UFC Tonight – UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs Henderson Edition – Videos and Quotes

UFC Tonight – UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs Henderson Edition – Videos and Quotes

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On this week’s UFC Tonight, former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra joins the show as a guest host. Serra, Kenny Florian and Chael Sonnen break down UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs Henderson. Karyn Bryant interviews Dan Henderson. Gegard Mousasi joins in studio for an interview, Johny Hendricks talks about his welterweight title and Ariel Helwani provide reports.


UFC Tonight Guest Host Matt Serra on UFC 171 title fight between Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler: “This was nuts. Robbie Lawler was in his best form. It really came down to that fifth round. I think Rory MacDonald and Hector Lombard should fight and the winner should go for the title.”


UFC Tonight Host Kenny Florian on the first fight between Shogun Rua and Dan Henderson: “It was an unbelievable fight. It was a back and forth war. Shogun was backing up straight back, taking big hits from Henderson. This time around, he has to find the angles and stay away from the big bombs, and then land the counterpunches. Henderson gassed in the last round of the last fight.”


UFC Tonight Host Chael Sonnen on Shogun vs. Henderson: “The first was a very close fight. I’m bias, because I’ve trained with Dan Henderson. But Shogun could win this fight. He’s got the power.”


Serra on Shogun vs. Henderson: “Something to consider, how does Dan come back after his first-ever knockout against Vitor Belfort?”


Florian on Shogun’s keys to victory: “Everyone knows Shogun has knockout power and he has killer instinct. He knows that Henderson has power too and Shogun to use great footwork to avoid it. Shogun has to land his own power shots, he’s got to look to finish and to get out of there.”


Sonnen on Henderson’s keys to victory: “This is a rematch, so they know what each will do. Henderson has the power to knock him down. He comes from an Olympic wrestling background and has a 50 percent takedown rate. His keys are to stop the takedown. He has to pace himself in this five-round fight and to land the H-Bomb – his big right hand.”


Dan Henderson on this fight being a rematch: “I know what to expect a little more. We’ve both been fighting for so long, it’s not like we haven’t seen each other fight. We’ve both know what to expect out of each other. My game plan might have changed a just a tad since the last fight.”


Henderson on what he’ll do now that the rules on TRT have changed: “I haven’t given it a lot of thought. I’m focused on this fight. I guess I’ll have to explore some more natural ways of dealing with things. I’ve fought a long time. I’ve never abused it. I feel like they really should have implemented random drug testing, instead of going after people who are applying for it. A lot of guys are abusing a lot of other things, but wouldn’t get away with it if they were tested.”


Dan Henderson talks about his fight with Shogun Rua (Extended Interview)




UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Henderson – Strikezone and Predictions




Johny Hendricks on who was a tougher fight, Lawler or GSP: “As of right now, Robbie. He has power. You can’t take it lightly. Every punch could be your last one with him.”


Hendricks on if his injured biceps affected his fight: “It was painful. But realistically, I just had the wrestler instinct – it’s the difference between being hurt and injured. I knew I was injured but told myself I was hurt until after the fight.”


Hendricks on when he’ll return: “I hope to be on the same timeline. I should be back and ready to go in normal time, October or November would be perfect. I don’t want to rush it, but want to give people a shot at the belt.”


Johny Hendricks interview:




UFC Tonight Insider Ariel Helwani on the welterweight division: “According to Greg Jackson, Carlos Condit suffered a torn ACL and partially torn meniscus and he’ll be out for some time. Plus, Johny Hendricks has a cracked shin bone that will need several months to heal. I have a feeling the UFC will put the rest of the welterweights to work. Rory MacDonald would like to wait for a title shot. Gunner Nelson’s coach told me he’d like to fight next in Ireland, against Rory MacDonald. Rory’s manager said he’d probably not want to fight him.”


Helwani on changes at Team Alpha Male: “Urijah Faber just told me that Duane Bang Ludwig, is out as coach as of May 24. They are mutually parting ways. Team Alpha Male is looking for a new coach, and some names they’ve considered include Mark Beecher, Mark Hominick, Robert Follis and Dan Hardy.”


Helwani on Urijah Faber’s next fight: “He told me he’d like to fight on the July 5th card in Las Vegas and would love to fight Dominick Cruz again. Dominick’s coach, Eric Del Fierro, told me that there’s no timetable right now for when Dominick would fight next and they’re not pushing too hard to get him fighting.”


Helwani on the TUF Finale on July 4th Weekend: “BJ Penn will fight Frankie Edgar as the headline bout at the TUF 19 Finale on Sunday night, July 6, on FOX Sports 1.”


Gegard Mousasi on his last fight with Lyoto Machida: “I prepared a lot for punches and he came out with kicks and knees. He prepared for me as well. I couldn’t get in my rhythm to fight him. He kept the distance. He was very hard to fight.”


Mousasi on if he’s going to fight Mark Munoz next: “I think it makes sense to fight each other. He comes to fight. I expect a good fight, if I’m fighting him.”


Gegard Mousasi interview:




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