PunchDrunkGamer’s Best of 2013 – Video Game Awards

PunchDrunkGamer’s Best of 2013 Video Game Awards

By Dan Maurer




It is that time of year again (Happy New Years) when we give our take on the best and the worst of 2013 in the video game universe. There have been many highs (and unfortunately some lows) this year so its time to take a look at those right now, presenting the PunchDrunkGamer.com’s Best of 2013 – Video Game Awards.



Best Console: PlayStation 4




Released back on November 15th of 2013, the $399 power packed console has been sold out everywhere since launch. At a full $100 less than its closest competitor (Xbox One), its managed to build an install base of over 3 million units as of the December 21, 2013 sales numbers. The console is well ahead of the record pace it set with the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. 2014 looks to be a huge first full year for the Sony console.



Game of the Year: The Last Of Us (PlayStation 3)


Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed title for the PS3 managed to not only pack a stellar story into its game, but also managed to put on a graphical showcase on a console nearing the end of its life cycle. From beginning to end, this game delivers and packs a major punch. While most people will probably ask why Grand Theft Auto 5 was not chosen, but The Last Of Us was the more enjoyable game in our opinion.




Best RPG (Role-Playing Game): Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (PlayStation 3)


pdg-video-game-awards-2013-Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch


This one was an easy choice as nothing else in the RPG world in 2013 came close to this gem. Developed by Level 5, it was released to much critical acclaim and fanfare in Japan. Plans for a follow up to this hit game are currently in the planning stages.



Most Disappointing Game of the Year: Aliens Colonial Marines




What started out as an amazing preview and trailer for this game turned into a steaming pile of crap upon release. The game was universally panned among critics and became the butt of many jokes among the gaming community. Besides the big downgrade in graphics from the release trailer, the game is riddled with bugs and bad A.I. even to this day and to a degree that makes the game almost unplayable.



Best Shooter: BioShock Infinite


Continuing in the BioShock universe, this masterpiece from beginning to end puts you in the role of Booker Dewitt as he continues his adventure on the floating air city of Columbia. This game blends together elements of FPS and RPG style elements into a winning formula. Easily the best shooter of the year.




Best Sports Game: NBA 2K14




The best of the series by far, this year’s version of NBA 2K combines a visual graphics fest and fluid gameplay into one solid package.



Best Game Studio: Naughty Dog




The Last of Us. Need we say more?



Best Indie Game: Gone Home




A fantastic first person adventure game that has won acclaim with critics since its release. This is the Fullbright Company’s first game and we hope to see many more from them.



Best Soundtrack: Grand Theft Auto V




Easily the best choice this year. A packed soundtrack that fits the atmosphere of the game perfectly. No other game came close to Grand Theft Auto V in terms of soundtracks this year.



Best Mobile Game: Infinity Blade 3




The final game from developed Chair in the Infinity Blade saga, this game doesn’t disappoint. By far the best looking mobile game out there and it is quite fun to play as well.



Best Fighting Game: Injustice Gods Among Us


Superheroes. Villains. A great fighting game system and the graphics to go along with it? Sounds like a winning formula to me. Also helps that this game plays fantastic offline and online.




Best Driving Game: Forza Motorsport 5




Currently the premier racing franchise, this year’s game continues the blend of fantastic graphics and stellar gameplay. Developed by Turn 10, this year’s game is the first next generation racing game and boy it does not disappoint at all.



Best Handheld Game: The Legend Of Zelda – A Link Between Worlds




Not only was this game by far the best handheld game of the year, this may very well be one of the best Zelda games ever made. Mixing classic gameplay elements with new gameplay mechanics, this game is a must own for not just any Nintendo 3DS owner, but any handheld game player period. Seriously, its worth getting a 3DS just to play this.



There you have it ladies and gentlemen, PunchDrunkGamer.com’s list of gaming awards for 2013. Here’s hoping for another great year of gaming in 2014.



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