UFC 142 Rio: Aldo vs. Mendes – Post-Fight Fighter Quotes, Comments & Photos

UFC 142 Rio: Aldo vs. Mendes – Post-Fight Fighter Quotes, Comments & Photos

By PDG Staff




This past Saturday night the UFC made its second trip to Brazil in the last eight months with UFC 142. In the main event featherweight king Jose Aldo defended his UFC crown against then undefeated Chad Mendes, while former UFC champion and PRIDE veteran Vitor Belfort choked out Anthony Johnson in the co-main event. The rest of main card, airing on pay-per-view, featured fan favorite and sometime headcase Rousimar Palhares as he defeated Mike Massenzio.  Also, mixed martial arts veteran Carlo Prater stepped in as a replacement for Siyar Bahadurzada and won a controversial fight against Erick Silva and Edson Barboza delivered a head kick heard in England as he defeated Terry Etim.



Here is what the fighters had to say regarding the night’s festivities:



UFC Featherweight Championship – Aldo knees Mendes into the Netherworld



Jose Aldo – “This is the spirit I wanted to come out with tonight. The fans here gave me so much energy. We knew Chad was going to try to take me off my feet. We prepared for that and I had a chance to land the knee. It connected and I finished the fight. I was so overcome with emotion that I wanted to celebrate with my people.”



Chad Mendes – “Jose is a great champion and he was the better man tonight. He showed why he’s one of the best fighters in the world. I knew it would be hard to take him down, but I kept trying. I tried to keep the pressure, but he is just so tough and his takedown defense is great. I wanted the title so bad.”




Co-Main Event – Belfort chokes out the overweight Johnson



Vitor Belfort – “I didn’t stop the entire fight. He kept trying to take me down and I kept fighting it. ‘Make him quit.’ That was my goal and I did just that. I had the whole country (of Brazil) behind me and I could feel it in there tonight. Next to God and my family, my fans are one of the most important things to me. Rio, America, all over… I love my fans.”



Anthony Johnson – “A loss is a loss. My legs just got really tired. I didn’t get beat up in there and he really didn’t hurt me with what he hit me with. I just got tired. I’ve got to figure this thing out.”




Fight #8: Palhares submits Massenzio



Rousimar Palhares – “What a great victory! It’s what I always say when I get in there…if it’s God’s will then it is God’s will. I went in there and got it done. I like submissions and I got another one tonight.”



Mike Massezio – “That’s a world-class athlete who was the better fighter tonight. I had the best camp of my career. I just got stuck. It wasn’t my night. I’m really disappointed.”




Fight #7: Prater defeats Silva by Disqualification



Carlo Prater – “I’m not a judge. I didn’t stop the fight. All I know is that he hit me and it sent a shock of pain through my body unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I don’t know if the shots were legal. I just know it was unlike anything I’ve ever felt.”



Erick Silva – “Everyone here knows that wasn’t intentional. I don’t know what else to say.”




Fight #6: Barboza defeats Etim with a vicious KO



Edson Barboza – “When you fight in Brazil, it’s unlike fighting in any other place in the world. In a fight, you try things and hope they work. Tonight, it (the kick) worked. It’s something I’ve practiced a lot and I finally was able to land it hard. I’m happy with this outcome and you can expect more of that soon.”



Terry Etim was transported to local hospital for medical care following the fight and was unavailable for comment.




Fight #5: Tavares defeats Stout via Decision



Thiago Tavares – “Sam Stout was the toughest opponent I’ve ever faced and this is the biggest win of my career. I thought about this fight for a long time. I have to be honest: of all the ways I saw this fight going, I never expected to beat him striking. I tried to take the fight to the ground, but he has great takedown defense. The fight stayed on the feet and I was able to win there. I want another big name next.”



Sam Stout – “This was my first fight without Shawn (Tompkins). It was definitely an adjustment not having him in my corner. I hope Shawn would be proud. I thought I took rounds two and three, but I just struggled to find my rhythm. My head wasn’t in it in the first round. I had a slow start and I have no one to blame but myself for that.”




Fight #4: Gonzaga chokes out the UFC newcomer



Gabriel Gonzaga – “It felt great to be back in the Octagon. I showed that I still have my BJJ skills in there tonight. My time away from the UFC was good for me. I dealt with some personal business in my life and came back refocused. Before, I was training well, but my mind just wasn’t in it. Now, I’m back, I feel great. I’m focused and I showed that by beating a 13-0 fighter.”



Ednaldo Oliveira – “Part of me is sad and part of me is angry. I left an opening and Gabriel capitalized. I wanted to win badly and this is not a good feeling.”




Fight #3: Alcantara defeated Omigawa by Unanimous Decision



Yuri Alcantara – “This was like the World Cup for me tonight. To fight against a veteran like him was a true honor. I hope this win proved to the UFC that I’m ready for the main card. I felt like a complete fighter in there tonight.”



Michihiro Omigawa suffered an injury during the contest and was transported to a local hospital for further examination. Thus, he was unavailable for comment.




Fight #2: Mike Pyle TKO’s Ricardo Funch



Mike Pyle – “After my last fight, I took a step back and readjusted some things in my training. I knew that I had to really take a look at my whole MMA game and I think you saw some of the adjustments and improvements tonight. My striking and my overall game have evolved. This was an important fight for me in my career and I appreciate Ricardo taking this fight on short notice.”



Ricardo Funch – “I’m disappointed. I don’t have any excuses. He caught me with a good shot and it was over.”




Fight #1: Arantes gets Unanimous Decision win over Carvalho



Felipe Arantes – “I’m very happy with this win because I went out there and proved to the people of Brazil that I belong in the Octagon. He was a very tough opponent. I had a tough camp and battled some injuries, but I was able to get in there tonight and control the striking and win.”



Antonio Carvalho – “I expected the crowd to be against me, but I’m not sure it played a big factor. They were definitely loud. In the end, Felipe listened to his corner very well. I wish I would have had more efficient shots (for takedowns) because they worked in the first round. I went for a few too many submissions and tired myself out.”





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