Steve Moxon – Stone Cold Ready for GLORY 15 and Niclas Larsen

Steve Moxon – Stone Cold Ready for GLORY 15 and Niclas Larsen

By Dave Carpinello




This weekend at GLORY 15 Istanbul, “Stone Cold” Steve Moxon returns to action as he faces off against Niclas Larsen. The Australian kickboxer and multi-time champion recently took some time to talk with about his upcoming fight, changing fight teams, the GLORY Light Heavyweight World Championship Tournament and more. Enjoy!



PDG:  You recently changed fight teams to Top Tier Muay Thai; what lead you to that decision?

Steve Moxon:  The reason I changed gyms was because I needed to progress my training and also to further my career. I researched gyms all over Australia and Top Tier was the complete package for what I needed.


PDG:  Have you made any other changes to your training since your loss to Andy Souwer at Shoot Boxing Battle Summit Ground Zero Tokyo 2013?

Steve Moxon:  First off, that fight was a win-win for me, loss, draw or win. Fighting someone of his caliber, on five days notice and with shoot boxing rules was no easy mission. I was able to gain experience and I also was able to promote my name. Since then, including the move, I have now been able to train 2x a day, everyday and develop my body in a stronger and fitter way with alternative training and hard pad work.


PDG:  Your next fight is coming up at GLORY 15 Istanbul against Niclas Larsen; what advantages do you see for yourself going into this fight?

Steve Moxon:  I think that my advantages will be my speed and power. I have fought many tall guys over my career and I don’t see him being a threat to me in anyway. This fight is a case of two different combat styles, which I am used to; therefore I will hunting for the knockout.


PDG:  This will be your third fight under the GLORY banner, what stands out about them as an organization that has allowed them to surpass K-1 as the top global kickboxing promotion?

Steve Moxon:  GLORY is not only run as an extremely professional and smooth show, they sign all the top fighters in the world to be there. Being part of that is an amazing experience and I aim to put myself in a position to be in the Top 10 by the end of this year.




PDG:  Do you think K-1 will ever recover and challenge GLORY for kickboxing supremacy?

Steve Moxon:  NO.


PDG:  Can you give your fans a breakdown of a typical day of training for you? (ex: hours, workouts, etc.)

Steve Moxon:  My mornings consist of strength training or cardio work anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Then the evenings will consist of running, padwork and technique with bag work. I am always thinking of ways to improve for my next fight.


PDG:  In the last four plus years you have already accumulated 43 fights; how many times, including the fight this weekend, would you like to have this year?

Steve Moxon:  Each year I aim to have eight to ten fights. This year though, the more the better.


PDG:  Also at GLORY 15, Turkey’s Gokhan Saki, Australia’s Nathan Corbett, Suriname’s Tyrone Spong and Brazil’s Saulo Cavalari will be fighting in Light Heavyweight World Championship Tournament. Do you have a prediction on who will win the tournament?

Steve Moxon:  I believe that Gokhan Saki and Tyrone Spong will meet in the finals for an amazing fight. As far as a prediction goes, I see Spong taking the final with a knockout and thus being crowned the tournament champion.


PDG:  When you are not fighting or training, do you play any video games? If so what games and do you prefer the Xbox, PlayStation or PC? Also, do you have a favorite drink or beer?

Steve Moxon:  I love playing small app games such as Stick Cricket and Mini Golf. If I had to pick a favorite console though, it would be the PlayStation for sure. Also, when I have some down time, like to have an ice cold Carlton Draft or two.


PDG:  Thanks for your time and good luck this weekend. Is there any sponsors, coaches, etc. that you would like to thank?

Steve Moxon:  Thanks for the interview; I would like to thank all the team at Top Tier Muay Thai and also my sponsors AWA Supplements and Fairtex Australia. Don’t miss GLORY 15 Istanbul Saturday Night!!



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