UFC Tonight – The Post UFC 166 Edition with Velasquez and Cormier – Videos and Quotes

UFC Tonight – The Post UFC 166 Edition with Velasquez and Cormier – Videos and Quotes

By PDG Staff




On this week’s UFC Tonight, host Kenny Florian is joined by Daniel Cormier to preview the upcoming UFC Fight Night: Machida vs Munoz fight. Plus, Cormier interviews heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez after his title defense at UFC 166.


UFC Tonight Host Kenny Florian on Lyoto Machida’s keys to victory at this weekend’s UFC Fight Night: “Machida’s an extremely accurate striker, and he loves to counter strike. He has great power. He’s extremely fast. He has to keep up the movement and angles, it makes him difficult to clinch and take down. He has to look to finish the fight.”


Daniel Cormier on Mark Munoz’s keys to victory over Machida at this weekend’s UFC Fight Night: “Mark attempts more takedowns than any middleweight in the division. Once he has you down, then he has brutal ground and pound, what he calls his donkey punches. He has to push the pace and see if the weight cut affected Lyoto. He needs to hit the takedowns and control him and do damage on the top. It will take away Machida’s legs and take away his elusiveness. If Mark can do that, he’ll be very successful.”







UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez on if he took much damage during the fight against Junior Dos Santos: “I’m a little sore. My throat is sore and I’ve got a raspy voice.”


Velasquez on if he knew Herb Dean was going to stop the fight in the third round: “I didn’t feel Herb coming up on me and Junior kept fighting, so I didn’t stop.”


Velasquez on if he thought the fight should have been stopped: “No. He kept fighting. He fell, but he got up and he kept fighting.”


Velasquez on facing Fabricio Werdum next: “I have a lot of respect for him. He’s a good jiu-jitsu guy and a good stand-up guy. He’s a big, strong, tough guy. He’s been at the top for a long time. I have lots of respect for him.”





UFC Tonight Guest Analyst Cormier on if he’d fight Alexander Gustafsson fight: “I have no problem fighting Alexander Gustafsson, but my concern is Alexander is going to fight in Europe somewhere next. I don’t want to make my first cut down to 205 oversees. I need food here in the US. I would fight him, but I’d rather not do it overseas.”


Cormier on who else he’d fight at 205: “I want the fights that matter, that I need if I’m going to fight for the title. Moving to 205, I wanted to fight for the title. I want big fights. Give me Lil’ Nog. I want big fights that will make me a contender.”


UFC Tonight Insider Ariel Helwani on Melvin Guillard: “He’s turned into an MMA nomad. He’s now training out of the American Top Team training gym. He left his last training camp, Grudge, when they couldn’t agree to how much he owed them. Now he’s training at ATT and he says it’s his home for life.”


Helwani on Junior Dos Santos’ condition after losing UFC 166: “It sounds like he’s doing pretty well. He was discharged from hospital the next morning, and he received seven stitches above his eye, three in his the ear and one under his lip. He did suffer some memory lapses but those are normal and expected to go away, so it’s all good, just more of cosmetic stuff.”


Helwani on Fabricio Werdum facing Cain Velasquez next: “Fabricio thinks he has the perfect style to beat Cain.”


Helwani on Stipe Miocic’s next fight: “Stipe Miocic wants to fight Gabriel Gonzaga, fresh off his win at UFC 166, where he looked very good.”





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