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 The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2 - Discussion, Rumors & Results 
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Anything that has to do with this season of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2

Keep it in this thread and do not reveal the winner.

Thanks for your cooperation!!!!


• Initial two episodes will feature 28 welterweights in elimination battles; 14 will make it to the TUF Brasil house

• UFC Heavyweights Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira and Fabricio Werdum to Coach Seven-Man Teams.

The wait is over. After a highly successful opening season featuring UFC superstars Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva, The Ultimate Fighter Brasil returns to Rede Globo on March 17. This time, the reality show that crowned Feather (66Kg) and Middleweight (84Kg) winners Rony Jason and Cezar Mutante will put some of Brazil’s finest Welterweights (77Kg) to the test. Led by two of the UFC’s top Heavyweights Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira and Fabricio Werdum, the hopefuls will train and live together for 12 weeks, competing with each other for a coveted contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2, kicking off right after Big Brother Brasil, will initially feature a group of 28 welterweights. These fighters will battle it out in elimination scraps in episodes one and two until only half of them remain. The lucky 14 will then become official cast members and move into The Ultimate Fighter house, where they will be split into two opposing teams. After the end of each episode, an eliminatory fight will decide a winner, who will advance in the tournament until only one is crowned The Ultimate Fighter.

The final 28 were picked from an initial list of over 300 applicants at the TUF tryouts in Rio de Janeiro. Ranging from 18 to 35 years of age, these fighters came from all corners of Brazil, as well as countries such as Argentina and the United States. The fighters underwent interviews, medical exams and were tested on their striking and grappling skills until the final 28 emerged.

“I think the level this season is extremely high. I’m confident that apart from the season winner we will be sending a lot of great fighters to the UFC in the future. Basically, we have the very elite of Brazilian MMA welterweights in front of us”, said Rodrigo Minotauro.

The competitors featured on the first 2 episodes of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2 are:

Bruno Dias “Jacaré” (11-3-1), 26, Bragança Paulista, SP
Cleiton Duarte “Foguete” (12-1-0), 32, Rio Grande, RS
Daniel Oliveira de Azeredo “Gelo” (4-1-0), 29, Nilópolis, RJ
David Vieira da Silva (4-0-0), 31, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Felipe Olivieri (11-4-0), 27, São João de Meriti, RJ
Gil Freitas (14-5-0), 29, São Paulo, SP
Henrique Batista “Sucuri” (4-0-0), 27, Linhares, ES
Juliano Wandalen “Ninja” (7-3-0), 35, Blumenau, SC
Leandro Silva “Buscapé” (5-0-0), 26, São Paulo, SP
Leonardo Santos (11-3-0), 33, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Luciano Contini, (8-1-0), 29, Curitiba, PR
Luiz Jorge Dutra da Silva Jr “Besouro” (11-2-1), 31, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Marcio Santos “Pedra” (4-0-0), 24, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Neilson Gomes (14-2-0), 26, Salvador, BA
Pedro Iriê (9-5-0), 33, Bragança Paulista, SP
Roberto Barros Martins Amorim “Corvo” (6-1-0), 23, Goiânia, GO
Robson Ferreira “Negão” (4-0-0), 28, Guarulhos, SP
Ronaldo Oliveira Silva “Rony Silva” (3-0-0), 26, Vitória da Conquista, Bahia
Santiago Ponzinibbio (18-1-0), 26, La Plata, Argentina
Thiago Silva “Bel” (9-3-1), 22, Curitiba, PA
Thiago de Lima Santos “Marreta” (8-1-0), 29, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Thiago Gonçalves “Jambo” (15-3-0), 33, Maceió, AL
Tiago Alves “Unstoppable” (3-0-0), 33, São Paulo, SP
Viscardi Andrade (13-5-0), 29, São Paulo, SP
Wande Lopes Santana (6-0-0), 30, Campo Grande, MS
Weguimar de Lucena Xavier “Big Big” (17-5-1), 31, João Pessoa, PB
William Macario “Patolino” (6-0-0), 21, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Yan Cabral (10-0-0), 29, Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Many of today’s most recognizable names in the UFC have emerged from The Ultimate Fighter series, including, among many others, Forrest Griffin, Kenny Florian, Rashad Evans, and Michael Bisping. After becoming the first TUF Brazil Featherweight winner, Rony Jason has gone on to a successful start in the UFC, coming out with not only a win but a “Knockout of the night” bonus against Sam Sicilia in his first fight in the UFC. After defeating Sergio Moraes at the finale, Middleweight winner Cezar Mutante took some time to recover from an injury, but is set to make a comeback on May 18th, at UFC on COMBATE 2: BELFORT vs. ROCKHOLD, scheduled to take place in Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina.

Tune-in and watch who will become the next The Ultimate Fighter on Rede Globo!

For more show information, bios, videos and photos visit


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TUF Brasil 2 - Episode 1 Recap:


Watch Episode 1 Here -

• Pedro Iriê, Márcio “Pedra”, William “Patolino”, Thiago “Marreta”, Neilson Gomes, Luiz “Besouro,” and Tiago “Unstoppable” win elimination fights to become the first cast members of the Brazilian reality show’s second season.

• New to the second season is the presence of family and friends that could attend the live fights, cheer and celebrate with the fighters.

• Besides determining the rest of the cast who will move into the house, the next episode (which will air on March 24th) also determines the members of Team Nogueira and Team Werdum.

The reality show The Ultimate Fighter Brasil returned to the screens of Globo for another season on Sunday, March 17, this time with a group of welterweight fighters in search of a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

In the first episode of the second season, 14 fighters climbed into the Octagon to compete in seven qualifying matches, the first half of the final list. At the end of two rounds of battles - with the possibility of a third in case of a tie - the finalists emerged: Pedro Irie, Márcio "Pedra," William "Patolino," Luiz "Besouro", Thiago "Marreta," Neilson Gomes, Luiz "Besouro "and Tiago Alves "Unstoppable."

An important innovation in this season compared to the last was the presence of families, friends and training partners during fights. Repeating a model that has only been adopted in 2013 for versions of the reality series around the world, not only would the guests be able to watch and cheer, but also visit the participants in their rooms before the fights. The result was a thrilling episode, as viewers could also see even more motivated aspiring UFC fighters.

In the next episode, the last seven fights will determine the final list of 14 welterweight fighters who will move into the house of The Ultimate Fighter and fight for a contract with the organization and the coveted title of "Ultimate Fighter." Furthermore, heavyweight stars Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira and Fabricio Werdum will choose their teams, which will be guided with the help of their assistant coaches. Team Werdum is aided by Rafael Cordeiro, Fabio Gurgel, Kenny Johnson and Felipe Werdum, while Team Nogueira has Luiz Dorea, Vitor Miranda, Sheymon Moraes, Everaldo Penco and Eric Albarracin handling assistant coaching duties.

Here are the results of the first episode of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 2:

Wande Lopes VS Pedro Iriê

There was not even time for the fight to develop in any other way but standing. In the beginning of the battle, Iriê connected the first punch, and the strength of the punch knocked his opponent down immediately. Lopes recovered from the knockdown and was up immediately, but again, Irie’s power gave no chance to his opponent, resulting in a beautiful knockout.

"The boy (Iriê) is really a warrior", commented coach Fabrício Werdum, impressed with the power of the fighter from Bragança Paulista in São Paulo. Although he comes from judo and jiu jitsu, Iriê considers himself an aggressive striker, and just as he did with Wande Lopes, he has been knocking out his opponents in his recent professional fights.

Official result - Win by Pedro Iriê via knockout in the first round.

Daniel “Gelo” VS Márcio “Pedra”

The combatants exchanged punches while standing, with Gelo connecting on good straight punches to the face of Pedra. The man from Belford Roxo, however, did not leave it at that, putting his opponent down and taking his back, sinking in a rear naked choke that forced Gelo to tap and quit.

With four wins and no losses in his professional career, the 23-year-old Pedra trains in Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro alongside with his future castmate on TUF Brazil 2, William Patolino.

Official result - Win by Márcio "Pedra" via submission (Rear naked choke) in the first round.

Roberto “Corvo” VS William “Patolino”

Early in the fight, Patolino started strong, taking Corvo down with a double leg and working from the top. Patolino landed an elbow on Corvo's forehead, instantly opening a deep cut. The bleeding forced the referee to stop the fight, and after the doctor’s analysis, Corvo was not allowed to continue. Victory by TKO.

From São João de Meriti, Patolino impressed in the first stage of tryouts with his charisma and his cartwheels. Always smiling and with a remarkable personality, the 21-year-old man has trained Muay Thai since he was 13, and he ambitiously sees himself in the future fighting at the top of the class in the UFC.

Official result - Win by William "Patolino" via TKO in the first round.

Gil Freitas VS Thiago “Marreta”

Although both fighters began their clash aggressively, it was Gil Freitas that did better in the first round, getting Thiago down and, showing great strength, keeping it on the ground. Marreta managed to get up and respond with good shots, but soon the whistle decreed the end of the initial frame.

In the second round, Marreta returned with more ease, using his reach to his advantage. Gil got the takedown, but could not hold the opponent as well, and with the fight standing, Marreta continued taking advantage. Marreta's front kicks were making the difference, and Gil began to show signs of fatigue.

In the third round, the picture was similar: Gil started with takedowns, but Marreta used his reach and fitness to dominate standing. Freitas, on the other hand, showed clear signs of fatigue, and Marreta stuffed takedowns, reversed positions and continued dominating on top. The result was a victory for Thiago by unanimous decision.

At the end of the clash, Marreta hugged his mother and his fiancée - who is already set for the wedding very soon. Marreta comes from the City of God in Rio de Janeiro, has his base in Muay Thai, and currently teaches the sport in two gyms. Besides fighting, another passion in the life of Thiago is parachute jumping and he has been a member of the paratrooper brigade of the Army for seven years.

Official result - Win by Thiago "Marreta" via split decision after three rounds.

Felipe Olivieri VS Neilson Gomes

Neilson Gomes took his mother to watch him fight live for the first time on The Ultimate Fighter. Despite clearly being nervous, with a rosary in her hands as she waited for a win by her son, she got lucky. With sharp boxing and an efficient game of takedowns he did enough to be declared the winner by unanimous decision after three rounds.

In the first round, takedown attempts from Neilson were abundant. However, Felipe, with agility, could escape the positions and return the clash to the feet. In the second round, the man from Bahia continued seeking the takedowns, snapping some good shots at Felipe, who was the most versatile with the fight standing, using kicks and knees. In the third round, the scenario was similar: Neilson taking down Olivieri and Olivieri escaping with exciting brawls for the dominant position. In the end, Neilson had his hand raised.

Neilson comes from Paulo Afonso, in Bahia, but lives and trains in Salvador - at Champions gym – the same gym former heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos trains at. He has 14 wins with only 2 losses in his professional career in MMA.

Official result - Win by Neilson Gomes via decision after three rounds.

Robson “Negão” VS Luiz “Besouro”

In the sixth clash of the reality show, it was the experience of Besouro that made the difference. With good movement and good timing of takedowns, the man from Rio dominated the fight throughout. An accidental illegal elbow by Besouro forced a brief interruption but, examined by doctors, Robson returned to the clash and finished the first round dominated on the mat.

The second round was not much different, with Besouro maintaining dominance over his adversary in the fight both standing and on the ground. The unanimous decision came after two rounds, and Besouro became the sixth member to earn a place in The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2.

Besouro trains at team RFT, in Rio de Janeiro. Márcio Cromado, the leader of the team, made sure to attend the fight, cheering enthusiastically for Besouro. With 11 victories in his professional career, Besouro is an experienced fighter. "He showed to be perhaps the more prepared fighter in the competition," praised “Minotauro” Nogueira after the battle.

Official result - Win by Luiz "Besouro" via unanimous decision after two rounds

Fight 7 – Tiago Alves “Unstoppable” VS Weguimar Big Big

The action began to heat up when Tiago hit a nice high kick, but with the fight standing, it was Big Big fighting better early in the first round. With the unfolding of the struggle, however, Alves managed to take his opponent to the ground and use his impressive credentials in jiu-jitsu, keeping Big Big from dominating from the bottom.

In the second round, it was again the excellence of the gentle art that made the difference, and Tiago, without losing control on top while seeking a submission, managed to lock in a kimura that ended the clash and provided his entry into the house.

At 33 and from São Paulo, Tiago is still a "newbie" in MMA. With only three professional fights - all victories - he only started fighting professionally in 2012 . In jiu-jitsu, however, his experience is not lacking, and Tiago brings several national and international titles accumulated since he started practicing the gentle art at the age of 20 into the house.

Official result - Win by Tiago Alves via submission (kimura) in the second round

The participants fighting for the final places in the house on the next episode are:

Bruno Dias “Jacaré” (11-3-1), 26, Bragança Paulista, SP
Cleiton Duarte “Foguete” (12-1-0), 32, Rio Grande, RS
David Vieira da Silva (4-0-0), 31, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Henrique Batista “Sucuri” (4-0-0), 27, Linhares, ES
Juliano Wandalen “Ninja” (7-3-0), 35, Blumenau, SC
Leandro Silva “Buscapé” (5-0-0), 26, São Paulo, SP
Leonardo Santos (11-3-0), 33, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Luciano Contini, (8-1-0), 29, Curitiba, PR
Ronaldo Oliveira Silva “Rony Silva” (3-0-0), 26, Vitória da Conquista, Bahia
Santiago Ponzinibbio (18-1-0), 26, La Plata, Argentina
Thiago Silva “Bel” (9-3-1), 22, Curitiba, PA
Thiago de Lima Santos “Marreta” (8-1-0), 29, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Viscardi Andrade (13-5-0), 29, São Paulo, SP
Yan Cabral (10-0-0), 29, Rio de Janeiro, RJ

For more information about the show, bios, videos and photos, visit


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TUF Brasil 2 - Episode 2 Recap:


• Yan Cabral, Cleiton “Foguete”, Leo Santos, David Vieira, Juliano Ninja, Viscardi Andrade, and Santiago Ponzinibbio complete the 14 member cast.

• Team Nogueira and Team Werdum are now set; Minotauro chooses the first fighter, while Werdum has the right to pick the first fight.

• The next episode begins the tournament to determine the next Ultimate Fighter.

The 14 official participants for the second season of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 2 are now set.

After winning their elimination bouts on an episode aired on Sunday, March 24th, by Rede Globo, Yan Cabral, Cleiton 'Foguete", Leo Santos, David Vieira, Juliano Ninja, Viscardi Andrade, and Santiago Ponzinibbio joined Pedro Irie, Márcio Pedra, William Patolino, Marreta, Neilson Gomes, Besouro, and Tiago Alves in a welterweight cast that will move into the TUF house and compete weekly for a contract with the organization and the title of "Ultimate Fighter."

The second episode had tense moments. In the very first battle, two friends, Yan Cabral and "Rony" Silva, had to face each other, producing one of the most exciting moments so far. Even coach Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira had to join in, as he was moved to see one of his pupils, Thiago Jambo, lose to Viscardi Andrade and not go to the next stage of the competition. In the last battle of the episode - one of the most exciting so far - the Argentine Santiago Ponzinibbio consolidated his entry into the house.

With the cast defined, coaches Nogueira and Werdum could finally pick their teams of seven welterweights. After flipping a coin, Werdum won the chance to choose between picking the first fighter or the first fight, opting for the second option. Minotauro then, was the first to select a fighter, getting (in order of choice): Luiz "Besouro", Santiago Ponzinibbio, Neilson Gomes, Leo Santos, David Vieira, William "Patolino" and Cleiton 'Foguete". Werdum chose Pedro Irie, Yan Cabral, Tiago Alves, Viscardi Andrade, Márcio "Pedra," Juliano "Ninja" and Thiago "Marreta".

This season, the house will have fighters from five different states. From Rio de Janeiro there are seven welterweights. São Paulo follows in second with three representatives. Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Bahia have one representative each. And Santiago, La Plata, Argentina will also be represented. Beyond the battles and division of teams, the second episode also gave a taste of what's to come, showing clips of jokes that the confined teams are up to. Mattresses in lakes, objects thrown and heated disagreements are some of the things viewers can expect this season.

Results of the second episode of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 2…

Yan Cabral VS Ronaldo “Rony” Silva

The excitement was high for this battle between friends and teammates. But friendship didn’t prevent Yan and "Rony" Silva from making an exciting battle. After a cordial embrace, the two opened the round with high kicks and punches. Rony tried a standing kimura, but Yan was able to take him down and look for a submission.

First, Yan tried to grab Rony's arm, but that move was defended. Yan continued controlling from above, while Rony was still defending submission attempts. Yan, still dominant, tried to get the mount but lost position. Eventually though, he locked on a rear naked choke. Three pats by Rony and it was a win by submission for Yan.

Originally from Viscount of Maua, Yan arrives in the house of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil undefeated. He brings 10 wins - all by submission - including one in Saitama Arena in Japan over the global MMA legend Kazushi Sakuraba. Yan, who divides his time between Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro, is 29 years old and is a Nova União athlete

Result: Yan Cabral wins by submission (rear naked choke) in round one

Bruno Dias “Jacaré” VS Cleiton Duarte “Foguete”

Bruno was superior in the first round, taking Foguete to the ground, trying for the mount and then staying on top. Cleiton, despite his good standup - which yielded a beautiful high kick - was dominated on the ground. In the second round, a clearly tired Bruno tried to take down his rival, but was overcome standing, and the tide turned in favor of Foguete. The battle then went to the tiebreaker round, and Bruno, now even more tired, continued to be outdone standing. Jacaré tried to again have the chance to apply his ground game, but, unable to finish, he was declared the loser by the judges

Result: Dias wins over Cleiton 'Foguete" by the judges' split decision after three rounds

Luciano Contini VS Leonardo Santos

The third fight of the night ended prematurely. After some striking, Luciano Contini was cornered against the fence and held his finger, which was eventually dislocated. The referee stopped the clash immediately, and Leo Santos took the win by TKO.

A big name in jiu-jitsu, Leo Santos brings unique experience on the floor to The Ultimate Fighter Brazil. At 15 years old, he became the youngest world champion in the blue belt division. He then debuted in MMA in 2002, against Takanori Gomi, but only returned to compete professionally in the sport in 2006, and he has accumulated 11 wins and three victories in his career.

Result: Leonardo Santos wins over Luciano Contini by TKO in the first round.

David Vieira VS Leandro “Buscapé”

After a good first round, Vieira kept things going in the second, keeping his game very versatile on the floor, as he looked for gaps and applied good shots to his opponent's face. In the end, David took the unanimous decision after two rounds.

Also from the world of jiu-jitsu, David Vieira almost didn't participate in The Ultimate Fighter. Divided between a fighting career and his studies, he was persuaded at the last minute. Undefeated with four wins in his MMA career, David arrives with TV experience too: before TUF, he participated in a program about surfing in Multishow.

Result: David Vieira wins by unanimous decision

Henrique “Sucuri” VS Juliano “Ninja”

Ninja made it clear from the beginning his intention: to take his opponent down. Right away, he went for a takedown and sought submissions on the ground. Henry escaped and managed to stand, ending the first round on top. However, Ninja was back again looking for more takedowns and submissions. Unable to finish, the second round ended and
the judges asked for a third round. Ninja returned, knocking over and controlling Sucuri. In addition to seeking the back and a submission, he applied knees and punches to the body and face. Insisting on a submission, Juliano managed to get the back and apply a rear naked choke, forcing his opponent to tap out.

Born in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Ninja is considered the prototype of the new breed of fighter. A lover of books and new languages, he uses the journalist and fashion consultant Gloria Kalil as an inspiration, and has already taken etiquette lessons. In fighting, his strong point is jiu-jitsu, and Ninja comes with seven wins and three defeats in his professional career.

Result: Juliano Ninja wins by submission (rear naked choke) in round three.

Viscardi Andrade VS Thiago “Jambo” Gonçalves

Jambo joined the fight with special support on his side. Besides his family, he also had coach Rodrigo Minotauro, his master and the man who gave him his black belt. The first round, as coach Werdum pointed out, did not have much action.

In the second round, a punch from Viscardi knocked down Jambo, who was receiving blows on the floor. Jambo recovered and rose, but the bout again when to the mat, with the two swapping positions. Thiago was able to recover and finish the round on top, but it was not enough to change the judges' decision, which gave the victory to Viscardi.

Result: Viscardi Andrade wins by unanimous decision in the second round

Santiago Ponzinibbio VS Thiago Bel

The fight began with plenty of action. After an intense exchange of blows, the two went to the mat. Bel, active on the ground, managed to get up, but again Santiago had a good sequence of blows to knock him down again. Bel again arose, and tried to get a knockdown with a jab at the end of the busy round.

The second round started like the first and, after another exchange of blows, Santiago took his opponent down. Bel rose again and the two exchanged blows standing. Santiago knocked Bel down again, and Bel rose again. Bel resisted as much as he could, but he was clearly shaken. And despite this resistance, Bel was knocked out, and Santiago closed the episode with a victory. "That was the best fight of the night for me," said Werdum.

The resourcefulness of Santiago standing is explained by his past competition in kickboxing. The Argentine has been living in Brazil for four years, and since he was spending time in Florianopolis, he ended up staying. There, he began training jiu-jitsu and overcame financial difficulties and language barriers to adapt and win his place in MMA. Today, he does not think of returning to his country, while defining himself as "good Argentine folk." He arrives with just one loss in his career, against the TUF Brazil 1’s Leonardo "Macarrão".

Result: Santiago Ponzinibbio wins by TKO in the second round.

With the fights complete, then it was time for the coaches to pick their seven member teams. After winning the coin flip, Fabricio Werdum chose the right to match the first fight, which appears on the third episode of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 2.

Minotauro then got the right to choose the first fighter of his team.

"I think our team is very strong, they were those who wanted to win this time and I'm sure the team Werdum will win," said Fabricio Werdum.

Team Nogueira:

Luiz “Besouro”
Santiago Ponzinibbio
Neilson Gomes
Leo Santos
David Vieira
William “Patolino”
Cleiton “Foguete”

Team Werdum:

Pedro Iriê
Yan Cabral
Tiago Alves
Viscardi Andrade
Márcio “Pedra”
Juliano “Ninja”
Thiago “Marreta”

For more program information, videos and photos visit


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TUF Brasil 2 - Episode 3 Recap:


• Defeating Cleiton “Foguete” and David Vieira by decision and submission, respectively, Tiago and Yan open the scoring for Team Werdum.

• Playing with mattresses and with the lockers during the episode reveals the joking spirit of the 14 participants on the second season of the show.

• After hurting his hand during his battle against David, Yan Cabral awaits the verdict of the doctor on whether he can continue in the competition.

"I do not want to eat, do not want any sleep, I want war." That sentence from Yan Cabral defined the spirit of the third episode of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 2. Shown on Sunday, March 31, the program showed the house and the gym where the 14 participants will live for the next few weeks.

In the war between Teams Nogueira and Werdum, Tiago Alves and Yan Cabral were the first to move to the next step, putting Team Werdum ahead 2-0. At the end of the episode though, there was suspense, as an injured hand suffered by Yan could be severe enough to remove him from the competition. The fate of Yan will be revealed in the fourth episode, which promises even more tension between the teams.

The third episode did come with some good news for the 14 participants. Coaches Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Fabricio Werdum reported that upon completing the initial round of fights, an additional fight will be added, giving a fighter eliminated in that initial stage the chance to rejoin the competition. In this way, a defeat in the first round does not necessarily mean the end of the journey. Furthermore, the fighters will receive prize money according to their performances. The winner of the season and his coach, will each receive a Renault Duster, with the awards being:

Best Knockout: 50 thousand Brazilian reals
Best Finish: 50 thousand Brazilian reals
Best Fight: 50 thousand Brazilian reals (for each fighter)
Any submission or knockout: 10 thousand Brazilian reals

Pranks in the house and in the gym also dictated the tone of the third episode, and at first contact with the luxurious house of this season's program, some roles were defined. The Argentine Santiago already dubbed the busy Patolino "Chatolino." Always active, he has already begun to amuse and annoy the housemates: "it is cool in the first five minutes, but then, you already want to pull his beak out of him," joked Leo Santos. The games of the carioca particularly bothered Yan Cabral, dubbed by his mates as the "President," who was already getting tired of the antics of the youngest member of the house. "He is a boy of 21 years, I understand him, he is dazzling," complained Cabral. "But there are times when he is losing the point of this."

However, it was not Patolino who created the real trouble in the house, but the members of Team Werdum - encouraged by Yan. Returning from the first practice, the team members decided to implement the first trick of the season, removing the mattresses of all participants of the house. After playing to skip the objects in the pool, "surf" on the lake and slip through the garden, they had to deal with the wrath of the participants of the opposing team, who disliked everything after getting from the workout to find that they would have to sleep without the comfort of their mattresses. "It's a childish thing, real men do not have that kind of attitude," complained a member of Team Nogueira, Luiz "Besouro".

However, the joke was not cheap, and in due time the Team Nogueira decided to fight back. While their rivals were out for training, they invaded their locker rooms and started throwing shaving foam on their belongings. Not even Wanderlei Silva was safe, getting his shoe soggy. Although entertained, Márcio Pedra and Pedro Irie rebuked this attitude. "At least they could respect our masters," said Irie. This did not prevent the yellow team from doing the same . In the end, the two ended up with their locker cabinets overturned, and their mats and personal belongings properly flooded. Santiago seemed particularly amused by the situation, taking everything as a joke. "What you did with us, you can be sure that it will come back," said Julian Ninja.

After winning the coin flip on the second episode, Werdum chose the right to match the first fight. The coach opted to pit Tiago Alves against Cleiton "Foguete", the knockout artist of Rio Grande do Sul who had already confessed being injured after the battle to enter the house. The attitude of matching a healthy fighter against an injured one was criticized by Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira, but Werdum countered that the intention was exactly that, to destabilize the opposing team.

The fight began with some tentative striking. Foguete tried to keep the distance, while Tiago tried to shorten the distance to implement his strategy. After exchanging blows without efficiency, Tiago went for the takedown, knocking the opponent down with a single leg and he remained on top on the ground. Tiago got the mount twice, while Foguete fought to keep his back off the ground. At the end of the round, Foguete briefly got the battle back standing, but was soon knocked down again. And though he was totally dominated for much of the round, Tiago could not finish him.

The second round was even more dominant for Tiago Alves. After a failed attempt of a spinning kick from Foguete, the Team Werdum product got the takedown again, staying on top. The fighter of Team Nogueira resisted as much as he could, but he could not shake off the weight of his opponent, who was very quick in his transitions on the ground. More than once, Tiago got the mount, and Foguete, despite the cries of his coach to use a hip escape to return the clash to the feet, could do nothing to respond to the attacks of the opponent.

The victory goes to Tiago Alves by unanimous decision after two rounds.

A target of all members of Team Nogueira after leading the joke of the mattresses, Yan Cabral was selected from Team Werdum for the second fight. Born in Viscount de Maua, in Rio de Janeiro, Yan entered the house with an impressive unbeaten record of ten victories - all by submission. The opponent chosen by Werdum to face Yan was David Vieira - despite repeated requests from Patolino. David, who also comes from jiu-jitsu, also has an undefeated record outside the house, with four wins.

The first round was busy. Early on, David tried for the takedown, seeking the leg of Yan to finish, but the yellow team member managed to rotate, stay on top and to pull away. David got his back and would not go, but Yan managed to stand and, keeping calm, managed to escape from David and back up. David worked aggressively underneath, keeping guard and seeking to improve position, but very calmly, Yan dodged and held the posture.

Cabral was able to put the clash standing, but David always stuck with his plan and threw it back to the ground. Toward the end of the round, Yan went over and was able to impose his game more, while David, apparently tired, decreased the intensity of his efforts. Yan once again stood up, and ended up dominating the round, managing to punish his opponent.

The possibility of having broken his hand, which he communicated to coach Fabricio Werdum between rounds, did not prevent Yan from coming back aggressively - while investing even more in his jiu-jitsu as a strategic asset. Again hitting the mat, Yan worked calmly, while David used his hooks and long arms to keep the distance and avoid being smashed on the ground. The President kept his cool, scoring with blows to the face and seeking ways to submit his foe. In the second half of the round, Yan was able to mount, going for the back and sinking in the rear naked choke that ended the clash.

Yan Cabral wins by submission in the second round.

The celebration led to concern when Yan returned to the locker room and found his hand sore and swollen. While his coaches and trainers tried to reassure him, Yan showed concern. "It was just a fight, but there's more, brother," he said, visibly shaken by the possibility of something more serious. In the locker room, the doctor examined the damage and determined the need for X-rays. The episode ended with Yan being taken to the hospital and hoping for the best. "Hopefully it is nothing," he said.


Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:56 pm
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TUF Brasil 2 - Episode 4 Recap:


• Viscardi Andrade knocks out Thiago “Jambo” and, qualified for the quarter finals, gets another win for Team Werdum

• Yan’s injury requires surgery and the fighter leaves the competition; defeated in the elimination round, Daniel "Gelo" returns

• Team Nogueira fighter Neilson Gomes is another injury casualty

Rede Globo aired the fourth episode of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2 on April 7, with one more athlete qualifying for the quarterfinals as well as several changes in the game.

In an unexpected rematch, Viscardi Andrade defeated the recently returned Thiago Jambo with a beautiful knockout, putting him in the quarterfinals while marking the third victory of Team Werdum. Jambo had returned as a substitute for Neilson Gomes, who, with a knee injury, had to withdraw from the competition. Another welterweight who prematurely waved goodbye was Yan Cabral, who broke his hand during last week’s bout against David Vieira and had to leave the house. In its place came Daniel "Gelo" who, like Jambo, had been cut in the first round.

In addition to the goodbyes and returns, the episode was also marked by two special visits. Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos made a visit to the gym, leaving the members of Team Nogueira excited. Cigano, a pupil of Minotauro, put on his green shirt of the team and gave advice to Jambo.

In addition, UFC President Dana White made his first appearance in the program through a videoconference. "We want fighters physically, mentally and emotionally strong enough to win the competition, and who knows, become world champions," White said to the group.

A special challenge later in the show brought a twist: in a rotation task, each team had to push a Renault Duster with their respective coaches and cans of bony acai energy and TNT in it for 400 meters. The winning team would have a chance to "steal" the power of matching fights achieved and maintained by Team Werdum after two wins from the previous episode.

Seeing the track, the fighters soon got excited about the possibility of an exciting kart race. However, they soon discovered that instead of driving the cars, they would have to push them. But Team Nogueira still emerged victorious.

"They won the game, but we will actually win in real life," said coach Fabricio Werdum.

The third episode, aired on March 31, had ended with an air of suspense. Yan Cabral, who had submitted David Vieira and qualified for the quarterfinals, hurt his hand during the fight. In the locker room, everyone noticed the swelling on his hand, which raised general concerns about the extent of the injury. Would it be severe enough to prevent him from continuing in the competition?

An x-ray, confirmed the fighter's greatest fear: there was a serious fracture. Despite his desire to continue training, Yan heard from coach Fabricio Werdum the final verdict: he would, for his own safety, leave the house. The moment was very emotional. Despite their short time together, Yan had become a leader among his peers, receiving the nickname "President" after leading the infamous joke of the mattresses. Leo Santos, who, like Yan, is a member of the Nova União team, was one of the most emotional.

After Yan’s departure, Daniel "Gelo", who had been defeated by Márcio "Pedra" in the elimination stages, replaced him.

"I think I was chosen because of what the UFC asks, which is aggressiveness when is time to fight," said the fighter. The reception from his colleagues, however, was less than warm, and some questioned the reasons why he would have returned. Patolino also commented that he would not be very well-rounded and that his team would have problems.

Now controlling the next fight pick, Team Nogueira decided to put Neilson Gomes to fight Viscardi Andrade. On the day of weigh ins, however, Gomes arrived with his knee swollen and sore. Unable even to walk, he was taken to the hospital where it was found out that he had injured the ligament, which had been previously operated on, and would have to leave the competition. With the departure of Neilson entered a substitute, Thiago "Jambo", who had been defeated by knockout against Viscardi. Team Nogueira opted to put him back against Viscardi in an unexpected rematch. Visibly annoyed with the choice, Viscardi had no choice but to accept the rematch.

Jambo started well in combat, attacking and getting a takedown. Viscardi, however, kept his guard and didn’t let his back to touch the ground, managing to reverse the situation and eventually leave the grid and return the fight to the standing position.

Jambo kept calm, controlling the center of the Octagon. The round went without major action, and Jambo even tried a takedown that Viscardi defended. After a brief interruption of the referee, Viscardi wasted no time, and with less than 30 seconds left in the round, he left his opponent stunned after a series of strikes. A final blow sealed the fate of Jambo, who fell to the canvas and forced the referee to declare the end of the clash. A victory by TKO and one more point for Team Werdum.

The triumph, however, was not only greeted by happiness. After winning, Viscardi was carried away by the heat of the moment and dedicated the win to the coach of the opposing team, Minotauro. The coach, in turn, did not like the attitude of the fighter. The members of the teams talked, however, and Viscardi apologized to the coach, who also apologized for his reaction.

"I was feeling that I was harmed by the situation," blurted Viscardi. "That was choking me," he added. The war between the teams, however, promises to be even tougher in the next episode.


Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:58 pm
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TUF Brasil 2 - Episode 5 Recap:


• Takedowns make the difference as "Patolino" gets the better of "Marreta" by unanimous decision, giving Team Nogueira the power of fight selection

• Chosen by the green team, Leo Santos uses jiu-jitsu to control Juliano "Ninja"

• Joke by Fabricio Werdum unleashes a war between the teams in the locker room

The fifth episode of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2 put two welterweights into the quarterfinals of the program. After defeating Thiago "Marreta" by unanimous decision, William "Patolino" scored the first victory for Team Nogueira, who also won the right to match the next fight. The man chosen by the green team, Leonardo Santos, kept the balance in favor of his team, getting a unanimous decision win against Juliano "Ninja". Team Nogueira is now just one win behind Team Werdum. "Confidence is returning, and is much better," celebrated Minotauro.

In addition to the two qualifying matches, the episode also saw the war between the teams escalate. The battle began after a prank by Team Werdum, causing a reaction from the rival team. Soon, it was declared a war between the locker rooms as barricades were made, and apples, bananas, cans and chairs were thrown mercilessly.

With the power of selecting the next bout after winning the last fight, Team Werdum chose to match Thiago Marreta with William Patolino. The two have Muay Thai backgrounds, as Patolino began training to fight at the age of 12 already aiming for MMA, while "Marreta" currently serves as professor of the sport in two gyms. The battle between the two already began with an intense faceoff and fighter Marcio "Pedra" faced a dilemma: although a member of the yellow team of Marreta, he is a friend and training partner of William Patolino out of the house.

Marreta was the first to try the takedown, but Patolino was the first to succeed, controlling the fight while applying knees and elbows against the body and face. Marreta soon escaped and the fight resumed standing. Marreta took advantage of his reach, keeping the distance with jabs and kicks against the thigh before Patolino got yet another takedown.

Marreta returned for round two trying to make use of the reach again, with two good high kick attempts - including a spinning kick. Patolino, however, still applied his efficient strategy, and the result was a unanimous decision victory.

With the victory of Patolino, Team Nogueira won the decision-making power, and they chose Leo Santos to represent them against Juliano "Ninja". Highly ranked in jiu-jitsu, Leo Santos became the youngest world champion in the gentle art at age 15, in the blue belt division. Juliano, on the other hand, is also an expert in jiu-jitsu and wrestling, and is known for his quirky personality.

It was Santos emerging from the bout with a unanimous decision, but the defeat didn’t appear to shake Ninja, who, always positive, said “I've lived a lot worse things in life. I came to win. It was not my time.”


Fri Apr 19, 2013 3:30 pm
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TUF Brasil 2 - Episode 6 Recap:

Dutra subs Irie and gives Team Nogueira the lead

* Vitor Belfort was a target for jokes between the squads at TUF Brasil 2, while Wand gets mad with Daniel "Gelo"

Team Werdum and Team Nogueira started the sixth episode of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil 2 tied up, with each team currently having two representatives in the quarterfinals, and this fact brought even more intensity to the challenge that would define who will retain the power to select future fights.

The two groups of fighters entered the gym without knowing what was going to happen, but soon after, referee Mario Yamasaki explained the rules of a dodgeball match where the winning team would pick the next fight. The participants were very excited, and quickly William Macario and Marcio "Pedra" Santos were eliminated. From there, Team Nogueira opened a large advantage in the game, with Viscardi Andrade being the last man standing of Team Werdum. With a lot of dexterity, Andrade played with his heart and eliminated one after one from his adversary’s squad, getting the triumph in the dodgeball challenge.

His team’s choice for the next fight? Fabricio Werdum opted for Pedro Irie to represent him against Luis "Besouro" Dutra of Team Nogueira. After the pick, Big Nog said "That was what we wanted!"

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, the twin brother of Big Nog, visited to follow the training sessions, while Minotauro tried to pump his guys up because three of them sustained small injuries: "This is not different than what you guys had during a fight and you overcame it. Don't let the pace goes down, you're better than those guys. This is your life's chance."

Meanwhile, the yellow team’s work with Wanderlei Silva was on fire. Nobody escaped from the intensity, with even Werdum suffering a small cut under his chin and a black eye.

During these sessions, the first season coach of TUF Brasil, former UFC light heavyweight champion Vítor Belfort, was the target of several jokes coming from Wand. That wasn’t all though, as Team Nogueira’s men removed Belfort's poster from the wall and put it in the opponent's locker room while moving all pictures with Werdum into an upside down position. Eric Albarracin, wrestling coach of the green team, forgot his glasses during the prank and when he returned to get them, he was literally kidnapped by the opposing group. Big Nog and his pupils went there to save Albarracin and a total mess started, but in the end what bothered them the most was Belfort's poster.

In this week’s fight, the day of truth has come, as Dutra Jr. and Irie won't just determine the next fighter to advance, but mark the team which will now lead the competition.

In the initial moments, Dutra was better in the exchanges on the feet, and he landed good knees in the clinch. The luta livre black belt also got to take Irie down, putting the fight into his specialty, the ground. From there, Dutra worked to get a kimura and imposed his ground and pound. Irie committed the mistake of giving up his back to avoid the punishment, and that made Dutra's job easy, as he sunk in the rear naked choke that ended the fight 1:23 into the very first round.

Soon after the loss of Irie, Daniel Gelo praised Dutra's style, because they already trained together, to the teammates: "He's a superior competitor." Wand heard this and didn't like the comments, arguing with Daniel about his attitude.

"He [Wand] misunderstood that I was supporting the opposite team and giving the props to our adversary. He got mad, and asked for me to not talk like this anymore. I understood him," said Daniel.

"Wand showed him that this is not something to talk about. I can't say to my team that Dutra is dangerous, that’s he's the guy and things like that," Werdum stated.


Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:09 pm
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TUF Brasil 2 - Episode 7 Recap:

Argentine defeats Márcio "Pedra" by TKO in the first round, becoming the fourth Team Nogueira member to qualify for the quarterfinals

Episode seven gets special visit from UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell, who teaches some of his characteristic techniques

Fate of Daniel "Gelo" is decreed: after a conversation with UFC president Dana White, Team Werdum picks Cleiton "Foguete" to face substitute Yan Cabral

In the seventh episode of the second season of The Ultimate Fighter Brasil, Argentine Santiago Ponzinibbio qualified for the quarterfinals, dropping Márcio Pedra in one of the most exciting fights of the season so far.

With the victory, Team Nogueira now leads Team Werdum 4-2, with only two fights left to close the quarterfinal round: a battle between Gelo (substituting for Yan Cabral) and Cleiton Foguete, and the Wild Card bout, which will give two fighters previously eliminated the chance to fight again for a spot in the next round.

The episode also featured a guest appearance by former champion and UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell. One of the most respected fighters in UFC history, Liddell was praised by Minotauro and Werdum, and also showed some of his characteristic techniques to aspiring UFC fighters. Another special appearance was made by UFC president Dana White, who, via video, spoke about the future of Gelo.

The fighters did not hide their excitement when Chuck Liddell entered the gym. The former light heavyweight champion and UFC Hall of Fame member took the trip to teach the fighters how to throw the right hand, his characteristic punch. He recalled his own time as a coach on the first season of TUF when, alongside Randy Couture, he worked with future UFC greats like Forrest Griffin, Stephan Bonnar, Diego Sanchez, Kenny Florian, Josh Koscheck and Chris Leben. Team Liddell also produced the two winners: Griffin and Sanchez.

The fight between Santiago and Pedra started off with a bang. Without wasting much time to study each other, the two threw everything, exchanging strong blows from the beginning. Santiago, who comes from kickboxing and therefore was fighting in his comfort zone, connected punches and low kicks with ease, while Pedra, also very strong, retaliated and launched high kicks. Pedra landed an elbow to the face of Santiago, and the Argentine fell to the floor. He was then dominating, but Santiago eventually managed to get up and took control of the battle standing, and when a strong punch hit the face of Pedra, who fell to the mat, referee Mario Yamasaki stopped the fight right there.

The decision, however, was not well received by the yellow team. It was particularly bothersome for Wanderlei Silva, who made his displeasure clear as he left the gym as an angry protest. According to the members of Team Werdum, the decision to stop the bout was premature, since Pedra was still alert when dropped to the floor. "He fell and was not unconscious," said Fabricio Werdum. Gelo, however, said: "The referee has no time to think twice, he has to think and act."

The protests, however, did not alter the outcome of the fight. Santiago secured a place in the next stage, becoming the fourth member of Team Nogueira to achieve that status. The "Argentine hammer," as dubbed by coach Eric Albarracin, is the first non-Brazilian to advance in TUF Brasil. "I am very happy. It was a great fight for me, as he is one of the toughest athletes on the other team, very complete. My life story is about overcoming; I have to struggle to get things.”

Following the bout, UFC president Dana White made a special announcement, informing coaches Minotauro and Werdum that Gelo, the participant who came to replace the injured Yan Cabral, would fight against one of the participants previously eliminated from the green team. In the end, Cleiton Foguete, despite being injured, opted to fight again. Gelo and Foguete have their battle scheduled for the next episode.


Sat May 04, 2013 12:47 pm
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