The King of Rock ‘n Rumble Previews Jon Jones vs Glover Teixeira

The King of Rock ‘n Rumble Previews Jon Jones vs Glover Teixeira

By Elvis Sinosic




UFC Light Heavyweight Championship

Jon Jones (19-1, 13-1 UFC) vs. Glover Teixeira (22-2, 5-0 UFC)

This is a big fight the MMA World is looking towards. Jones is currently the undisputed UFC LHW champion. He’s defended the belt 6 times (setting a UFC record). Jones has 20 fights and 19 wins, with his loss being a disqualification due to illegal elbows. It’s also a tad controversial, but that’s another story. He has 9 KO’s and 6 subs. Teixeira is coming into the match with 22 wins and 2 losses (his last loss being a decision in 2005) with a 20 fight win streak. He has 13 KO’s and 6 subs. Record wise they are very closely matched, though Glover has marginally finished more fights. Jones is 6’4 with an 84.5in reach, Teixeira is 6’2 with a 76in reach. Jones comes into the fight with an advantage in the physical attributes. Jones is an accomplished wrestler with a very unorthodox striking style. Teixeira is a 2nd Degree BJJ black belt known for his KO power. Both fighters have skill sets that can cause the other problems. This makes it a very interesting match.


Let’s take a look at their last fights. Jones fought the “Mauler” Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165. Jones was badly cut above the eye during the first round, but he continued and eventually won the back-and-forth fight via a very controversial unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, and 49-46). Many believe Gustaffson did more than enough to win the fight. The consensus was that Jones has been able to use his physical attributes to be successful and when Gus was able to match that he wasn’t as dominant as he had been previously.  I believe it had more to do with Gus’s footwork and movement and his ability to disengage from the clinch (which would partly be due to matching him physically). Teixeira’s last bout was against Ryan Bader and it took place at UFC Fight Night 28. Despite being dropped early in the first round by Bader, Teixeira rallied back and won the fight via TKO in the first round. Glover was over eager and a little reckless going in and was caught by Bader (who has heavy hands) but he showed a great chin, ring awareness and ability to rally back and win the fight.


The question is does Glover have the physical attributes to match Jones. Does he have the footwork to pressure Jones because he needs to stay on the inside, but in doing so also avoid the clinch. Is his takedown defense good enough? If he gets taken down, will his Jiu Jitsu be effective enough to counter Jones on top. Also, Glover has only had four of his matches go the distance and they have all been three rounders. Does he have the gas for a five round title bout? Will he wilt in the championship rounds. With Jones the question is can he handle Glover’s power. Will he be able to handle Glover’s forward pressure. The fight will be determined by whoever can control the distance. If Jones can stay on the outside and use his kicks and when Glover comes in clinch him and take him down, he will win the fight. If Glover can stay in boxing range, avoid the clinch and getting caught on the outside, he’ll be able to work his boxing and unleash his power on Jones. I also think we’ll see Glover go for some takedowns on Jones, if he gets on top of him, he’ll definitely give him trouble. I believe Glover has what it takes to defeat Jones. He has the KO power, the footwork, grappling and wrestling to be a legitimate threat to Jones. Saying that, Jones gets better with every fight. He is an extremely unorthodox fighter and that is very hard to replicate in the gym. Teixeira’s style is much easier to replicate and Jones has training partners who can do that.


My prediction that this match will be a great back and forth battle. Glover coming on strong in the early rounds with Jones rallying back in the later rounds. I think it will go to decision with Jones taking the victory and claiming his 7th title defense.

Enjoy the fight – Elvis Sinosic



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