UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage – Main Event Guest Panel Picks

UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage – Main Event Guest Panel Picks

By Dave Carpinello



In the main event this weekend, the world’s most exciting young fighter and UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones looks to continue his victory run with a win over former PRIDE superstar and UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Here are the PunchDrunkGamer UFC 135 Main Event Guest Panel Picks!



Erik Paulson (11-4-2 MMA Record, Former Light Heavyweight Shooto Champion, Combat Submission Wrestling) – “I think that Jon Jones has the momentum right now. Rampage has to really work hard to create a solid game plan to beat him and stick to it. Age plays a major gap unless complete preparation and conditioning is a key for Rampage!”


Paul “Semtex” Daley (28-11-2, Former Cage Rage British Welterweight Champion) – “I got Rampage within the first 2 rounds but if it goes longer I got Jones by TKO.”


Shayna “The Queen of Spades” Baszler (14-6, FCF Women’s Bantamweight Grand Prix Champion) – “I think Jones has the ability to be a more dominant fighter in the long run, but I’m hoping Rampage’s experience will win this one for him. Always been a Rampage fan. I hope it’s a lesson learned moment for him (Jones) like the 1st time GSP lost to Hughes set the pace for his dominant career.”


Dan “The Beast” Severn (100-18-7, UFC Hall of Fame) – “Jon Bones Jones is undefeated for a reason.  His athletic prowess may dominate Rampage.  However, if Jackson can get the right shot in, he may get the upset and take the title back.”


Scott Casber (Takedown Wrestling Radio) – “Jon Jones has the heart of a wrestler going back to his days in Junior College as a Titan in Ft. Dodge, Iowa. Rampage has done a great job of building his rep as a talker and a fighter. I’d rather have a wrestler like Jones in my corner than a talker like Rampage. Given the obvious skills of Jackson and his 2 back to back wins it would be hard to pick against him, but I will. I’ve got Jones till the end in this one or anywhere along the way.”


Josh “The Warmaster” Barnett (31-5, Former UFC Heavyweight Champion) – “My prediction is PAIN!”


Ken Pavia (Takedown Fight Media) – “Page by getting ghetto, Jones is becoming civilized and Page is more experienced and knows how to go to that dark place.”


Ricky Lundell (Head Instructor University of Grappling in Utah) – “If it goes past the 1st and 2nd rounds, I believe Rampage Jackson will win this fight. I feel Jon Jones hasn’t been fully tested in the Octagon yet, and Rampage is a perfect veteran to truly test Jon Jones’ strength and mental toughness in a war.”


Paul “The Gentleman” Bradley (18-3, Strikeforce & UFC Vet) – “How can anyone bet against Jones at this point.  He seems to be getting better and better every single time he steps into the cage.  I’m going with Jones by TKO in the second round.”


Karen Darabedyan (9-4, Black Belts in Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, TaeKwondo) – “Jones all the way.”


Bryan Caraway (15-5, Currently on Season 14 of The Ultimate Fighter) – “Jones, he is too fast and talented but you can never count out Rampage’s power!”


Cyrille “The Snake” Diabaté (17-7-1 MMA Record, 32-8 Kickboxing Record) – “I think Jones will win, he moves well, has tremendous reach and is completely unpredictable. I’ll be watching for sure as I am a big fan of both fighters.”


Frank “The Tank” Lester (6-6, Ultimate Fighter Alum) – “I’m calling for a Jon Jones TKO from strikes in the 3rd Round.”


Dr. John Fitzgerald (The Blood Doc) – “I think Jon Jones will win by elbow strikes in the second round.”


Jesse Finney (6-1 MMA Record, Owner of Finney’s H.I.T. Squad Gym) – “I think that this card top to bottom is a great card to buy. I really think Jon Jones is one of the best if not the best fighter out there. I think Jon is too fast for Rampage and Jones will probably TKO Rampage in the 2nd Round.”


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