UFC Tonight with Miesha Tate and Conor McGregor – Videos and Quotes

UFC Tonight with Miesha Tate and Conor McGregor – Videos and Quotes

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On this week’s UFC Tonight, Kenny Florian and Chael Sonnen interview Miesha Tate and Conor McGregor. Plus, Karyn Bryant and Ariel Helwani add reports.


Miesha Tate on getting her first win in the UFC against Liz Carmouche: “It feels really good to get the win. I started a little slow in that fight, picked it up and am glad I cleared that hurdle. Carmouche is really, really strong. Breaking that grip was like breaking Iron Man’s grip. She had it on lockdown.”


Tate on how she got the win: “There’s a term ‘lay and prey’ and there’s a term called ‘lay and stay’. She just ‘laid and stayed’. She’s a strong girl and tried to squeeze me to death. It was hard to move and getting to the feet was a little challenging, so I just tried to elbow her in the head. My coaches were trying to get me to do something. They said you have to go for broke. I knew going into the third round that it was close and that’s why I decided to turn it up.”


Tate on who she wants to fight next: “I have a list – all of the girls at 135. I’d love a fight against Gina Carano. She’s coming back and I don’t think she should go straight for the title. I also have my eyes on Holly Holm and Sarah Kaufman.”


Tate on if Carano could make weight at 135: “That’s the question. She’s a big girl and she has made 135 in the past. It’s been a long layoff. If she makes the return, she’s professional and I trust she’ll make the weight.”


Tate on men coaching the strawweight women on The Ultimate Fighter season 20: “I love Gilbert as a coach. His wife is a Muay Thai fighter who’s trying to transition into MMA at 115. I know he’s very pro women in MMA. I think Anthony Pettis makes an interesting coach. I think it’ll be different for the guys to coach so many girls in one setting, but I can’t wait for the season. I attended the tryouts and the talent pool is great.”


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Conor McGregor on his knee injury: “What knee? The knee is a distant memory. I’m done talking about it. I’ve got the all clear. Someone is going to pay. First in line is Cole Miller on July 19 in my hometown of Dublin.”


McGregor if he’s ready to fight again after the layoff: “I stay ready. That man opened his mouth. He was under the influence of post-fight adrenaline and it has the same effect as alcohol. It makes you brave. But guess what happened? It wore off. Now he has to face the reality that he’s going to face me – me coming back from this injury is a man possessed. I’m going to go in there and break him in the very first exchange.”


McGregor on if Miller has a reach advantage: “He’s slow. He’s scared. I’m fast. I’m fearless. There’s no contest. I see it in his voice, his body language. He’s petrified. I’m coming to get him. And not just him – forget him – I’ve listened to everyone calling me out. Now I’m back and I’m going to rip through them. I’ll smash Chad Mendes, I’ll annihilate Jose Aldo. I’m coming to take over the division. It’s my division.”


McGregor on if he feels pressure headlining the upcoming fight in Ireland: “I don’t feel any pressure whatsoever. A man who wears a suit like this doesn’t feel pressure. Moving around is difficult. In and out of the gym, I have to dodge panty hose, every time I enter and leave. So I’m moving to Iceland to prepare with my teammate who’s the co-main event. It’s a beautiful place, it’s peaceful and the people are nice. It’s isolated and we’ll focus on the contest. I’m coming back July 19 and I’m going to whip Cole Miller.”


McGregor on calling Cub Swanson an old man: “That is true. I didn’t ignore him. I didn’t see him. Then I said ah, old man Swanson. I have no problem with you, but when the time comes I’m going to break you, old man. There was some back and forth. I said I’m just having fun, but keep the old timer away from me.”


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UFC Tonight insider Ariel Helwani on Korean Zombie’s (Chan Sung Jung) return: “I spoke to his manager and he told me his orbital bone has fully healed. His shoulder is about at 90 percent. They’re looking for a fight around August or September. They’d like Ricardo Lamas, but Lamas told me he wants to fight sooner so he can fight again on the November Mexico City card. He’s asked for Poirier, Dennis Bermudez, but UFC said no, they want someone coming off a loss. But Bermudez said he’d take that Korean Zombie fight.”


Helwani on new coach for Team Alpha Male: “The leading candidate to lead the team is Martin Kampmann. He’s kind of teetering on retiring. He sent Faber a letter that wowed him and said he was interested in the position, and brought him out with the team Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and Faber said he was really impressed with him. They’re still going to talk to a couple of more people.”


Helwani on Mark Hunt’s return: “I’m told the UFC wants to do Roy Nelson vs. Mark Hunt. The fans would love this. We’ll have to wait to see how Roy’s hand heals after surgery. If all goes well, maybe they’ll fight on the show September 20 in Japan.”


Helwani on when Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone will fight again: “He’s looking for fight number three this year, and he said he has a fight but wouldn’t tell me who it is against. What I’m hearing, the UFC is interested in Cowboy vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov. Nurmagomedov’s team says they haven’t been approached, but would take it if asked. Michael Johnson wants to fight Cowboy as well.” *Update – Cerrone will face Jim Miller at UFC Fight Night in Atlantic City.*


Helwani on Rashad Evans: “I saw Rashad Evans in Baltimore and he was glowing after his teammate Anthony Johnson won his fight. He says he’s feeling great and bent his knee back to show me how far he’s come. He’s shooting for a return in December. He told me he doesn’t want to fight Rumble Johnson, who’s his teammate and training partner.”



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