UFC 134 Rio: Main Event Guest Panel Picks

UFC 134 Rio: Main Event Guest Panel Picks

By Dave Carpinello


This weekend the UFC makes one of its biggest moves when it returns to Brazil for the first time since 1998′s UFC 17.5 (UFC Ultimate Brazil). The event marks the first UFC in Brazil under Zuffa’s ownership and is a huge international move from the company who has primarily worked on expansion into Canada and Europe.


In the main event the world’s top pound-for-pound fighter and UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva looks to avenge a disqualification loss to Yushin Okami. Here is the PunchDrunkGamer UFC 134 Rio Main Event Guest Panel Picks!



Matt “The Law” Lindland (22-9, US Olympic Silver Medalist) – “Since I’ve had the privilege to train Yushin for his last 3 fights and this up coming title fight against Anderson Silva, I would say I might be a little bias. I can assure you he is prepared with a great game plan and possesses the right skills to win this fight. I am confident in his conditioning to go five rounds. Okami is a work horse in the gym, on and off the mat he is an absolute student of the sport and put the time in all areas of his training. I expect victory and wish Yushin all the best Saturday in Brazil.”



Thomas “Wildman” Denny (27-19-1, Former KOTC Welterweight Champion) – “I will call Anderson by TKO in the 3rd Round. Yushin will be outclassed and the frustration will kick in and he will get desperate and start making bad decisions and Silva will go in for the kill. Yushin isn’t the wrestler Chael Soenen is and it will show.”



Paul “Semtex” Daley (27-11-2, Former Cage Rage British Welterweight Champion) – “Anderson Silva will beat Okami, after being tested over rounds 1 and 2, Anderson will get the TKO finish in round 3.”



Shayna “The Queen of Spades” Baszler (14-6, FCF Women’s Bantamweight Grand Prix Champion) – “I think Okami’s game is Silva’s but Silva is better and way more destructive. I want to see Silva taken off the throne, but I don’t think Okami’s the guy to do it.”



Andy Main (5-1, Ultimate Fighter Alum) – “It will be a long night for Yushin Okami in Rio in my opinion. Anderson Silva will put on a clinic. I see this looking a lot like either of the Franklin/Silva fights. To say Yushin is going to be stronger that Silva is crazy. We should expect to see another flashy kick or knee finish and my guess is it’ll be in the 3rd.”



Dan “The Beast” Severn (100-18-7, UFC Hall of Fame) – “I believe most of today’s MMA fans are going to feel that Okami is the underdog in this fight, but in reality it’s very fairly matched.  More than likely, this will be a great ground battle for that Middleweight title.  I’m looking forward to this one.”



Jesse Finney (6-1 MMA Record, Owner of Finney’s H.I.T. Squad Gym) – “I feel Anderson will destroy him again. He is going to want to shine in his home country and he will have another highlight KO.”



Scott Casber (Takedown Wrestling Radio) – “I don’t want to get into a pissing match with anyone about opinions right or wrong but…. I have not always been a fan of Anderson Silva but my opinion has changed. I now see what Dana and others have been seeing for years. Silva is one of the most talented and dangerous men to ever set foot in the Octagon.  This one goes down in Anderson’s backyard. Anderson wins late in the 1st or early in the 2nd. With respect to Yushin Okami and his camp, Okami, You will not win and you cannot win.”



George Roop (12-7-1, Ultimate Fighter Alum) – “I’m going to have to pick Anderson Silva to win. His history speaks for it self.”



Paul Bradley (18-3, Strikeforce & UFC Vet) – “I’m going with Anderson Silva all the way by first round KO. How can you even bet against the guy anymore?”



Mike Reilly (Team Bison, MMA Coach, Jujitsu & Judo Black Belt) – “It is simply insane to bet against Anderson Silva and yet that is exactly what I’m going to do.  Anderson has faced better grapplers, wrestlers and strikers then Okami.  He has faced more well rounded fighters then Okami and beat them all with an ease and grace rarely ever seen.  But Okami has one thing in his favor; he is unafraid.  Since coming into the UFC Anderson’s opponents have wilted.  Some have covered their uncertainty with bravado; others have simply given him too much respect.  Okami has no uncertainty.  He will go into the cage and fight in the moment.  He will not hesitate or back up or forget the fundamentals.  He will fight Anderson and there in Anderson’s house he will take the title and shock the world. Okami via TKO in the 2nd.”



Pete “The Secret Weapon” Spratt (23-20, ISKA U.S. Middleweight Champion) – “Interesting match up I think should probably be a very tough test for Anderson. But with that being said I am going to go with Anderson via TKO in the 3rd round. He has an axe to grind with Okami. He need’s to right a wrong!”



Muhsin Corbbrey (9-7, Shidokan World Champion) – “I think it’ll be pretty one sided for Silva.”



Jamie “C-4” Varner (17-5-1-2, Former WEC Lightweight Champion) – “Silva will outclass him on the feet before Okami even has a chance to get it to the ground therefore Okami will not have a chance.  Round 2 Silva TKO.”



Anthony Njokuani (14-6-1, UFC & WEC Vet) – “Anderson Silva, no question, always bet on black.”