Starhawk – Story Trailer

In the far reaches of space, factions of humanity battle over a rare and dangerous resource known as rift energy. Colonies of rift miners, called Rifters, have been prospecting throughout the new frontier, harvesting the rift energy for profit.


Threatening the Rifters’ way of life are the Outcast, mutated humans who have evolved due to exposure to rift energy. The Outcast now believe the Rift is sacred, and will savagely fight to protect it at all costs. Drawn into the conflict is Emmett Graves, a former Rifter ostracized from society due to his exposure to Rift Energy, which left him partially mutated and scarred.


Graves travels the frontier as a Rift Salvager – a hired gun with knack for saving claims from the Outcast threat. Emmett is charged with protecting his former home of White Sands from a cold-blooded Outlaw and his Outcast warband.



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