Pete Spratt – Ready for Legacy FC 17 and Dan Hornbuckle

Pete Spratt – Ready for Legacy FC 17 and Dan Hornbuckle

By Dave Carpinello





This Friday night Legacy Fighting Championships returns live on AXS TV with the 17th installment of their fighting series. In the main event, fan favorite Pete “Secret Weapon” Spratt returns to action after ten months of inactivity due to an injury and subsequent surgery. His opponent, Dan Hornbuckle, a veteran of Bellator MMA comes into this fight riding a two-fight losing streak but Spratt has learned that you never underestimate your opponent and he talks to PunchDrunkGamer about his training, the upcoming fight and more.



PDG:  Your next fight is this Friday night at Legacy FC 17 against Dan “Handler” Hornbuckle; what do you think of your opponent?

Pete Spratt:  I think Dan is a very tough and durable opponent! He is well rounded and very good from top to bottom. This will be a very tough test for me! He trains with one of the best teams in the World, so I do have my work cut out for me!


PDG:  What advantages do you see for yourself going into this fight?

Pete Spratt:  At this stage of the mixed martial arts game I really don’t see any advantages for anyone. It’s just a matter of who can impose their will and game plan on the other person that night!


PDG: At such a young age, what still drives you to fight?

Pete Spratt:  I love my job! I am still learning and evolving as a fighter and it’s still fun for me! That is my drive!


PDG:  You will be entering your fight against Hornbuckle riding a two-fight win streak; if you beat him what do you think your aspirations going forward will be?

Pete Spratt:  Simply to win at the next opportunity! But seriously I don’t hold the key to what opportunities may arise. I evaluate them as they come and address them accordingly. The only thing I need to do is win!



PDG:  Is there any chance that your longtime fans might see you in a kickboxing cage once more before you retire from active combat sports?

Pete Spratt:  Umm….. I can’t say that they will. I mean I love kickboxing and Muay Thai but that stuff hurts. I am 42 years old and I really don’t want to subject my body to that type of punishment! But with that being said, if the right opportunity presented itself, then it could happen but it is not likely!


PDG:  Back to Friday’s fight. What was your training camp like leading up to this fight?

Pete Spratt:  My training camp was great. I probably spent five to six hours a day in the gym which consisted of strength training, conditioning, wrestling, striking and fight training! I spent Monday – Saturday in the gym. I feel great and the weight cut is going great. I am just excited to get back into the cage after having thumb surgery last April.


PDG:  In one sentence, what can your fans expect to see from “The Secret Weapon” in San Antonio, Texas?

Pete Spratt:  Actually there is no “The” in my name, a common mistake people make. I don’t need a whole sentence. I just need one word, “FIREWORKS!”




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