UFC Tonight – UFC on FOX 9 Preview – Quotes and Videos

UFC Tonight – UFC on FOX 9 Preview – Quotes and Videos

By PDG Staff




On this week’s UFC Tonight, Kenny Florian and Chael Sonnen preview the upcoming UFC on FOX 9: Johnson vs Benavidez. Then, Demetrious Johnson and Joseph Benavidez talk to the hosts. Plus Karyn Bryant and Ariel Helwani add reports.


UFC Tonight Host Chael Sonnen on Demetrious Johnson’s keys to victory: “I call him a trick boxer, and he’s overwhelming with his punches. He throws punches in bunches. He uses the takedown. His keys are he really pushes the pace in a fight. He uses his footwork really well and is great at defense and offense. And he has to use his counterpunches after Benavidez attacks.”


UFC Tonight Host Kenny Florian on Joseph Benavidez’s keys to victory: “He throws a lot of strikes in combinations and uses his power. It’s a rare case for a guy at 125 pounds to have the power to knock you out. He has to be on his wrestling game. He’s a little bigger than Johnson and he needs to use his strength, look for the clinch, and to his some takedowns on DJ to slow him down.”


Sonnen on what’s changed since the two last fought: “With all the talk about Joseph having a new coach, and fighting in his hometown, the thing to remember is Johnson has gotten considerably better as well. In Johnson’s last fight against John Moraga, the thing that stood out wasn’t his great hands and feet, or the pace, it was his wrestling and every double leg takedown he wanted he got.”


UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson on if he plans to finish Benavidez: “The plan is always to finish my opponents. But if you look at the last five guys I’ve fought, none had ever been finished before.”


Johnson on his motivation in this fight: “It’s to retain the title and to get the recognition to be the best of the world.”


Johnson on if he’s a more technical fighter than Benavidez: “Absolutely. I throw technical punches, from the cage straight down the middle. That’s how my body functions correctly.”


Benavidez on what’s different in the rematch against Johnson: “I feel good and I’m happy. I know I’m going to go out there and fight good. Last time, I couldn’t fight what was right in front of me, I was so obsessed with the title and the result. I tried too hard. This time I’m really relaxed and calm. I’ve changed mentally, physically and technically as a fighter with Duane Ludwig coming in.”


Benavidez on if the key is to find the big shot: “He’s really fast. You have to be really well rounded to fight him. I can’t just go out there and try to knock him out. He’s been rocked in his last fights. I’m prepared for the fight to go anywhere. There are just small, little things that we have to change from the first fight. If the knockout is there, I’ll take it.”


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UFC Tonight Insider Ariel Helwani on a possible rematch between Mark Hunt and Bigfoot Silva: “Well the bad news is it doesn’t seem like we’ll see this rematch anytime soon. Bigfoot’s manager doesn’t want to see the rematch right away, and doesn’t care to see it anytime soon. He’d like to let them move on. Bigfoot had no injuries and wants to fight again soon. Hunt has a broken hand and won’t be able to fight until the end of summer. I spoke to Dana White and he’s not going to keep Bigfoot on the sidelines waiting for a rematch.”


Helwani on Cain Velasquez’s surgery: “Cain had the surgery yesterday on his shoulder. He’ll need five to six months rehab. He’ll be ready to fight at the end of next year. Dana White wants Fabricio Werdum to get back in there and not wait for him.”


Helwani on Georges St-Pierre possibly announcing retirement this week: “GSP didn’t call a press conference to announce something this weekend. He had this appearance scheduled before his fight against Johnny Hendricks. It’s taking place in a shopping mall. He’s doing a 20-minute question and answer with press. It’s an autograph signing. But do not expect him to announce his retirement this Friday.”


Cub Swanson on his recovery: “I’m already back doing pushups and looking to fight in March. I really want a title shot, but I don’t want to wait for it. I just turned 30 and I’m in my prime.”


Swanson on what’s changed with his recent success: “It’s really my confidence. Greg Jackson has helped me with it. Jon Jones and other people in my camp have told me. It took a nasty injury for me to really live up to my potential.”


Swanson on his future: “Just because I’ve been injured, don’t think I haven’t been training. I have been. I will be ready. I’m very hungry and I want to give my fans a great show.”



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