply use the right analog stick to aim the cursor from
left to right. Yes, auto-aim will still be in play, but not in that Call of
Duty sort of way, where you can just let go of LT and then hold it in again to
focus on the next guy.

With zombie baseball completed, run over to the nearby door. Go down the hall
and then you will find a Chop Shop. Make sure you have five lollipops and then
go through the next door, which leads to the school's unrealistically large
swimming pool!

Vikke is large, but not too hard. Actually, I found this boss fight to be
easier than the first boss. Just hack and slash him at first, while dodging his
attacks in the typical zombie-slaying fashion. If you can get behind him, you
can nail him with a series of chainsaw swipes and not worry about being hit by
him at all.

When his health bar is drained the first time, dig into him with the chainsaw
and mash Y to cut him horizontally. However, his top half will just float
around and his legs will try to attack you as well. Take out the legs with just
a few chainsaw swipes. Then focus on shooting his body out of the air with the
blaster. If you need more ammo, destroy the barrels lying around.

Repeat the process as before once his health is drained all the way. If you
take too long, the legs will return, so you'll just have to get rid of them
again. Vikke's giant head will then consume his body and his legs, and now you
have to fight his giant head for the third and final stage of the second boss

Use the blaster and fire at him while he's in the air. When he lands on the
ship, he will slide around and try to hit you. Avoid him, but you can also get
a few good slashes in as well. When he comes to a halt, that's your cue to just
slice the crap out of him. His only other attack besides sliding around is
shooting a big blue laser beam out of his mouth, but this is easily dodged,
and just makes him a sitting targer for the Chainsaw Blaster.

After his health meter has been drained for a third time, run over and dig into
his helmet with the chainsaw. You have to do a diagonal slice this time to put
vikke the viking away for good.

Stage 3: Psychedlic Haze at O'Bannon Farm

When the cut-scene is over, move forward, and you will be introduced to a
zombie farmer. Kill him, and the other zombies that spawn, and then move to the
debris blocking the path. Use the chainsaw blade to destroy the debris, and
then use the blaster to destroy the large rock that serves as the next

Run forward and you will see Rosalind riding the bus that just doesn't seem to
stop. Her bus is covered in zombies, so use the blaster to shoot them all off
of her bus. When that's done, hop down into that area and continue killing
zombies. When they're all dead, place Nick's head on the blue body and play
the mini-game to have him vault you over the next large rock.

In this area, there will be farmer zombies with TNT wrapped around them. Kill
all of these zombies, and then an obese zombie named Mark will show up, flanked
by zombie chickens. Kill Mark with the blaster from far away, which is the
easiest method, then get rid of the chickens. An obese zombie body will then
show up for Nick to use. Place Nick's head on it, and then complete the
mini-game that follows to have Nick destroy the house that's blocking the

Walk over to that edge and shoot the zombies in the field with the blaster. If
they manage to climb over the edge anyway, chainsaw the hell out of them. When
they are all dead, approach the railing and press B to hop down. Now you have
to do a similar segment, except this time the zombies are climbing over a
fence. Stand far away and just blast them, or wait for them to hop over and
kill them all with the chainsaw if you so choose.

A tractor will crash into the fence when they're all dead. Shoot the tractor
with the blaster. This will cause an explosion that will destroy the fence.
Move here, and break the wood blocking the gold medals and collect them. Stop
at the Chop Shop, and then approach the jump symbol. Climb up and press B to
launch Juliet over the other side, to where the bus is now.

Kill the few zombies here. Then you will have to kill flying zombies. Some of
them will even throw zombie chickens at you! Kill them with the blaster, and
then continue through the farm. You will encounter the likes of zombie cows,
but they just stand around and do nothing. The bus will start driving up a hill
and the zombies will start pushing boulders down to crush it!

Using the blaster, shoot the boulders before they can hit the bus. Keep doing
this until the bus is home free, and then run over to it once it has stopped.
Investigate the back of the bus and press B to hop onto the roof. Suddenly, the
bus will start moving again, and boulders will start falling down onto you
guys. Use the blaster to destroy the boulders before they can hit the bus, and
then as the bus starts driving again, shoot the flying zombies as they fly into
the air and try to attack.

Juliet will get knocked off the bus, right next to more zombie cows. Kill the
zombie cows and then take a chainsaw to the giant mushroom. You will have a
trip and then be in a drug world where a giant egg hatches a giant chicken
named Chat. Kill the chicken, and then approach the bus door. Juliet wakes up
on a combine.

Plow through all the zombies in the wheat field. There is 100 of them there so
just keep plowing around until they are all dead. It's smart to go up and down
in rows, like a real farmer would do, so that way you don't backtrack at all.

Completing this will cause Juliet to wake up once again, back at a different
section of the farm. A tractor with zombies on it will try to run you over.
Knock the zombies off with the blaster and then shoot the tractor to avoid
being run over. Then continue through the farm, killing zombies of all sorts,
until you come across a chainlink fence. Saw through the fence, destroy the
wall to the left, grab the lollipop, and then run out into the open.

Behind a wooden fence will be zombies. Kill them. Then find the body to put
Nick's head on. Ignore that for now and go through the small alley between the
shacks. You'll find a trampoline back here. Use it similar to a launchpad to
kill all the zombies in the area and to reach higher ground where you can find
a collectible lollipop as well as gold medals. Follow the gold back down to
the ground and then put Nick's head on the blue zombie body.

Nick will once again launch Juliet. You will now have to defend the bus by
using the blaster and killing the Bomber Zombies below before they can get to
the bus and do damage to it. Do this for a while, and then the bus will try to
drive away, only to get stuck. The zombies will then get in tractors and try to
knock another boulder on the bus. Use the blaster to destroy the tractors, but
the bus will get away and Juliet will fall off again.

No worries. Follow the only new path, and kill the zombie horses. Then slice
through the large mushroom. You will be taken to high world again. There will
be three giant chickens to kill. Kill all three of them, and then the bus will
transform into a bus/chicken hybrid with three heads!

The three chicken heads will try to peck you. Shoot them while they are
retracted using the blaster. No, you won't be able to kill them this way, but
you will be able to do enough damage to them so that you can kill them with the
chainsaw when they get their beaks stuck in the ground. Their health
regenerates if you don't use the blaster. Kill all three chicken heads to
escape messed up dream world and wake up on a combine again.

On the combine, you now have to mow through 300 zombies. However, there are
explosive red barrels with scarecrows on them now as well to serve as hazards.
The best way to do this part is to drive around in a wide circle, in a pattern
that avoids the barrels. The zombies will just constantly spawn during this
section, so you don't have to worry about hunting every single one down. Just
mow through 300 and then the sequence will end.

Juliet will wake up again. Break the objects to collect gold medals and
a lollipop. Then use the Chainsaw Dash on the rainbow ramp. when you land, just
move forward and continue killing zombies. Eventually you will reach a ledge
and be prompted to press B to jump down onto rocks that are in a creek. Do so
when you can and then kill the 18 zombies in this area. They will include
regular zombies as well as flying ones. Use the red barrels to your advantage.
When they're all dead, chainsaw through the fallen tree to continue.

In the next area, it's basically just more killing zombies and slicing through
barricades. This process will constantly repeat itself as you progress through
the area until you reach a section where there are a ton of red and blue
barrels all over the place. Destroy the barrels with the blaster to take out
multiple zombes with a single blast.

After the first wave of zombies has been killed, another wave will soon replace
them. Then another wave, this time of 32 zombies. This will be tough, but when
they are all dead, you will be able to chainsaw your way through the nearby
fence. There is a Nick Ticket near the tree by the way. A fat zombie will show
up now, but kill him, and grab the lollipop in this area. Chainsaw through the
large tree trunk, use the Chop Shop, and then continue to trigger another

BOSS FIGHT!!!......
Mariska floats around in a bubble like Mew from Pokemon Snap. Shoot her with
the blast her constantly while avoiding her bubbles. When enough damage has
been done, run over to her quickly and slice her with the chainsaw before the
timer runs out and the TNT goes off.

In the second stage, you have to deal with four different Mariskas. They will
fire bubbles at you, and create fake combines that can mow you down. Just keep
shooting at all of them, which will wear down the main health meter. There is
blaster ammo all over the place, so don't worry about running dry. Run up and
chainsaw her when she hits the ground just like before.

The third time, there will be EIGHT Mariskas to fight. Just fire into the mess
of them and dodge their attacks by constantly mashing on the B button. When
she falls run over and chainsaw her to end the fight.

Stage 4: Arcade Action at the Fulci Fun Center

Kill all the zombies in the arcade area. If you search behind the cabinets, you
can find a lollipop collectible. Then an elevator will come down with a
survivor running out, chased by zombies, and zombies there to greet him at the
door. Kill all the zombies to save the survivor and then go into the elevator.

Juliet will be stuck in an arcade game that parodies Pac-Man. Your goal is to
move around the board, collecting eight keys, while avoiding the giant dudes
that will eat you. If you have your Star Soul meter filled, you can use it to
turn the tables and kill them. There are stars sprinkled around the area that
will fill it completely, but only use it when you absolutely need to. Anyway,
with the eight keys, you can bypass the "LOCK" words at the north end of the
maze, and then kick your way through the exit and go through the door.

In the next room, use the Chop Shop. Then clear the area of zombies. Place
Nick's head on the cheerleader zombie, and then complete the mini-game. This
will launch Juliet to an upper level where you can collect more gold medals,
but more importantly, rescue the two people behind attacked by zombies. Kill
the zombies and save the people, then hop down, and approach the arcade
cabinet with the big orange arrow above it. Interact with it to get inside of
the game.

This game is very self-explanatory. Use the elevators to go up. You can only go
through the pink doors by pressing A. There are two cops in this area. Wait for
them to shoot their giant bullets, or get behind them, and then engage them in
a fight and kill them quickly. There will be a section when the lights go out
and you have to play a mini-game to hop on zombie heads or kill them, and you
have to use Nick's head on a body for one section as well. Basically, you start
at the bottom. Work your way to the top. There aren't any doors that lead you
to a different place, so this part should be easy. See a pink door? Go through
it. Simple. See an elevator? Ride it up.

At the end of this mini-game, one of those big things from the Pac-Man game
will try to eat you. Press Y when prompted to escape, then go on the elevator
on the left side of the screen. When you get to the top, you will be face to
face with a stripper pole. Use the pole to kill all the zombies in the area.
But then more zombies will attack, and they will be supwer powered!

What are they super powered buy? A zombie holding a boom box. This boom box
powers up all the nearby zombies. Kill the stereo guy first, and then kill the
rest of the zombies. Then go through the door. You will now be in a level like
Pong, except there are dancing zombies in here. Avoid the ball as it bounces
back and forth, and kill the dancing zombies. Sections of the wall blocking the
exit will be destroyed as you kill all the zombies. Two stereo zombies will
show up as well, so kill them too, and kill the rest of the dancing zombies,
and then the rest of the wall will be destroyed. Go through the door.

You will be on the roof now. Kill all the dancing zombies. Then an elevator
will come down with a zombie named Wesley that has a stereo. Kill him and then
keep killing all the dancing zombies on the rooftop. When they're all dead, a
helicopter will try to kill you. Quickly pull out the blaster and shoot it
repeatedly until it blows up. Then use the Chop Shop. The arcade cabinet on the
roof will activate. Go interact with it in order to get into the next game.

This game will probably make you want to bash your head into a wall. You have
to get to the top of the tower. One hit, and you die and have to start all the
way over from the beginning. You can shoot some of the obstacles by pressing Y.
The game throws a few wrenches in the works, as one point, they throw a giant
pixelated car at you, but don't worry, it can be destroyed with two shots in
quick succession. At the very end of this game, when you see the letters GOAL,
just wait. The tiles will flip up, so watch the pattern, and then move forward
to the goal and shoot it. Then move to the end of the board.

On the top of the roof now, use the Chop Shop and make sure you have at least
five lollipops. Then use the launch pad and work your way around to the dome
in the center of the roof. Enter.


Luckily, Josey only has two stages instead of three like all the other bosses.
In the first stage, Josey is flying around in a UFO, and he throws pixelated
bombs at you. Shoot at him repeatedly with the Blaster. When he lands on the
ground, run over and chainsaw the crap out of him.

Large multi-colored stairs will appear with more blaster ammo on it in case you
run out. Keep the hurt up on him until his health meter is depleted. Then run
over and press Y and slice him just as you have all the other bosses.

This will lead directly into the second stage of the boss battle. This part of
the battle is way different. The UFO is huge now and flying at an alarming
rate. Josey is shielded, and he will have glowing minions fly around and fire
rockets at Juliet. To disable his shields, you have to destroy the blue
generators that are dotted around the UFO. Ignore everything else and just
dump all your effort into destroy the generators.

Before you resort to using the chainsaw on them, though, use up all your
blaster ammo. The reason for this is that every time you hit one of the
generators with your chainsaw, you run the risk of damaging yourself because
Josey will send red electricity to the generator.

When all the generators have been destroyed, go to Josey and finish him off
with a diagonal slice.

Stage 5: Evil at the Unfinished Cathedral

Press B right at the start of the stage to hop off of the crate. Then fight
your way through all of the zombies in the street. A truck will crash into the
cars blocking the way. Shoot the barrel in the back of the truck with the
blaster to blow everything in the way sky high. Then run down the street that
way, killing zombies as you go.

When you reach a gate leading into an alley, Juliet's older sister will cover
you with a sniper. Kill the undead in this alley. When the first wave is dead,
three more will replace them. They are the type that shoots gas, and one of
them will be wielding a canister, just like your encounter with these guys
before. Kill all three of them to proceed into a parking garage.

In the corner of the parking garage, there will be a truck with an explosive
canister in the truckbed. Ignore it for now. Instead, walk around the bus, pick
up the lollipop and then wait for the zombies to start pouring into the area.
You have to survive for about a minute in the parking garage, so just keep
killing zombies. You can kill a bunch at a time if you lead them to the truck
with the canister in the back and then blow it up when they get close to it.
You will find a collectible lollipop in the rubble.

When the time runs out, Juliet's sister will blow open an exit out of the
parking garage. When she does this, you can exit the parking garage at any time
by running up to the white truck, or you can stick around and continue
slaughtering the zombies there. Eventually though, you gotta approach the white
truck and get out into the street.

In the street, pull out your blaster and blast! Kill the flying zombies. And
then a helicopter will zoom into view. Shoot the hell out of the helicopter
until it is destroyed. Then make your way to the fence and saw your way through
it. A classmate will be in trouble in the garage, so kill all the zombies
around him and he will then walk out into the street.

Back in the street, there will be zombies wrapped in TNT, including one with a
freaking health meter. Draw them away from the survivor and then kill all of
them. The survivor will climb up on a truck and then give you a bunch of gold
medals. Follow a gold medal trail that will now appear back toward the garage
area where you saved him, and you will also find a Nick Ticket next to a door.
Grab it, and then press X to open the door.

In the next area, move behind the gated area and kill all of the crawlers.
Pick up the lollipop in the corner and move to the fence. Go through and follow
Juliet's older sister. Kill all the zombies in the area and wait for the timer
to appear. When the timer runs out, you won't be out of the woods just yet.
That just means Juliet's sister has gotten in position with the sniper rifle.
You still have to clear the area of all the zombies.

And when you've accomplished that, the orange arrow will point to the obstacle
you have to walk toward in order to continue. The next area will consist of you
killing more zombies with Juliet's sister helping out. That's all there is to
it, and when they're all dead, you can walk to the bus door to continue to a
loading screen and the next part of this level.

Use the Chop Shop and then continue to the two pipes that are blocking the way.
Use the chainsaw to slice through both of them as Juliet's older sister gives
her the bad news that she's out of ammo. Continue through to the next area,
where Rosalind is crazily at the controls of a wrecking ball.

Avoid the wrecking ball while killing all the zombies. When all the zombies
have been killed, Rosalind will knock a hole in the wall, allowing you access
to the next area. Hop down and kill all the zombies, and then a rainbow ramp
will appear. Chainsaw Dash up it. When you land, you'll see Resoalind's
machine being attacked by multiple zombies. Shoot them off with the blaster
and then shoot all the flying zombies out of the air as well. When all of them
have been taken care of, Rosalind will knock another hole in the wall with her
wrecking ball, allowing you to continue.

Grab the gold medals and then use the Chop Shop. Hop onto the lift when you
are ready to proceed and ride it up. This lift has a weight limit, so you have
to make sure that too many zombies don't get on. Definitely use your Star Soul
power whenever possible so you can cut down the hordes quickly. The lift cables
will start to snap toward the end of this segment, so be sure to kill the
enemies quickly. The cables will all snap on one side, but Juliet will hang on
to a hook and still manage to ride to the top successfully with Nick.

At the top, take out the flying zombies. Then get to the lower level and wipe
out all the zombies here, which include fat construction worker zombies. Work
your way into the next room, where you will find a cart to ride down and kill a
bunch of zombies instantly. Continue into the next room, where you can see
multiple zombies with boom boxes powering up all the other zombies. From your
vantage point, take out as many as you can with the blaster, and then hop down
and finish the job. Cut through the green shutter to continue.

Fight your way through the cop zombies and the Bomber Zombies and then hop
down into the next room. Bomber Zombies are constantly spawning from the large
hole in the ground. You need to cut down each of the four poles of holding up
the crates above the hole. Every time you cut down a pole, more Bomber Zombies
will show up. So cut down a pole, let theme explode, cut down the next pole,
and keep doing this until the hole is shut and the coast is clear. Then cut
through the nearby fence and enter the next room.

There is a survivor in here, but also a ton of explosive barrels, Bomber
Zombies, firemen zombies that spit fire, and regular zombies. This is tough,
but try to lure the Bomber Zombies away from everyone else. Then worry about
taking out the other zombies. The survivor will shuffle past all the zombies
and chill out by the doorway that is blocked by fire, so you are now free to
shoot the explosive barrels and kill the zombies.

Speaking of chilling out (YES!), after all the zombies are dead, shoot the blue
barrel near the fire to put it out. Then proceed into the next room to find a
bunch of zombies crawling on the ground. Kill them quickly before they get up
and make a path for the survivor. Follow him to the shaft and he will give up
his gold medals and then spin down the pole. Follow suit.

Run to the cathedral doors and mash on the X button to kick the doors open. In
the next room, you will find a ton of zombies. Kill them all and then watch the
cut-scene. You can then use the chop Shop, or you can press B and jump into the
large hole in the ground made by Juliet's dad.

BOSS FIGHT!!!........

Lewis begins the fight on a flaming motorcycle. He will drive out of the area
so you can't attack, and will then zoom in and do donuts to try to hit you.
When he's doing these donuts is actually when it's a perfect opportunity to
just run up to him and slice the hell out of him with the chainsaw. Zombies
will also spawn here and there, but don't worry about them, and just focus on

When his health bar has been depleted, run over and slice him like usual. His
motorcycle will be destroyed, but then it morphs into a giant mastodon mech.
YES! Fight the mech basically just by running right up to it and hacking and
slashing. Lewis may be the coolest boss, but there's no real strategy besides
dodge sometimes and just hack and slash the crap out of him.

Chainsaw him when prompted. Then some of his health will return. Deplete it and
chainsaw him again. The mech will be destroyed, but then morphs into a hot rod
of destruction. It's truly awesome. He will shoot rockets and all sorts of
stuff now, but the strategy remains the same.

Chainsaw Lewis when his health is depleted. His entire health meter will
regenerate, but just take it back down and chainsaw him again. Yet again, his
entire health meter will regenerate, but bring it back down and chainsaw him
again to finish the fight.

Stage 6: WTF?!

Killabilly will chuck cars at you. Hit the cars into the air by pressing Y to
make a bridge out of cars to cross the gap. When you've done this to four cars,
use the Chainsaw Dash to get across the gap. Then slaughter all the zombies on
the other side and fight your way to the next gap. Repeat this, except now you
have to hit four cars instead of just three.

Chainsaw Dash, but hold it this time. Keep hitting the blue canisters, which
will keep the chainsaw from overheating, and also be sure to hit the rainbow
ramps and to follow the gold medal trails. Keep the Chainsaw Dash going, but as
you near Killabilly, a building will start to collapse. Take a left when you
can to avoid being crushed by the building.

Kill all the zombies in this area. If you move up against the explosive red
barrel, you will net yourself a collectible lollipop. When all the enemies are
dead, shoot the rubble blocking the path with the blaster. Use the Chop Shop,
and then move forward a bit.

After a short loading screen, you will be back on a street facing Killabilly
again. He'll now start shooting a giant blue laser out of his eyes that does a
lot of damage. To avoid being hit by it, use the rubble for cover as you move
in closer to him. When the blue canisters appear, start using Chainsaw Dash to
pick up speed and get closer and closer, avoiding the explosive red barrels
along the way.

You will be stopped by an overturned semi. Kill 10 zombies, and then Killabilly
will destroy the semi. Then continue with the Chainsaw Dash. If you hug the
right side of the area, you will stumble across a Chop Shop in case you need to
replenish your supply of lollipops or something. Otherwise keep zooming forward
straight at Killabilly.

BOSS FIGHT!!!.......

Killabilly will catch Juliet and squeeze her with one of his hands. You can
manipulate if his hand his close to his face or far away by tilting the left
analog stick to the left or right, which will make Juliet dig the chainsaw
into that part of Killabilly's hand. If you have no blaster bullets, make the
hand go as far to the left as possible so that flying enemies will show up.
Kill them to get ammo. Avoid the red enemies that Killabilly shoots out of his

What you need to do with the Blaster is to fire at Killabilly's sunglasses.
Shoot each lense and this will cause them to fall down his face. That leaves
his actual eyes wide open for multiple attacks. If he tries to smash you with
his other hand, be sure to press B during the QTE. Also, he will cover his
eyes eventually, so just shoot the crap out of the back of his hand when he
does to make him move it.

After his health meter has depleted, perform the QTE and then Killabilly will
toss you onto a roof. This part takes forever. Run over to the edge of the roof
and focus your energy on attacking Killabilly's hands. You can chop off his
fingernails, which you can hit even if he doesn't have his hands on the roof.

While you're attacking his hands, he will have little trucks that drive around
and try to hit you, as well as zombies that he throws on the roof. Try to avoid
these enemies, but sometimes the game will make you kill them all before you
can attack Killabilly again.

When his health bar has been depleted again, he will try to crush Juliet. This
results in a QTE that sees Juliet cut off all of his fingers on one of his
hands. Perform the rest of the QTE to view a cut-scene.

BOSS FIGHT!!!.....

Slice through the entrails inside of Killabilly. As you move farther down the
hallway, you will have to perform a serious QTEs. So be sure to press the
buttons on the screen as they flash and before the meter fills around the

Oh and...THE END. The rest of the game is nothing but pretty awesome
cut-scenes. Enjoy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Conclusion
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I hope this guide helped you beat Lollipop Chainsaw for the PlayStation 3 and
Xbox 360!

If you want to check out all my other stuff, try here:


Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:57 pm
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