Remember Me – Game Analysis and Review

Remember Me – Game Analysis and Review

By Dan Maurer




Developer:  Dontnod Entertainment

Publisher:  Capcom

Director:  Jean-Max Moris

Composer:  Olivier Deriviere

Engine:  Unreal Engine 3

Platforms:  Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Release Date:  June 4, 2013

Genre:  Action-adventure

Mode:  Single-player



The year is 2084. Held under surveillance by corrupt state officials, the citizens of Neo-Paris have forfeited confidentiality in exchange for the convenience of technology. They’ve even given up memories. Now, cherished recollections are commodities, bought, sold, and bartered. This is where the main character Nilin steps in.


As a so-called Memory Hunter, Nilin can break into people’s brains to loot, alter and overload. Fearful of this power, her former employer Memorize wipes her slate and locks her up. Nilin’s escape from head-sapping mega jail, Bastille, kick-starts a journey of revolution and rediscovery: of who she is, of what she knows, and of just how much damage a Memhunter can do to Big Brother.





The gameplay can be quite fun at times and very engaging. The game is a well driven story title that sucks you into the aspects of it and even at some points tugs at the old heart strings. Combos can be customized up to eight which makes combat interesting. The open world aspect however eventually gives way to ordinary combat. You will spend about half of the game fighting, and the other half platforming.






Graphically this is a very beautiful game. Environments look colorful and eye popping, and character models look very nice. This is one of the better looking games that’s came out in years and it shows in the detail design. I did not experience any graphical glitches or other issues during my initial gameplay run. All in all a beautiful graphical showcase.





The story is well written and easy to follow. As I stated before it will draw you in and keep you searching for more and more clues as you work to recover the memories. The characters are all likeable and while combat can be frustrating at times, it still provides somewhat of a challenge. Very enjoyable game for the most part and would recommend it to anyone looking for a game with a good story.



OVERALL SCORE: 7.5 out of 10




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