UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit – Main Event Guest Panel Predictions

UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit – Main Event Guest Panel Predictions

By Dave Carpinello





On Saturday night, live from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on Pay-Per-View, elite welterweights Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit throw down for the interim UFC welterweight championship in what some are predicting will be the fight of the year and PDG was able to nail down some of the best fighters, coaches, trainers and industry professionals in mixed martial arts for their predictions for Nick Diaz versus Carlos Condit.




PunchDrunkGamer’s UFC 143: Diaz vs. Condit – Main Event Guest Panel Predictions:



Paul Daley (29-11-2, Former Cage Rage British Welterweight Champion) – “I was all for Diaz winning but looking at it closer, I think Carlos is going to win by TKO.”



Gilbert Melendez (20-2, Strikeforce Lightweight Champion) – “Nick by whatever he wants.”



Jamie Varner (18-6-1-2, Former WEC Lightweight Champion) – “Carlos is going to win this fight in the third round with GNP.”



Pat Miletich (29-7-2, Former UFC Welterweight Champion, Miletich Fighting Systems) – “Great fight. Condit is a very tough match-up for Nick, but I have to give him a slight edge. Nick Diaz by decision.”



Aaron Rosa (17-4, UFC & Strikeforce Vet) – “Nick Diaz via Decision.”



Paul Bradley (18-4, Strikeforce & UFC Vet) – “I am going to have to go with Diaz on this one.  The guy has been on fire for more than three years now and nobody seems to be able to figure him out.  I’m going to say he wins by decision in this fight.”



Muhsin Corbbrey (9-7, Shidokan World Champion) – “I am rooting for Diaz. I think if he keeps constant pressure on Condit then he can overwhelm him and make him fold. Condit is a monster so I expect him to show himself well though.”



Mike Kogan (HDNet Fights) – “Nick Diaz by Decision.”



Jesse Finney (6-1, Owner of Finney’s H.I.T. Squad Gym) – “I have learned to NOT to bet against Nick Diaz. I hope it’s a stand up war and could turn out to be fight of the year for 2012. I am going with Nick though with a submission in Round 3.”



Diego Sanchez (23-4, The Ultimate Fighter 1 Winner) – “This is a great style match up! I predict it will be a back and fourth battle and the winner will be the man who has the smaller ego. That being said they both want to stand but I see Carlos using angles and landing harder shots through rounds 1 & 2.  Rounds 3, 4 and five the edge will go to Nick with accumulation punches in bunches.  Blood will be drawn. This fight has cut’s written all over it. Both fighters have great chins and good cardio so it will come down to a test of will, even the best conditioned athlete if pushed to the limit will have to dig deeper Into the Soul for something inside of the heart that makes champions… champions! With that all said I know both men. Carlos is my teammate and we scrap all the time and he has a warrior heart, I fought Nick and fighting is what he was born to do. I want to see this fight go to the ground. I see the better wrestler winning by ground and pound. Prediction toss up and it will be a great fight, I’m excited!”



John Hackleman (10th degree black belt Hawaiian Kempo, 10th degree black belt Kajukenbo) – “Nick Diaz”



Greg Nelson (Founder – Minnesota Martial Arts Academy) – “I am going with Diaz on this one. Condit is super dangerous, but I feel Nick has more experience and is tougher. Unless Nick gets hurt early, he will win.”



Duane Ludwig (21-12 MMA, 43-7-1 Kickboxing) – “Nick Diaz is going to win this fight with a 4th round TKO/Referee Stoppage at the 2:34 mark.”



Andy Main (5-1, Ultimate Fighter Alum) – “So when I told everyone that Nate Diaz would embarrass Donald Cerrone, people thought I was crazy. While Condit is a great fighter and I always enjoy watching him, he is going to get embarrassed by Nick Diaz. Nick Diaz has the best boxing for MMA right now and will shut down Condit’s striking. If Condit chooses to try to take it to the mat, keep those elbows tight pal…”



Thomas Denny (27-19-1, Former King of the Cage Welterweight Champion ) – “Great fight or super boring if Condit wants the win he will have to put Nick on his back for sum lay and pray! You have to come hard and aggressive to take Nick out of his game to beat him at his own. That being said Nick Diaz stops Condit with a TKO in the 3rd.”



Ken Pavia (Takedown Fight Media) – “Diaz because he is gangster! How does Condit win? Mad respect but he isn’t going to submit Diaz or out strike him or out cardio him. The only way to beat Diaz is to out wrestle him.”



Marcio “Gracinha” Cesar (14-6-1) – “Nick Diaz.”




Guest Panel Predictions Results:


Nick Diaz – 14


Carlos Condit – 2


Undecided – 1




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  1. Not a lot of votes for Condit, I think he has a better chance than most are giving him. Thanks again to our great Guest Panelists for their predictions.