UFC Tonight – UFC on FOX 12: Lawler vs Brown Edition – Videos and Quotes

UFC Tonight – UFC on FOX 12: Lawler vs Brown Edition – Videos and Quotes

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On UFC Tonight, host Kenny Florian and guest host Michael Bisping preview the upcoming UFC on FOX 12: Lawler vs Brown and interview headliners Robbie Lawler and Matt Brown. Plus, the two talk to Daniel Cormier about his just announced title fight vs. Jon Jones. Ariel Helwani and Karyn Bryant add reports.


UFC Tonight ‘s Kenny Florian on Robbie Lawler vs. Matt Brown: “Robbie Lawler just goes to show you can teach an old dog new tricks. He’s continually gotten better and is so tough to beat from the outside. For Matt Brown, when he’s in the clinch, I’m not sure anyone else fights better.”


UFC Tonight guest host Michael Bisping on Robbie Lawler: “He’s looked unstoppable lately. It’s going to be a great fight. He was using his natural talent to get by, but now he’s really motivated to be the world champion. While Lawler has natural talent, Matt Brown doesn’t have all the talent, but he’s done it all with sheer hard work.”


Florian on Lawler’s keys to victory: “He’s got to stick and move, plant his feet, and get out of the way. He has to work the body of Matt Brown, and mix in the takedowns. He’s a great striker and great wrestler as well.”


Bisping on Brown’s keys to victory: “He’s got to push the pace. We know he doesn’t get tired. He’s got to work from the clinch, and stop the takedown. We forget how good Lawler’s wresting is and he’s got to watch out for that.”


Lawler on how he’s going to beat Matt Brown: “I’ve got to just go out there, move my feet, dictate the pace, not let him get in my face and put a hurting on him.”


Lawler on what’s different with his career now: “I’ve got a lot more experience. The training at American Top Team has helped. There’re a lot of good guys who have pushed me get better. The coaches put me in the positions I’d be in the fights, so I’ve been there a thousand times and know what to expect.”


Lawler on if he’ll go for body shots against Brown: “That’s something my coaches have said for me to go to the body. I’m going to move my feet and beat him up in every aspect of an MMA fight. I’m excited to put on a show this Saturday. I’m in great shape and ready to go.”


Lawler on Brown saying Robbie was playing paddy cake with Johny Hendricks: “Yeah, I want to go out and play some paddy cake with him. I hit a lot harder than people think. And then they get in the ring and realize how hard I punch. I’m going to go out and get a victory.”


UFC Fight Night Predictions: Lawler vs. Brown:



Robbie Lawler Interview:



Robbie Lawler’s top five knockouts:



Matt Brown on if Lawler is his toughest challenge yet: “I don’t know. The next challenge is the most difficult, no matter who you’re fighting.”


Brown on Lawler’s weaknesses: “He doesn’t show a lot of weaknesses. I watched the Hendricks fight and Hendricks and I are very different fighters, so I’ll fight him differently. I see what I see and I’m going to have my opportunities to put it on Lawler on Saturday.”


Brown on the pressure that this is a title eliminator fight: “Every fight is the biggest fight. I’ve gotten in enough fights. I know what I’m doing in there, whether it’s a fight for the title or in a backyard. Once leather is thrown, then there’s just a flow.”


Matt Brown Interview:



Daniel Cormier on when he found out about the Jon Jones title fight: “I got on the scale at 6:45 AM this morning because I had six donuts yesterday. Right then I got a text from Lorenzo Fertitta. I thought, ‘This can’t be good.’ Lorenzo offered me the fight. I got with my coaches we all agreed to it. We’ve got nine weeks to prepare, which is sufficient time.”


Cormier on if he hesitated before taking the fight: “There’s always going to be hesitation. You hope to have three months to prepare for a title fight, but if my coaches came to me and said I have to beat Jon Jones in five weeks, I’d do it.”


Cormier on getting a text from Jones: “Let me tell you about Jon Jones. He’s a ninja on a number of levels. I don’t follow him on Twitter, but somehow he sent me a direct message and he said, ‘I hope you’re ready to come to daddy.'”


Daniel Cormier Interview:



Inside the Octagon with Ariel Helwani:



Bisping on his upcoming fight against Cung Le: “This is the type of fight I really need. I want to put on a good display and there’s no one better than Cung Le. I really felt that I haven’t put on my best performance to the best of my ability. I promise the fans I’m going to give them the fight I know I can deliver. I don’t want to be in the top 10, I want to be number one. I’m not here for the money. I’m a competitor. I want to win. I want to prove to the world I’m the best.”


Bisping on who Luke Rockhold should fight next: “When Luke Rockhold is done making a douche bag out of himself, hanging out at pool parties with teenagers, if he wants to get back to business and step into the Octagon, I’m the man for the job. After his last fight, he called me out. But then he said he hurt his little pinky toe. If his toe’s healed up, and he wants to get back to business, we can go toe to toe, or pinky to pinky.”


Bisping comments on the penalties against Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort: “Chael is paying the price for his wrong doing. It seems like Vitor got off scott free. At the end of the day, he’s a 38 year old guy who looks better than he did at 27. He’s obviously a hard working guy.”



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