Superkombat World Grand Prix 38 Bucharest – Highlight Video

Superkombat World Grand Prix 38 Bucharest – Highlight Video
By PDG Staff


Superkombat kicked off their 2016 WGP on May 7, 2016. In the main-event of the night, and for the Superkombat Light Heavyweight World Title, Cesar Almeida from Brazil took on Moises Baute from Spain in an explosive and powerful match-up. In the co-main-event, Stauros Exakoustidis of Greece and Cristian Spetcu of Romania faced off and the rest of the WGP portion of the card featured Imanol Rodriguez, Dumitru Topai, Clyde Brunswijk, Sebastian Cozmâncă, Kirk Krouba, Dangelo Marshall, Cristian Milea and Amansio Paraschiv.

The night’s festivities kicked off with a Superkombat New Heroes fight card that featured Danut Hurduc versus Cristian Ristea in the main event. The New Heroes Series is the feeder category for the SK World Grand Prix. The chance for up and coming fighters to prove themselves on the global stage and the opportunity to fight against the top names in the sport.

Now enjoy this kickass highlight video from Bucharest!!