Star Wars Battlefront – Bespin DLC Details and Gameplay Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront – Bespin DLC Details and Gameplay Trailer
By PDG Staff


Experience new heroes, maps, mode, weapons, star cards and more in the new Bespin digital expansion. Join Lando Calrissian and Dengar in the Cloud City of Bespin. Take flight in a cloud car, journey through Cloud City, navigate carbon-freezing chambers, or hunt enemies with the X-8 Night Sniper and EE-4 blasters. This deal is getting better all the time.

The Star Wars Battlefront Bespin digital expansion arrives in June 2016. Star Wars Battlefront is available now on Xbox One. Purchase the Season Pass and get access to all four digital expansions two weeks early!
Key Features:

* Five Multiplayer Maps Set on the Cloud City of Bespin – Visit iconic locations from the movie, including the platforms, bridges and unforgettable white hallways of the Administrator’s Palace, to the dark, industrial corridors of the Carbon-Freezing Chambers. Take a few steps into the Star Wars™ Legends with the map called the Bioniip Laboratories, where cybernetics and other bio-implants were manufactured.

* New Heroes: A Smuggler & Bounty Hunter – Join legendary smuggler Lando Calrissian and cold-blooded bounty hunter Dengar in the Cloud City of Bespin.

* New Vehicle: Cloud Car – Take to the skies in the new cloud car vehicle and journey through Cloud City and the Administrator’s Palace.

* New Game Mode: Sabotage – The Empire has deployed several tractor beams on the surface of Cloud City that prevents Rebel ships from escaping the planet. In order to power the tractor beams, the Empire makes use of Tibanna Gas Generators that draw from the Tibanna Gas native to Bespin.

* New Blasters:

X8 Night Sniper – The X-8 Night Sniper is a blaster pistol with decent damage, cooling power, and range. It stands out due to its enhanced scope with heat vision, capable of revealing humanoids in most weather and times of day.
EE4 – The EE-4 was constructed with a short and stubby barrel to allow it to fire more effectively at a closer range with spread shots. Despite the reduction in accuracy at range, the weapon makes up for it with a greater rate of fire.

* New Star Cards:

Scout Binoculars – Powerful binoculars capable of revealing enemy units to the entire team.
Shock Grenade – The shock grenade delivers a non-lethal electrical discharge, leaving anyone caught in the field incapable of moving.
Disruption – Localized disruption wave that knocks out enemy blasters, turrets, and droids.